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Ultimate Beings v4, also called UBv4, is an end-game feature unlocked during each rebirth.


UBv4 requires high level dungeon pets, Light Clones, Shadow clones, and a high clone cap to be effective. Defeating them provides GP and UBV4 points, which increase Black Hole Chan's growth, campaign bonus, and dungeon elements. 

There are five UBv4's, based on the Ultimate Beings:

  • Planet Eater v4: Gives 20 GP and 1 UBV4 point when killed.
  • Godly Tribunal v4: Gives 40 GP and 2 UBV4 points when killed..
  • Living Sun v4: Gives 60 GP and 3 UBV4 points when killed.
  • God Above All v4: Gives 80 GP: and 4 UBV4 points when killed.
  • ITRTG v4: Gives 100 GP and 5 UBV4 points when killed.

A clean sweep of the five UBv4's nets 300 GP and 15 UBV4 points. Like UBV2, they do not respawn and can only be defeated once per rebirth.


UBv4 are locked at the start of each rebirth, and must be unlocked by doing the following.

  • Dimension Beamer (SpaceDim) :  Level 50 ( P.Baal V 50)
  • Black Hole + Might :  Level 100 (Ghost might counts)
  • Light Clones : 20,000
  • Shadow CLones : 10,000,000
  • Evolved Pets : 2 Defenders, 2 Assassins, 2 mages, 2 supporter pets 
  • UBV2 : All 5 defeated


To defeat each UBV4, you must defeat them using a combination of Shadow Clones, Pets, Light Clones and Might. For UBV4 fights, your pets will use Speed, HP and Elements into the calculation. Combined total speed ^0.4-30 is added to the defense penetration for assasins, the hp of your clones is multiplied with (70 + total combined hp^0.4) / 100 and the mage attack is multiplied with (70 + total combined elements^0.4) / 100. This basically means if the combined hp, speed and elements of your pets in UBV4 each have a value > 5000 you are better than before. Each UBV4 has the following starting stats.

HP 1.0e9 2.5e9 5e9 7.5e9 1.5e10
Defense 4.0e8 6.25e8 1.25e9 1.88e9 3.75e9
Atk 2.5e8 1.0e9 2e9 3e9 6e9, nice


0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5
Shield 1.2e9 3e9 6e9 9e9 1.8e10

All stats except HP are decreased for each UB of the same tier that is defeated, according to the following formula

Reduction = 1 / (1 + (0.2 * Tier * TimesDefeated))

Defeating PE 5 times will reduce PEV4's stats by 50%. (1/2)

Defeating GT 5 times will reduce GTV4's stats by 66%

The stats you have are determined as follows

HP = [Shadow Clones] * (1+ 0.01*[Physical HP+]) * (70 + [HP of All]^0.4) / 100

Attack Physical = [Attack of Assassins] +10% of atk of pets in the 'other' slot *LC Power*0.75

Attack Magic = [Attack of Mages] * LC Power * (70 + [Elements of All]^0.4) / 100

Heal = ([Attack of healers] +10% of atk of pets in the 'other' slot ) * (1 + 0.01 * [MysticRegen+]) * LC Power/2

Defence = ([Defence of Defenders] +10% of pets in the 'other' slot) * LC Power

Damage Reduction = [Class level of healers] / 3

Defense Penetration = [Class level of pets in 'other' slot] /12 + [Pierce of all Knives].+ speed of all pets^0.4-30

All of the above stats other than Defense Penetration are multiplied by a multiplier based on the number of light clones you bring to the fight. The first 50k LC give a multiplier of 1 each, LC from 50k-300k they give 0.2 each, 300k-800k gives 0.1 each, and above that you get 0.04 each.

To damage the UBV4 the shield must first be destroyed using your magic attack.

Once the shield is destroyed, both magic and physical attacks can damage the UBV4. The UBV4's defence reduces the damage taken, but the Defence Penetration stats lets you ignore the defence and do an additional [Defence Penetration] *[Attack Physical]*[UB4v multiplier] damage on top of your normal physical attack damage.

The fight consists of rounds in which the following occurs

- UBV4 attacks, killing shadow clones

- Physical attack occurs,

- Magic attack occurs

- Healing brings back some amount of killed clones.

The fight ends when the UVB4 is killed, all the shadow clones are killed, or 50 rounds have passed.

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