Road to Infinity (RTI)[edit | edit source]

Added in Version 3.37.1153 (2020-8-3)

Unlocked by beating the RTI challenge, which is unlocked by beating at least P.Baal V10 in the Day Baal Challenge.

Levels page

Clones can be distributed here to 10 different boosts. 

  • Physical: Multiplies your Physical stat. 
  • Mystic: Multiplies your Mystic stat. 
  • Battle: Multiplies your Battle stat. 
  • Creating: Adds Creating as a stat you gain from pets. This is the average of you pet's physical, mystic, and battle stats multiplied by your RTI Creating multiplier. 
  • TBS: Multiplies your TBS critical damage 
  • God Crystal: Multiplies the god power gained from God Crystal. 
  • SpaceDim Speed: Multiplies the leveling speed of all spacedim elements. 
  • Divinity: Multiplies your divinity gain from the divinity generator. 
  • Building Speed: Multiplies your building speed. 
  • Creating Speed: Multiplies your creating speed. 

These boost increase various stats depending on the amount of permanent and temporary levels each boost has. Temporary levels are gained by distributing clones to the specific boost. Temporary levels are converted into permanent levels once you rebirth.  

The Pet/Stat page

This pages shows how much each boost is affect your various stats.

The general formula to determine the multiplier boost is 100 * (temp level multi * perm level mult - 1) * pet multi * time multi.

The temporary level multiplier varies depending on the boost.

The permanent level multiplier varies depending on the boost.

The pet multiplier is determined by what pets are equipped in RTI tab.

The time multiplier starts at 0.00 and increases by 0.01 per minute after rebirth to a max of 1. This max increases by 2% per P.Baal defeated above P.Ball v100.

Pets can be equipped to the RTI page to increase the multi given by specific boosts in RTI (pet multi) and the level speed of specific boosts. This is determined by the pet's class and class level.

  • Assasin: Boost Physical and Battle
  • Defender: Boosts Mystic and Creating
  • Adventurer: Boosts TBS
  • Alchemist: Boosts God Crystal
  • Blacksmith: Boosts Space Dim
  • Rogue: Boosts Divinity
  • Supporter: Boosts Building Speed
  • Mage: Boosts Creating Speed

*Note that pets equipped to RTI automatically gain class exp. as long as they are equipped.

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