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Latest Patch

Changes for Version 3.46.1201 (2020-12-18)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a christmas event. If you still had some skulls from the last event left, they were auto traded for pet stones. While this event is active, you will receive twice as much drops from all dungeon enemies and there is a christmas campaign added where you will find cookies. You will also receive some cookies every day after taking the daily free draw. You can trade cookies for a pet token and other materials.
  • Added a new style for the avatars. The new style is now set as default. For the new avatars, everyone has the causual style as a default set and unlocking new parts costs avatar points. Everyone received 500 avatar points for free and everyone who purchased the unlimited gender change gets an extra 100. This is enough to unlock a few new sets and you can purchase avatar points if you want to unlock more parts.
  • People who want to keep the old avatar can use it instead of the new one and activate it in the settings. The old avatar is not affected by avatar points and the parts you have and the unlock conditions for them stay the same as they were.
  • Added a spread and remove button for the div gen.
  • Added a data export for pets.
  • SpaceDim was a bit too powerful for endgame players. The bonus for levels > 10000 is now smaller than before.
  • Fixed a few bugs.
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A very good start

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