Special Fights are a set of turn based fights you can do to gain a little extra divinity, stat multi, or even unlock the secret mole pet.

Training Cap ReductionEdit

Most importantly, this tab contains special training to reduce the clone caps for your physical/skill trainings. If set to AUTO, this tab will automatically gain a level in every currently unlocked skill. Every 3 levels will reduce the cap by 1 in each skill, as well as the equivalent physical training. You can set this to manual to try out the special fights, and also reduce the clone cap yourself. It is HIGHLY recommended you set auto to on at all times, only turning it off if you want to do a fight, then turning it back on.

Fight OptionsEdit

  • Shadow Clones
    • Statistic Multi
    • Divinity = (2 * (Battle divinity/s) + (divinity gained from generator)) * 5n(n+1)
      • n = last shadow clone defeated
  • Jacky Lee
    • Pet unlock (with 100+ levels in Physical Attack+ Might Training)
    • Divinity = (2 * (Battle divinity/s) + (divinity gained from generator)) * 200
  • Cthulhu
    • Divinity = (2 * (Battle divinity/s) + (divinity gained from generator)) * 300
  • Doppelganger
    • Good for Suicide farm 1Cap
    • Divinity = (2 * (Battle divinity/s) + (divinity gained from generator)) * 500
  • D. Evelope -> D. Creator
    • Steam Achievement
  • Gods
    • Fastest way to gain Divinity of all the fights.
    • Divinity = (2 * (Battle divinity/s) + (divinity gained from generator)) * 4 * (gods defeated)

Divinity per SecondEdit

The "Battle divinity/s" used in the above calculations is equal to the theoretical amount of divinity per second you would receive from all monsters you have defeated at least once as if you were black-barring them. You do not have to have any clones fighting monsters, and adding clones to fighting monsters (except to defeat a new monster) does not impact the calculation.

You can identify the Battle divinity/s value by placing at least one clone in each monster fight you have currently defeated at least once, then hovering over the "Total Battle / s" tooltip at the top of the Fight -> Monster page.