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UAC Lazy Man's Guide

THE Ultimate Arty Challenge

Alright folks this is the part where I’m supposed go to ‘hurr durr just don’t do it hurr durr’ whatever. Buncha wimps crying about idling in an idle game. So just beat Baal down and you’re going, ‘hrm what can I do now… what about that arty challenge??’ Then you go and look up info on it and see all the whiney people crying about not doing UAC. Alright so now you will never experience UAC because everybody told you not to. End of guide. Right? No. Because like me you said, ‘Oh yeah? I’m doing it anyway eff ya’ll!’ Then you looked up a ‘tips and tricks’ guide on Kong forums and went, ‘Right! Now I know how to do this!’ Wrong. That guide is complete useless junk, trust me I personally tried to follow it. Hell even the guy who wrote it quit in the middle of like his 2nd RB. Whereas I on the other hand actually beat it. But this guide isn’t just written by me, in fact, much of the information for the guide past the 1st RB will be taken from a guy you’ll in chat called lomie. There’s reasons for this and I won’t bring it up in the guide but feel free to hit up me or lomie for the gritty nitties.

First RB:

This is the beginning, you just pressed the button and you’ve started making your 1,000 clones, now what to do!?! Alright here’s what I did and it goes against what almost everyone else says at this point but I believe it’s better. You start training only mystic trainings until you have enough mystic to tank Gaia. Now switch over to physical until you have enough attack to defeat Gaia. Now go God smashing until you have 3 gp and buy 1,000 clones-all future gp should go into increasing build speed. Now switch all 2,000 clones back over to mystic until you finish unlocking all skills. The reason I say this is yes you will lose some time opening skills for your 1 caps-since cap reduction only needs skill open and not the physical side-you will however finish them twice as fast since you have twice as many clones whaaaaat. Yes. And believe it it takes a long time even with 2,000 clones to unlock all skills. Update: lomie's suggestion is to buy another 1,000 clones using 3 gp when you can to help finish out RB1 faster.

Now you want to put enough clones in battle to start cycling them out trying to keep decent flow of clone killed vs clone created to increase your soft cap. Don’t think of trying to use battle for anything else it’s useless in UAC. Beyond div and increasing your softcap there’s no advantage to battle, don’t think I’m wrong just there isn’t the end. Now you will want to stay in this RB until you reach softcap-99,999. Leave your creation on clones to help increase this as well as long as you aren’t creating for creation achievements-which you want all of in this RB as well. Now lomie’s suggestion is to do 30 seconds of unleash in the first RB and that’s fine if you decide to do that but that’s a lot of time training might with 2k clones. My suggestion would be to strive for 20 seconds and get 6 levels in all other might except Physical Attack+ which you want 10-15 in.

Get 100,000 training achievements in mystic and physical-starting bottom of the list going up and then throw everything in dimension X. In my experience the first RB was ALL about training physical. Do creation achievements as you can and prep 8k soil and 4800 water for when you finally defeat Hathor. (Thanks to lomie for the exact numbers on that). This lets you get T3 tree achievements once Hathor goes down. Provided you have 99,999 softcap, achievements done and Hathor down you’re ready to RB.

RB 2:

Might to 20 on all with a 30 second unleash (lomie suggested). Make sure you first unlock all skills first though. Even if this means it takes you longer to unlock physical that’s fine, again UAC is all about reducing 1 caps-in fact that’s probably its greatest ‘reward’ in my opinion. Battling is a little more important here since you are going to want divinity. You’re going to be in this RB long enough to make having a divinity generator completely worth it. You’ll be able to build the monuments you need and max out all your creation achievements again with tons of divinity left over. Do NOT upgrade the divinity generator!!! You aren’t going to take out Freya this time and you won’t need divinity in the trillions for upgrades. Just get the generator going and load it up with stones or whatever. No need for the Mountain trick just load a few hundred billion div worth of something into it and once you have a tril there’s no reason to even think about it again. Start doing your monuments and creations, load creations back into it from time to time and trust me you’ll never run out of div this RB. Your target God here is Artemis. You will want to get 10m in physical achievements and 2m in mystic achievements but don’t start this right away, work on the might first and let your caps drop down a little. Once you finish your might training go ahead and black bar dimension x and time manipulation and then work on the achievements.

RB 3:

Okay so the target God here is, I guess, an issue up for debate. I see lomie suggests Athena whereas I went to Susano. I guess look at your stats and how fast you’re coming along and decide for yourself which the better choice is. We had a different RB2 but he did finish before me while starting after me so you may want to do things his way. Alright the suggestion for this RB is a 0/2/2 div gen. You want to do godly statues and upgrade with nations. Might to 20 and trainings similar to RB2. Get the creation achievements you can when you can and get as much as you can, more creation is more better-at least until you max your creation bonus.

RB 4:

Update: lomie has changed the suggested divgen to 0/5/2 and getting 75 in Clones on Planet in might. He also suggests you keep going until you can unlock planet eater UB and kill it. Make mystic crystals to reduce clone loss when defending. When you can start making ultimate to increase stats and further reduce loss. Get level 14 mystic and level 5 ultimate and take down Amaterasu if you can in a timely manner. Old info: If you came in with Susano though a 0/3/3 is more than enough to finish Amat before your 10m achievements are even done. Again, you want all might to 20 and ALL the physical and mystic achievements-this shouldn’t be that big of an issue since your caps should be completely manageable by now. According to lomie a 3E35 multi gets Baal down in less than a week. If you came on the heels of Susano and you down Amat you’ll have much more than that-I personally finished out RB5 in 3 days forget my multi though.

RB 5:

Do your thing. Seriously. By this time you should have a firm grasp on how to move up the ladder in UAC. You’re a pro now. We’re not going to ruin the final leg for you or take away from your victory by having people say some guide held your hand the whole way. This is your day to shine. Beat Baal, get your pet and your sign and all those amazing 1 caps! Then go into chat for your props because you earned every single one of those props! You won UAC bro!

Guide by: platinumwyrm11 and lomie. Extra special thanks to lomie for specific details I forgot to write down!

Follow-ups Edit

From the same Kongregate forum thread, posted by charliehobbes.

All the guides talk about 1st rebirth at Hathor (or even Pontus). I wonder if anyone has tried after Gefion as, for me, the first rebirth was disproportionally long. I'm thinking that as long as Softcap is done (and as many other achievements as possible) It's worth taking that extra >2-3 weeks it took me to take her down spread across the other rebirths and doing it with 50 times more clones. Anybody have any thoughts?

Same thread, posted by HolyFireEuler.

I agree with amheinlein - I think you are on to something here. Luckily I'm currently in RB1 so I just might try it out. I'm currently 23 days in, and by my calculations it would take me at least 10 more days to defeat Hathor. So instead I'll try rebirthing now and let you all know of my future progress.

My initial thought when I read your comment was that it wouldn't work - by foregoing Hathor, you're losing about x10 multiplier on RB2 and x7 on RB3. Will make it harder to stay on track, and I was especially worried beating Nephthys would take too long (needed to build monuments efficiently). But according to my calculations Nephthys isn't that much of a problem and I hope I'll be able to stay on the low side of the guide's trajectory. Maybe I'll grind RB5 a bit longer but hopefully it will be less than the time I'm saving.

I just wish I'd had thought of that sooner because my last few days are basically sunk cost.

UPDATE 1: So, I moved to RB2 without Hathor as planned. Only then I realized something - Nephthys isn't the problem. Artemis isn't really the problem, either. It's Cybele. Without defeating her, I can't create mountains, which means I can't build a godly statue. Which means I can't build a divinity generator, and I can't even effectively use what little divinity I can scrape together (without upgrades, Temple of gods is 37 times more efficient than mighty statue). And I kind of need those things to defeat Cybele...

I briefly considered skipping Cybele altogether, doing a very quick run, and moving on to RB3. It should be possible to defeat Freya this way, and with monument upgrades unlocked I can make good use of the time I'd be saving on RB2. But I decided against that. I'm currently 3 days in and have already defeated Nephtys. With some revised plans, I expect to be able to defeat Cybele in around 9 more days. By then I should have most of what I need to defeat Artemis as well - I'll spend about 2 more days building monuments (now that ToG and divinity generator are unlocked) and then I can defeat Artemis and move on to RB3, almost on the OP's trajectory (I'll still have some multiplier penalty for forgoing Hathor on RB1, but it should be more than manageable).

UPDATE 2: 7.5 days in and I've already defeated Cybele. That was easier than I thought. Artemis will soon follow.

UPDATE 3: Defeated Artemis @ 9 days. Waited half a day more to collect some achievements (most, but not all, of those suggested by the OP) and moved on to RB3. With better optimization it would have been faster, I thought it would be a longer run so I've spent too much time on Might etc. (e.g. Attack+ to 179, where I believe 100 would have been fine).

At the risk of counting my chickens before they're hatched, I'd say that the gamble of foregoing Hathor paid off. I'm not quite back on the OP's trajectory (I have a lower multiplier than if I had defeated Hathor) but I'm close enough, and I saved ~10 days.

UPDATE 4: On RB3 defeated Athena @ 4.5 days, rebirthed @ 5 days. This was quicker than I thought... I only managed to get 2M achievements though, not 10M. I used 0/3/3 divgen.

I haven't recorded my rebirth multis so far, I probably should have but better late than never... I'm starting RB4 with 5.1 octillion physical and mystic multis (5.1E+27). My multis on RB3 were about 137 quadrillion (1.37E+17).

UPDATE 5: On RB4 defeated Odin and rebirthed @ 5 days. 0/3/3 divgen again. My multi is 89 decillion (8.9E+34).

RB5 might take a bit more time. Going to Amaterasu on RB4 would have taken too long, and I also didn't want to waste time getting 10M achievements, that time is better spent on either monuments or RB5 itself.

UPDATE 6: Defeated Chronos @ 2d6h. Now I just need my stats to increase x500 to defeat Baal... I might be a while.

UPDATE 7: DEFEATED BAAL at just under 5 days. I used 0/5/4 divgen, 5 wins against planet eater, no powersurge. Mighty statues and mystic gardens, obviously (about 400 MS and upgrades, about 160 MG and upgrades).

Total UAC time = 45 days 1:11:14 hours. Not sure how that was calculated, since the total of the times I've recorded is more than that (23 + 9.5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 47.5). But that's what the statistics page says.

Same thread, posted by HolyFireEuler.

So, I've finished UAC. The statistics page says I did it in 45 days 1:11:14 hours. I know it's not record-breaking or anything but note that I did it:

  1. Completely passively - without special fights for skill caps and divinity. (I did fight Jacky Lee a few times to unlock the mole).
  2. Without items (Godly liquid / Chakra pill / GP purchase).
  3. Without crystals. I created one to see that I could, but didn't equip it. I think it wouldn't have been fair towards people who completed UAC before they came out. It could have been a very powerful boost.

I did however buy improved next at for challenges, but that's more of a convenience feature, it doesn't really reduce times. Under the above constraints, my understanding is that it is very good time.

And I attribute it all to my decision to not defeat Hathor at RB1 (disregarding the advice of this guide and others). It would have taken too long, and I was quickly able to recover from the disadvantage it gave me.

It would have been even faster if I had made the decision sooner - I rebirthed only after spending some time approaching Hathor.

Additionally, I've found that shooting for 10M achievements is a complete waste of time, 2M is fine.

Also my tactics could definitely have been improved. I kept planning for a very long rebirth and ended up wasting too much time on might. In RB5 I also prepared to do some powersurge but I never got to the point where it's efficient, monuments are what this RB is all about (even more so than trainings).

So my advice to future generations - if you're passive, rebirth as soon as you have 101K clone cap, defeating Gefion and gaining whatever achievements you can along the way. Maybe even sooner.

Same thread, posted by aplei1.

Finished a relaxed UAC in 36 days with first rebirth at Gefion. Pets give loads of godly liquids and chakra pills. Here's a summary to maybe help someone:

Items: Godly liquid V2
GP: +1k clones
Might: ~5 each, 70 total
Training: first 12 1-capped, all 100k+
Gods: Gefion @ 10 days
Rebirth: 12 days
P/M rebirth multi: 51m

I reached the clone cap way before Gefion and could have potentially rebirthed at 10 days but decided to get all 100k achievements.

Items: Godly liquid V2
GP: -
Might: 150 physical, 49s unleash, 770 total
Training: first 15 1-capped, all 2m+
Monuments: 120 MS, 12 MG, 5 GS, 5 PoP, 5 ToG
DivGen: 0/0/0
Gods: Nephtys @ 4.5 days, Cybele @ 11.5 days, Artemis @ 12 days
Rebirth: 12 days
P/M rebirth multi: 79quad

After defeating Cybele, you need a lot of divinity to build DivGen. I had just spent all divinity to beat Cybele so I put all my clones to battle and did a few special fights for divinity and saved at least a day of waiting.

Items: Godly liquid V2, Chakra pill V2
GP: +35% BS
Might: 136 physical, 39s unleash, 1210 total
Training: first 17 1-capped, all 2m+
Monuments: 60/17 GS
DivGen: 0/3/3
Gods: Susano @ 7.5 days
Rebirth: 7.5 days
P/M rebirth multi: 192oct
Items: Godly liquid V2, Chakra pill V2
GP: +70% BS
Might: 31 physical, 66 planet, 21s unleash, 1523 total
Training: first 18 1-capped, all 2m+
Monuments: 43/20 GS
DivGen: 0/3/3
UBs: 3 PE
Crystals: Lv11 mystic, Lv6 physical
Gods: Amaterasu @ 3 days overkill
Rebirth: 3 days
P/M rebirth multi: 876dec

Could have saved 0.5 - 1 days probably.

Items: Godly liquid V2, Chakra pill V2
GP: +70% BS
Might: 37 physical, 37 planet, 23s unleash, 1710 total
Training: first 19 1-capped, all 10k+
Monuments: 44/11 GS
DivGen: 0/2/2
UBs: 4 PE
Crystals: Lv10 mystic, Lv16 physical
Gods: Baal @ 1.5 days

Btw this is great for your pets. I started with near zero pet stones and 0 lucky draws and finished with 128 lucky draws and 174k pet stones (max UPC)! And their growth increased a lot too.

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