Daily Dungeon Challenges are similar to dungeons where you send a pet into the challenge and get rewards based on how well they did. However, unlike regular dungeons, your pets do no gain experience from these dungeons. Instead of items, you obtain gems depend on how well you did in the challenge. You are limited to 3 tries a day, which can accumulate to a maximum of 10 (which can be increased with challenge point upgrades).

There are 5 types of gems.

  • Neutral
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Earth

Gems have three purposes. The first is that you can trade 2k of each gem type for a dungeon party slot. This is important as your progression speeds up significantly if you can send more than one party into the dungeon.

The second purpose is to obtain the alchemist cape. Pets are not capable of crafting T3 materials without this item. Like the dungeon party slot, it also costs 2k gems of each type.

Lastly, gems can be attached to equipment to improve it depending on the gems. Note that a gem can be combined with other gems to form higher level gems, up to level 15.

  • Neutral gems increases all of the pets element stats by 1 (T1 gear), 2 (T2 gear), or 3 (T3) gear. Each gem level increases this by 1/2/3 respectively.
  • Water gems increases the pets health stats by 1% (T1 gear), 2% (T2 gear), or 3% (T3) gear. Each gem level increases this by 1%/2%/3% respectively.
  • Fire gems increases the pets attack stats by 1% (T1 gear), 2% (T2 gear), or 3% (T3) gear. Each gem level increases this by 1%/2%/3% respectively.
  • Wind gems increases the pets speed stats by 1% (T1 gear), 2% (T2 gear), or 3% (T3) gear. Each gem level increases this by 1%/2%/3% respectively.
  • Earth gemsi ncreases the pets defense stats by 1% (T1 gear), 2% (T2 gear), or 3% (T3) gear. Each gem level increases this by 1%/2%/3% respectively.

Guide to Gems[edit | edit source]

Gems provide an easy way to vastly improve the gear of your pets. At the highest end, which is generally level 15, a gem can end up giving a gear 45% of any stat to a piece of t3 gear, regardless of it's rank or upgrade level. That or it can increase all of it's elemental stats by 45. With this in mind, it isn't wise to just create only level 15 gems or only attack gems. Knowing what gems to create and where to use them can result in a more balanced team.

Level 10 Gems

This is the ideal level for the initial gems of all your equipment. While you miss out on 5-15% stats, you gain the ability to make 32 gems instead of 1, which is a pretty good deal all things considered.

The goal should be to get all your teams gear level 10 gems. By doing this, it should significantly boost your dungeon progress. As for what kind of gems you should use, this widely varies on the pet.

Generally, your damage dealers and supports want attack gems. However, when your going into D3, you want some health gems on them, since they will always take damage from ambushes.

Besides attack and health, neutral gems are a good middle-ground gem. They provide defensive and offensive stats if your pet has elemental advantage. It's something to consider over health gems if you want to still increase damage without sacrificing that much protecting. Of course, end game the attack gem still provides more damage.

The defense gem are comparable to health gems, but have a different purpose. Certain fights value defense more, like v4's or certain bosses. Other times, health offers more overall survivability. They not only result in pets taking more damage before dying, but they also improve the heals of your support, as healing is based on the target's max health.

Lastly, speed gems have a more niche use verses the other 4. The benfit of speed is increasing the number of actions a pet has per turn, up to 3 max (1500 speed), improving the odds the pet acts first (minus ambushes), and giving defense piercing damage if it has more speed than the defending pet. While all of this sounds good, pets generally reach the speed cap without any gems, so their value is just for improving turn order and defense piercing damage. Both of these don't hold as much value and generally, you won't see many pets with speed gems being used.

Once all your gear has level 10 gems, then it's time to consider merging them and creating higher level gems. Having the challenge point purchase to prevent those gems that are being removed from losing a level will save you a lot of gems, so it's suggested not to remove gems until them.

Tip: You can replace a current gem with a new gem to skip the removal of gem process. This will save you a lot of time if you do this.

What To Gem Each Class[edit | edit source]

For those who just need to know what to gem everyone at a glance, you can refer to the following:

  • Mages: 1 Fire, 2 Water. Basically the fire will be the sword and hp on the other 2.
  • Defenders: All Earth (v4's)/ All Water (dungeons). More defense benefits v4's, but more water benefits dungeons. Which gear they are on doesn't matter.
  • Supporters, Assassin and Rogues: All fire, water if needed. If adding water, recommended starting with accesories/armor.
  • Wind or Neutral gems: Start with accessories then move up to weapon. Generally used to help with a speed problem or elemental problem.

Hopefully, this helps you with your goal of gemming your gear.

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