This page quickly summarize the available options and what their purpose is.

Framerate Edit

You have the option to choose in a rage of 5 - 60 FPS (default: 30 FPS).

This option has 2 benefits.

  1. You can rise it to 60FPS to have smooth bar movements especially useful in TBS
  2. On lower performance PC/Notebooks or if you have to do an other performance demanding task, you can reduce the CPU usage.
UI-Option Edit
  • UI Style
  • Font
  • Adjust Color
  • Background Color
  • Progressbars
QoL Options Edit
  • Sync Scrollbars
  • Sticky Clones
  • 'Stop at' or 'Next at'
  • Use scientific notation
  • Ignore Clonecount
  • Save Clones for Fight
Tooltip Options Edit
  • Show Achievement Popups
  • Achievement on Top
  • Show Tooltips on Top
  • Tooltips on right click