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Latest Patch

Changes for Version 3.50.1222 (2021-03-19)

  • With the last version I had a typo and ingame it was shown as version 2121 instead of 1221. I fixed that and have now version 1222. This means you might get a warning that the new version is lower. You can just ignore that warning.
  • Added a rebirth timer for afky. Minimum time to rebirth afky is 15 minutes.
  • Added a new fan art for valkyrie evo from Alcoria.
  • Fixed a bug which reduced multi for afky after rebirthing.
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Godbot69 Godbot69 24 October 2019

Many features could be presented more clearly and post baal sorely needs some plot

but I do enjoy the varied mechanics and the cultural references make me happy =3

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Scrubanout Scrubanout 23 May 2017

A very good start

Since the lunch, the wiki had a realy nice start in my opinion. The additions made are of high qual…

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