Suwesh (verb): To climb P.Baals without rebirthing through the use of compounding UB multis.

The Suwesh (or Suweshing) strategy is named for the player who invented it. Climbing to the final P.Baal (v125 to v147) earns a "Suwesh was here" sign for your avatar. (Added in game version 2.17.756)

The strategy involves defeating the Ultimate Beings repeatedly, to boost your Planet multiplier to your stats. Defeating a UB gives a compounding bonus to your Planet multiplier, which is the only source of uncapped exponential growth available for your stats. With all UBs unlocked, you can gain a +1% (compounding) bonus once per hour, +2% once every 2 hours, +3% once every 3 hours, +4% once every 4 hours, and +5% once every 5 hours. This yields a total compounding stat multiplier of about 19.2 every 60 hours, or 34.7 every 3 days, or 113.3 every 4 days.

Because each P.Baal has 100x the stats of the previous one (or less, with some UBC and/or UAC challenges completed), this means you can defeat one more P.Baal every 3-4 days (depending on challenges completed), assuming you can defeat every UB without difficulty.

When Suweshing was invented, this required online play, because UBs did not attack you while offline. Since game version 3.07.976, UBs attack you offline if you have clones assigned to defense.

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