Here is a glossary of common shorthands used in the game's chat and what they mean.


  • 1KC — 1,000 Clone Challenge.
  • AAC — All Achievement Challenge.
  • DRC — Double Rebirth Challenge.
  • GSC — God Skip Challenge.
  • NDC — No Divinity Challenge.
  • NRC — No Rebirth Challenge.
  • PMC — Planet Multi Challenge.
  • UAC — Ultimate Arty Challenge.
  • UBC — Ultimate Baal Challenge.
  • UPC — Ultimate Pet Challenge.
  • UUC — Ultimate Universe Challenge.


  • BaalLast God on the list. Unlocks much of the game's "real" content.


  • EL — Everlasting Lighthouse.
  • GS — Godly Statues.
  • MS — Mighty Statue.
  • MG — Mystic Garden.
  • PoP — Pyramids of Power.
  • Temple — Temple of Gods.
  • Tomb — Tomb of gods.

Premium Shop/ItemsEdit

  • INAfc — Improved Next At for challenges - a Kred purchasable Improved Next At that works in UBC and UAC.

God Power purchasableEdit

  • CS — Creation Speed. Refers to the GP shop purchase(s) that increase your avatar's current creation speed (CCS)
  • BS — Build Speed.
  • CC — Created Creations, or Creation Count. Refers to the GP shop purchase (50 GP) that allows you to create more than 1 of the same creation, each barfill. You can still only fill 1 bar per tic, and can still only create 1 type of creation per barfill. Each extra creation made per barfill will give a 5% bonus to the creating stat awarded for that creation. Each extra creation made will require 5% less materials, stacking, until 11 creations (1 creation = 100% cost, 2 creations = 100 + 95% cost, 3 creations = 100% + 95% + 90% cost. At 11 creations, the added discount caps at 50%, and each creation beyond will add 50% cost to the total)
  • INA — Improved Next At.

Ultimate BeingsEdit

  • GAA (v2) — God Above All.
  • GT (GTv2) — Godly Tribunal.
  • LS (v2) — Living Sun.
  • PE (v2) — Planet Eater.
  • ItRtG (v2) — Refers to this game or the UB unlocked at Planet Level 5.


  • AP — Under the Kong purchase menu, you can watch ads to gain Ad points. These points can be redeemed for a variety of small perks
  • Attack + (PA+) — Physical Attack +. Refers to the Might training. Useful, outside of stats, for UBv2 fights.
  • BB — Black Bar (or Blue Bar. Or even Red Bar. Don't get too technical on this one). The point where 1 thing is made, leveled, or defeated per tick. Called such because it presents in a black progress bar (or blue, or red. don't nitpick it). It is the optimum in game progress, as only one bar can ever be filled per tick. (1 tick = 30ms, 33.333 ticks per second)
  • Boni — Unused GP, that has been dispersed to increase stats.
  • BP — Baal Power. Kill P.Baals to earn. Can be used to increase TBS scores, power up clones in UB fights, and buy Pet Food.
  • CCS — Current Creation Speed. Refers to the Current Creation Speed value shown when mousing over the Creating Stat in the Avatar Window.
  • CoD+ — Clones on Divinity +. Refers to the Might training.
  • CoP+ — Clones on Planet +. Refers to the Might training.
  • MD— Defense + (MD+). Mystic Defense +. Refers to the Might training. Useful, outside of stats, for UBv2 fights.
  • CP — Crystal Power. Rebirthing with crystals equipped gives you 1 CP (for the four basic types) per grade of the crystal. (Ultimate giving 2 CP and God giving 3 per grade instead) 1 CP gives 0.5% to BS and CS, and multiplies the power of unspent GP by 0.1%
  • GP — God Power. Get some.
  • P.Baal (v?) - Prinny Baal (version #). After defeating Baal, a new god will appear on the Fight / God screen. Starts at P.Baal, ends at a theoretical v126.
  • PS+ — Powersurge +. Refers to the Might training.
  • UB (s) — Ultimate Being. Get a level 1 or better planet to fight UB's for stat gain and Div.
  • UBv2 (s) — Ultimate Being version 2. Do a UBC to unlock UBv2's.