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Powersurge is a method of gaining a boost to all your stats through sheer mass of clones. Adding clones to Powersurge will start to fill the bar, at a base rate of (1 + Planet level) power per hour, per clone.The Powersurge bar fills after it receives 100,000 power. Every time the bar fills, it increases the powersurge multiplier to all four god stats by 1%.

With a level 50 planet, it takes...

  • 1,961 clones to gain one level per hour
  • 117,647 to gain one level per minute
  • 7,058,824 to gain one level per second
  • 235,294,118 to achieve BB speed

Formula to calculate PowerSurge+ needed to bb PowerSurge:

12,000,000,000 / (Planet_Level+1) / Clone_Amount * 100 = PowerSurge+ + 100

I.e. 5M clones, planet level 65 would look like:

12,000,000,000 / 66 / 5,000,000 *100 > 3636 = 3536 + 100 = 3537 PS+ levels needed to bb PS with 5M clones.

Every 2 bars filled also adds 1% to a pool of up to 50% more power to your clones for a single future Ultimate Being fight. You can choose after clicking fight to use this boost or not. After use this pool resets to 0.