The FAQ for the game can be easily accessed ingame by pressing F2 or Other > FAQ.

Please ask any questions in the ingame chat or on the discord server if you are new! The answer will often be "read the tool tips" (as there are literaly hundreds of tool tips - everything has a tool tip!) or "read the FAQ" (don't get more than 245% creating speed at the start and think about creation count).

The game discord also has a faq (What's "UBC" or "div gen" or "ms" or ...? answers:

Useful settings:

Your main goal is to defeat Baal for the first time as fast as possible (and thus finnish the "tutorial" of ItRtG).

Also think about "1-caps (physical / mystic training via "Fight" --> "Special"), feed pets and send them on growth missions, look out for special events (pets!), afky god to get the afky pet, "clone soft cap".

The different tabs:

Create, Monument, Divinity, Planet

List of monuments: (Build --> Monument)

Mighty Statue (ms), Mystic Garden (mg) are the top of the list and they rather improve your current stats - also think about Tomb of Gods: if "Battle" is your highest stat, you'll want to make it even stronger by building a Tomb of God and maybe even upgrade it. Godly Statue, Pyramids of Power and Temple of God (ToG) are at bottom of the list and rather improve your rebirth multis. So do build a div gen once you hit about E+11 divinity (100 billion) so you can upgrade the ToG with weather at some point or one of the two monuments above ToG (take a look at your rebirth multis while you do that).