Overflow Points have been added with the Toilet Paper Update and are gained from running the Overflow Challange. They are unlimited and can be spend to provide small permanent bonuses.

Each time an overflow bonus is purchased, the price increases by the base amount. So the first "Crystal Power" upgrade will cost 7 points, the second 14,. the third 21, and so-on.

This means it is not very efficient to focus on a single boost, and spreading the points around is generally better.

Overflow Points Boosts[edit | edit source]

Boost Initial Cost Description
Black Hole 15 Increases the max number of BH which give you passive GP by 1
Black Hole Upgrade 7 Increases the Max number of BHU which give you GP after rebirth by 1
Gem Cap 3500 Increases the level cap of gems
Gem Gain 7 Increases the gems you gain from Challenge Dungeons by 1%
V2 Auto Kill Might 3 Decreases the might levels you need for UBV2 autokills by 1 per tier
HP Regen 10 Increases HP recovery by 1%
Crystal Power 7 Increases the boost from Crystal Power by 1%
Light Clones 35 Gives you 100 light clones. That doesn't increase the cost
Creation Stat 20 Increases the creation speed you get from the Creation stat by 1%
Power Surge 4 Increases the stats you get, and the clones you need from powersurge by 1%
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