Pet growth is one of the most important stats a pet can have. It affects both the stats of your god and your pet in the dungeon. As a result, there always should be a priority in working to generate as much growth as possible.

The Value of Growth[edit | edit source]

Pets are able to directly multiply the stats of a player using their pet multiplier. This multiplier in increased based on the stats of your pets. Your pet's gain stats when they fight clones. The amount of stats they gain is dependant on their growth. The more growth they have, the more stats the gain per level. Having a lot of pets with high growth can result in your god's stats being multiplied by millions within a few minutes at the highest level, showing how important it is.

Beyond that, pets stats in dungeons are also dependant on growth. A pet gains 1% more dungeon stats per 2k growth they have. If your pet has 100k growth, their stats are 50% greater than they would normally be. If you are aware of how important stats are in dungeons, then 50% additional stats should show how valuable growth is in terms of dungeons.

Lastly, all evolutions of pets require a certain amount of growth. If you aim to do well in dungeons or pet campaigns, then aiming to evolve as many pets as possible would be the best way to do so.

Growth From Food[edit | edit source]

Food will be the first place one can get growth from pets. Every time you feed your pet when they are hungry, they get growth based on the food used on them and the amount of food they eat. At full hunger, they will eat 6 pieces of food.

Golden Dragon is a special pet that gives 25% of the growth it gains from food to all other pets. As a result, it is important to give this dragon the best food you can.

While the gains from food isn't as signficant as dungeons or growth campaigns, it is the primary way to get growth early on and provides a small amount of growth over time in addition to the other methods.

Growth From Dungeons[edit | edit source]

Dungeons are the next place one should look at for growth. Some dungeons have a way to gain growth, which varies from dungeon to dungeon. Forest can let you gain growth by bringing food into the dungeon that can be randomly converted into pet growth for the dungeons pets. Mountain has multiple growth events from floating shrine in Depth 1 to Portal from Beyond in Depth 3. Early on, taking advantage of the growth from mountain can help with your progress, especially when you lack the high growth pets from tokens.

Growth From Growth Campaign[edit | edit source]

One common thing you may hear when it comes to growing pets is the acroynm GC, which stands for Growth Chamber/Campaign. These are the top 10 pets you have that give the most growth.

Growth Campaigns are the primary way one will generate growth. Your 9 highest growth pets will give growth to your 10th lowest pets. A strategy people use is to keep the same 10 pets in the Growth Campaign until all of them have 25k growth. The reason this is done is because your pets give more growth if they have high growth themselves. By creating a set of pets with super high growth, it becomes easier to raise the growth of another pet. Individuals with pets that have high bonuses will end up being able to give their weaker pets thousands of growth a day, which highlights the importance of a developed GC.

Conclusion on Growth[edit | edit source]

With how siginficant growth is, working to grow growth from the very beginning can result in exponential growth. Each time you get a token, it's important to consider that pets like Thunderball and Otter are top pets for a reason. Their bonus to growth campaigns can skyrocket your progression. As long as your doing your best to maximize your growth, you will thank yourself down the line when you have pets with 100k or more growth.

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