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Creation Process


If you want to create the Undine, you should stock up on a lot of materials to make sure you don't lose too much in the process. During the first step of the process, your 2 alchemists will receive severe penalties, so starting with at least these materials will make sure the damage is not too severe:

  • 1 Phoenix Feather
  • 25 Iron Bars
  • 30 Holy Water
  • 50 T2 Materials, of the same element as your 2nd alchemist (Iron Bar for Neutral, Fire Stone for Fire, etc.)

In order to get the complete and useful Undine, you'll need to go through a long and painful process:

  1. Use 2 Alchemists to create a Failed Undine using 100 Ice Block + 50 Nevermelting Ice + 10 Holy Water.
    1. The stats will be: All growth -11.111, making it dead-on-creation. It has a -111% bonus for all campaigns, and will immediately die in Dungeons, being unable to get EXP. It looks like a giant drop of water.
    2. After creating the Failed Undine, one of your alchemists (the one where you click 'finish') will lose an arm, reducing their speed by 50%. The other Alchemist will lost it's body, making them unable to do anything, not even feeding.
      1. New Mechanical Arm will cost: 25 Iron Bar + 10 Holy Water.
      2. New Body costs: 50 T2 materials of your pets element (the one you did not select to finish the job) , 20 Holy Water, 1 Phoenix Feather.
      3. Prepare the materials, build the arm and body, and give them to the pets from within their details screen.
  2. Improving your Undine - 2nd form
    1. To fix the upgrade the Failed Undine, you will need to build a Water Soul, at the cost of 30 Nevermelting Ice, 1 Shadow Essence, 1 Phoenix Feather.
      1. Shadow Essence can not be created, but has to be won from fighting the boss in the Newbie Dungeon whilst having an alive Failed Undine in your party.
      2. You will need to train your Failed Undine in the Dungeon before it can stay alive at the boss. You can either equip it with a training sword for this, or assign some Free Exp to level it up.
      3. Keep in mind that at this point, it will still be useless to send Undine on Campaigns, and you can't feed it to improve it's Growth Stats. You can however make use of the Undine by putting it in a Dungeon Exploration team.
    2. After gathering the materials and creating the Water Soul, you can give it to the Undine in the pet details. Giving this soul to the Undine will increase it's growth stats by 3,333, for a total of -7,778. Note that this can be increased by having the Gold Dragon providing growth through feeding, or by dungeon stat increase bonuses. It will still perform pretty poorly in campaigns, having a 66% penalty for all campaigns.
  3. Improving your undine - 3rd form
    1. Your undine now looks slightly better, having some seemingly floating tentacles around it's body. To further improve your Undine, you will need to feed it an Improved Water Soul.
      1. Materials needed: 2 Water Soul, 100 Nevermelting Ice, 5 Shadow Essence, 10 Purified Water, 3 Phoenix Feather
        1. Purified Water can be made by using 1 Ice Block, 1 Holy Water, and 1 Phoenix Feather.
    2. It's growth stats will now increase by 3,334, for a total of -4,444 for each stat. The campaign penalty is reduced to 11%.
  4. Improving your undine - 4th form
    1. By giving a Soulless Soul, the Undine will again improve.
      1. To create a Soulless Soul, you need 2 improved Water Soul, 10 Shadow Essence, 150 Nevermelting Ice, 15 Phoenix Feather, 50 Magic Herbs, 5 Magic Fire Stone, 5 Magic Ore, 5 Magic Feather
    2. Undines stats will now improve growth stats by 4,444, making it finally able to be fed, level up, and go on campaigns. The campaign bonus will increase to +11%.
    3. In the dungeon, Undine will now do an additional (1 + Water / 500)% of max HP damage to all non-boss enemies in dungeons.
  5. Improving your undine - 5th form
    1. Yet another soul is needed, this time a Soul of Undine.
      1. To make the Soul of Undine, you need 2 Improved Water Soul, 10 Shadow Essence, 150 Nevermelting Ice, 15 Phoenix Feather, 50 Magic Herb, 5 Magic Fire Stone, 5 Magic Wood, 5 Magic Ore, 5 Magic Feather
    2. Growth stats will be increased by 5,555.
    3. In dungeons, Undine will now do an additional (3 + Water / 400)% of max HP damage to all non-boss enemies in dungeons.
  6. Improving your undine - 6th and final form
    1. To complete the Undine, you will need to give it the Magic Soul of Undine.
      1. Materials needed for Magic Soul of Undine: 1 Soul of Undine, 5 Magic Shadow Essence, 500 Nevermelting Ice, 50 Phoenix Feather, 250 Magic Herb, 25 Magic Fire Stone, 25 Magic Wood, 25 Magic Ore, 25 Magic Feather
        1. Magic Shadow Essence can be gotten by doing the Newbie Dungeon whilst having a Shadow Essence in your equipped items. This will make the boss a lot stronger and drop a magic shadow essence.
    2. Growth stats will be improved by 5,556 each.
    3. In dungeons, Undine will now do an additional (5 + Water / 300)% of max HP damage to all non-boss enemies in dungeons.
  7. Upgrading to Evolved status
    1. Requires 55,555 total Growth, 2,778 Nevermelting Ice, and having Undines final form. This will increase the drop rate for items in dungeons by an extra 1.5% * class level if your class is a rogue.

List of required materials and their quantities in order of creation process

Step Material Amount Description
1.1 Ice Block 100 Failed Undine
Nevermelting Ice 50
Holy Water 10
1.2.1 Iron bar 25 New Mechanical Arm
Holy Water 10
1.2.2 T2 materials of the 2nd alchemists element 50 New Body
Holy Water 20
Phoenix Feather 1
2 Nevermelting Ice 30 Water Soul
Shadow Essence 1
Phoenix Feather 1
3 Nevermelting Ice 160 Improved Water Soul
Shadow Essence 7
Phoenix Feather 15
Holy Water 10
Ice Block 10
4 Water Soul 2 Soulless Soul
Torch 5
Magic Fire Stone 5
Melting Bomb 25
5 Improved Water Soul 2 Soul of Undine
Shadow Essence 10
Nevermelting Ice 150
Phoenix Feather 15
Magic Herb 50
Magic Fire Stone 5
Magic Wood 5
Magic Ore 5
Magic Feather 5
6 Soul of Undine 1 Magic Soul of Undine
Magic Shadow Essence 5
Nevermelting Ice 500
Phoenix Feather 50
Magic Herb 250
Magic Fire Stone 25
Magic Wood 25
Magic Ore 25
Magic Feather 25

The table below gives the complete overview of all required material and their quantities for the whole complete process of creating an Undine.

List of all required materials and their quantities

This list does not include the materials needed for the mechanical arm or the body, this is just the materials needed to complete your undine (see step 1.2). This also does not include the 2,778 Nevermelting Ice to evolve your Undine (see step 7).

Material Amount
Holy Water 50
Ice Block 50
Melting Bombs 25
Magic Feather 30
Magic Herb 350
Magic Ore 30
Magic Wood 30
Nevermelting Ice 1690
Phoenix Feathers 158
Shadow Essence 63
Torches 5