The first time you defeat each god, you will be rewarded with 1 God Power. You will receive 1 additional GP every time you defeat the gods from Izanagi onward, regardless of whether it's the first time.

Each god through Tyrant Overlord Baal unlocks a new creation. Certain gods also unlock additional features: defeating Diana unlocks Monuments; defeating Nephthys unlocks the ability to buy creations with divinity; defeating Cybele unlocks the Divinity Generator; defeating Freya unlocks Monument Upgrades.

After Tyrant Overlord Baal is defeated you will face P. Baals. Beating a P. Baal will reward 1 GP and an amount of Baal Power based on how many P. Baals have been defeated during this Rebirth - the first, P. Baal v1, gives 1 BP, P. Baal v2 gives 2 BP and so on. BP can be used to buy food, pet stones, and TBS levels. Any leftover BP disappears at rebirth. The strength of P. Baals can be affected by the completion of certain Challenges.

Some gods also grant access to a Pet when defeated for the first time. To get the pet you must go to the Pet screen (under "Fight") and claim it. If you don't claim an available pet before rebirthing, you will lose your chance until you meet the requirements again.

Most benefits of defeating gods (except for GP, claimed pets, pet stones purchased with BP, and changes to the base stats of the Divinity Generator) are reset upon Rebirth.

List of GodsEdit

Important unlocks are in bold.

God Powerlevel HP Attack Defense Critical Unlocks God Multi
Hyperion 1.547e+7 5e+7 5e+6 3.125e+6 1/28 Light + Mouse Pet 1
Itztli 2.333e+8 7.5e+8 7.5e+7 4.688e+7 1/27 Stone 2
Gaia 4.695e+9 1.5e+10 1.5e+9 9.375e+8 1/26 Soil 4
Shu 1.103e+11 3.5e+11 3.5e+10 2.188e+10 1/25 Air 8
Suijin 2.062e+12 6.5e+12 6.5e+11 4.063e+11 1/24 Water 16
Gefion 3.196e+13 1e+14 1e+13 6.250e+12 1/23 Plant 32
Hathor 1.611e+15 5e+15 5e+14 3.125e+14 1/22 Tree 64
Pontus 3.250e+16 1e+17 1e+16 6.250e+15 1/21 Fish 128
Diana 3.281e+18 1e+19 1e+18 6.250e+17 1/20 Animal + Monuments 256
Izanagi 3.316e+20 1e+21 1e+20 6.250e+19 1/19 Human 512
Nephthys 3.354e+22 1e+23 1e+22 6.250e+21 1/18 River + Buying Creations 1,024
Cybele 3.397e+24 1e+25 1e+24 6.250e+23 1/17 Mountain + Div Gen 2,048
Artemis 3.445e+26 1e+27 1e+26 6.250e+25 1/16 Forest 4,096
Eros 3.500e+28 1e+29 1e+28 6.250e+27 1/15 Village + Cupid Pet 8,192
Freya 3.562e+30 1e+31 1e+30 6.250e+29 1/14 Town + Monument Upgrades 16,384
Poseidon 3.635e+32 1e+33 1e+32 6.250e+31 1/13 Ocean 32,768
Laima 3.719e+34 1e+35 1e+34 6.250e+33 1/12 Nation 65,536
Athena 3.818e+36 1e+37 1e+36 6.250e+35 1/11 Continent 131,072
Susano o 3.937e+38 1e+39 1e+38 6.250e+37 1/10 Weather 262,144
Zeus 4.083e+40 1e+41 1e+40 6.250e+39 1/9 Sky + Egg Pet 524,288
Nyx 4.266e+42 1e+43 1e+42 6.250e+41 1/8 Night 1,048,576
Luna 4.500e+44 1e+45 1e+44 6.250e+43 1/7 Moon 2,097,152
Jupiter 4.812e+46 1e+47 1e+46 6.250e+45 1/6 Planet 4,194,304
Odin 5.250e+48 1e+49 1e+48 6.250e+47 1/5 Earthlike Planet 8,388,608
Amaterasu 5.906e+50 1e+51 1e+50 6.250e+49 1/4 Sun 16,777,216
Coatlicue 7.000e+52 1e+53 1e+52 6.250e+51 1/3 Solar System 33,554,432
Chronos 9.188e+54 1e+55 1e+54 6.250e+53 1/2 Galaxy 67,108,864
Tyrant Overlord Baal 7.875+e57 5e+57 5e+56 3.125e+56 1 Universe + Squirrel Pet 134,217,728
P.Baal 1.062+e60 1e+60 1e+59 6.25e+58 1 Nothing 268,435,456
P.Baal v 5 Bunny Pet 4.294 e+9
P.Baal v 10 Cat Pet 1.374 e+11
P.Baal v 15 Dog Pet 4.398 e+12
P.Baal v 20 Fairy Pet
P.Baal v 25 Dragon Pet
P.Baal v 30 Snake Pet
P.Baal v 35 Shark Pet
P.Baal v 40 Octopus Pet
P.Baal v 50 Slime Pet
P.Baal v 55 Whale Pet
P.Baal v 60 Hydra Pet
P.Baal v 66 Pandora's Pet