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UBC guide

First off I am trying to make a UBC guide for all players, so I will sometimes at sometimes give different advice for different sets of players.

Personally I have one-capped all skills by now. When I started UBCing I had one-capped most skills. So my advice to people with high skill caps on a lot of skills could be off on a few points I have written down a list of the biggest differences just before the God by god part of the guide. For players with awesome pets and all the challenge boosts that exist, this guide is not balanced for you, this guide gives advice for newer players. If you find out something you think could be improved please leave a message in comments.

I will start out this guide with some general information. The real run has a god by god explanation starting at: starting out with hyperion.

Which parts of the game makes a UBC easier?
First of: DRC reward does not help a UBC. You only take a couple of things from the game to help your UBC:

Planet ( including UUC reward ) if you have level 1 or higher planet it is awesome to use it to kill of clones before rebirthing.

Highest God defeated, this helps with divinity generator.

Clone dividers: when fighting your clones will have your normal divider instead of 1/1000 of your stats which you had when you started the game.

The reward from the 1kc and the AAC. Also the reward from the UPC and pets with growth help campainging in ubc. Nrc also effects UBC but some people find that a detrimental effect.

And most importantly: skill caps. Using special fights ( or autofight for most of us ) we decreased our training caps or even one capped our skills. This really helps a lot.

Next at settings
For players that are normally have Improved next at, you do not keep improved next at it from having it outside of the UBC. So plan like you have no improved next at.

This makes it handy to make sure you don’t have your next at set at a too low an amount. I usually have it set at 13500, because I am to lazy to change the number continually. you could of course work with setting it 500 higher than what’s necessary and chancing it every time a new training unlocks to unlock trainings faster than i do. A third option is of course to take a figure between the amount you need to unlock your next training and 13500 and change that a few times.

God power Purchases
I would advice to spend the first 20 GP I get on 35% Creation Speed This will get you a total of 70%. This will help you make more clones, which helps you get more monuments later on. Actually it might be useful for some players to get 35%, 105% or even 140% CS. I would not suggest people to go higher than 140% CS.

After that I spend most of my GP on building speed and starting with the rebirth I plant to defeat Odin a bit on insta clones. During the rebirth I kill baal in I spend a lot of GP on divinity. Note that you get back the GP you spend on purchases including the GP you spend on temporary purchases so don’t worry that your wasting long term GP for the temporary purchases in a UBC.

During this guide i will often tell you to unlock might. This will mostly be done for unleashes. When unleashing you can kill a god if your attack is 30% of its attack. Note that Baal has a 100% chance to deal 500% damage, so you might not have enough HP if you’re just 30% of its attack.

After Odin it can be useful to get a few levels of might every rebirth to get just a few % of bonus from it.

Pet campaigns
Pets dont give multis in UBC, but they can help. You can still send them on campaigns, it is not a bad idea to send 1 pet on divinity campaign starting in the rb you kill freya as it will help to get more upgrades. Other pets can be put on growth for the benefit it gives outside of the ubc or on godpower to get a smal bonus to inside ubc godpower helping the ubc.

Changes for people that who do not have one capped their skills
The main difference for these people is that their physical isn’t as useful as for people with one capped skills. So they probably need to build a divgen and Godly statue during the Jupiter rebirth, and not during the Odin rebirth as written in guide.

Also where in guide I am telling people to kill Baal using Mighty statues and mystic gardens i would advise these people to kill Baal using Godly statues with upgrades.

Hyperion to Hathor

  1. Creating

You start with basic stats and a cap of 1000 clones. Even if clones are not necessary currently you will want them to build monuments after you kill nephthys, so when creating focus on creating clones. Your creating stat wouldn’t give you a significant part of your power level even if you created things other than clones.

  1. training

Put 28 clones on each set of trainings. If you do not have onecaps 28 clones each is not enough and more clones will be needed. If you’re actively playing you can check the trainings tab to manually place clones on new trainings as soon as they open.

  1. monsters
    Use clones to fight monsters. It is beneficial to you if they die so feel free to make them fight monstersy ou cant beat
  2. rebirth
    NEVER REBIRTH RED. I would suggest killing at least Itzli on before first rebirth. After that kill at least one more god per rebirth. If you have your one capped skills all the way up to might it i probably the easiest and quite fast to just unlock might and then rebirth. if Iif you don’t have many one-capped skills I suggest beating one more god than last time every rebirth.

Pontus to Nephthys

  1. Creations
    During the rebirth you kill Pontus in and all rebirths after that it is worth making 500 stones. Mostly because you’ll get a achievement. This achievement increases your creatingstat after rebirth. Higher creating stat increases your creating speed which in turn will help you create more clones and help you to increase your clone cap more.
  2. GP purchases
    When you kill izanagi you will have 10 god power. Spend them on more creating speed to increase your clone cap even more.
  3. Rebirths
    Keep on killing at least one new god per rebirth.

Nephthys – Eros

  1. Monuments
    After defeating nephthys rebirth, now, just do the same thing as you have done all these rebirths before except that when you can kill nephthys again you do so and put your clones on building mighty statues, note that you might not have enough div to continually build mighty statues but that is not a problem. You don’t need to build mystic gardens yet. Rebirth when you killed cybelle. Then do the same thing and rebirth after you killed artemis.

During the rebirth you plan to kill eros in also make one mystic garden keep on making mighty statues with the rest of your clones.

  1. Rebirth
    Rebirth when killing at least one god more than last time. Note that at this point it is nearly impossible to gain two gods in a rebirth without spending more time than its worth.


  1. Monuments
    Now the rebirth where you finally unlock upgrades for your monuments. Just make a lot of mighty statues and a one or two mystic gardens. You probably want to keep your mystic around a third to half of your attack.
  2. Upgrades
    After killing freija don’t rebirth directly. First you should upgrade your mighty statues once. If necessary do a few special fights for the divinity to get 10 mountains.

Poseidon to Jupiter

  1. Monuments
    In this stage I suggest to use 90% of your clones for building mighty statues and 10% for mystic gardens. Upgrade them a bit. Usually you get the mighty statues to a upgrade level twice as high as the mystic gardens. This will indeed result in having more physical than mystic. But seeing as you fight gods during an unleash your HP only needs to last slightly more than 5 seconds of fighting anyhow.
  2. Rebirths
    You could technically speed this part up a bit by doing a lot of special fights to gain more upgrades. This might actually help you kill two gods in one rebirth one time. I usually pass these eight gods in six or seven rebirths not counting rebirths longer than i plan them.

Odin to Coatlicue

  1. GP Purchase
    Starting with the Odin rebirth you will be needing a lot of clone build time to get a divinity generator. I usually tend to buy my clones instantly to get a bit more monuments.
  2. Monuments
    Personally i think Odin is the most annoying rebirth of the entire UBC. you have just killed Jupiter and rebirth to try and fight Odin. You can’t continue with the mighty statues seeing as 20 is the max for rebirth multi they give. This means that you need to make a Godly statue. A godly statue needs 5,75 T for the first upgrade. Given new updates however it is even better if you instead of building godly statues and upgrading those This means that you either need to do a lot of special fights or making a divgen. Seeing as you won’t have many clones it will take a while. Subsequent rebirths have more clones so you will be faster in unlocking divgen.
  3. Rebirths
    Always kill 1 more god than last time.


Chronos does not differ from Odin to Coatlicue except for one thing. You probably don’t want to reset directly after unlocking might even if you can. It doesn’t hurt to get a few 100K achievements. They will help kill Baal easier. Note that if you don’t have most skills one capped it is worth it to gain some extra creating achievements.

Tyrant Overlord Baal

The final rebirth.

  1. Gp purchases
    Don’t Spend your god power as soon as getting it. After getting divgen start spending god power in batches of 5 on divinity. USe this to buy upgrades for your monuments. If this isnt your first ubc keep about 3 godpower for another set of insta clones though.
  2. Clones.
    Use about 80% of your building clones on statues and 20% on gardens. Keep on creating and upgrading monuments until either your divinity runs out or you will be able to kill Baal. Try to get a few levels of physical attack in might.
  1. In a seccond or later ubc: fight planet eater, dont do this when its nearly about to regen/respawn. Use all your clones ( exept a few on physical, mystic and battle) and attack planet eater when your health is decently full. It will likely beat your clones, use insta clones and attack again when you have enough hp.
  2. Kill Baal
    You will be able to kill baal when you have 150 septendecillion attack and enough hp to survive a fight with Baal.

When you get to this point congratulations. I hope you enjoyed the last few days. You are now getting some GP a damage reduction to high level P-baals ( which stacks if you do more UBC’s up to 50 UBC’s ) and you unlock UBv2’s.

Using pretty precisely what I have written in this guide i have been able to do a UBC in 2 days and 20 hours. I hope you will be able to gain such a time! You can check what time you got in the statistics screen.

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