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Latest Patch

Changes for Version 3.36.1140 (2020-05-29) Edit

  • (Android) Added a save to clipboard button will copy the save to your clipboard. This means you can back it up additionally locally. The export button for the dungeon logs and the stats will now also copy it to your clipboard instead of an email (which didn't work in some cases). In the settings, there is now also an export option to export and import your next at settings to and from your clipboard.
  • Clicking on a pet on the crafting page will now go to its details.
  • You can now sort equipment by type (weapon, armor, accessory) in the inventory.
  • The tooltip for prerequisite creations shows now additionally to the CC also what you need for the current next at value.
  • When you start a gp reset challenge, the keep minumum god power is set to 0 now and reverted to the previous challenge after finishing it.
  • Added timers for pet growth, pet stones and might in the statistics page, similar to the gp and cp.
  • Added the kill count of UBsV4 and the points from UBsV4 to the statistics page.
  • Added a button with the discord link to the FAQ page.
  • You can now change equip for crafters while they are crafting, just not equip anything which gives a crafting related boost.
  • Fixed a few bugs (issues after killing ITRTGV4, creation speed bonus from OFPs, evo bonus from book, some initialization and display issues).
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