Dungeon's 101 - From D1 to D3 Edit

Primarily made and edited by nonomo4 with information provided by the ITRTG discord.

Introduction Edit

Welcome to Dungeon's 101. This guide is to help you begin your journey with dungeons. From those who will not spend a dime to those with all the pets in the world, this should help you understand what you should be doing to start progressing in dungeons. This guide was built with the help of the discord community, so please feel free to add your input if there's something that isn't right. After all, this is really just a community guide at the end of the day.

Starting Out - Newbie Grounds and D1 Edit

The New Player (Non-token) Edit

When you start out, you will probably not have any pets until you reach Odin. Once you do obtain your 6th pet, you are ready to begin your dungeon journey. Trust me when I say it's better than doing normal pet campaigns.

Starting 6 Edit

Mouse Frog Bee Cupid Egg Armadillo

From Newbie Grounds to Mountain Edit

Unless you used a token or obtain a pet via an event, these will likely be your first six pets. Your first task is to send them into the newbie grounds to level up to around level 10 or whatever level is necessary to beat your first elemental dungeon.

Since you are just starting out, the dungeon you will eventually send them to is the mountain dungeon, which will help your pet growth increase and help train your pets even more.

The key is that for depth 1, only levels really matter. A team of level 50's should do well in these depths, regardless of class, gear and items. I'm not saying that you should do this, but this is something to keep in mind.

Swapping Out Pets, Creating a Blacksmith and Alchemist Edit

As you progress outside of dungeons, you will eventually find yourself with new pets. While you can obtain them via token, we are just assuming you still don't have a token. You will likely have Squirrel, Rabbit and God Power.

Out of the three, Squirrel and Rabbit will replace Bee and Mouse respectively. Bee will be used for your first alchemist most likely and mouse should become a blacksmith.

Now your team should be the following:

Cupid Frog Squirrel Rabbit Egg Armadillo

You should make your mouse into a blacksmith as soon as you get enough growth. As he is the easiest pet to make into any class, having a blacksmith as soon as possible will help you begin gearing up your pet with the minimal gear that's recommended to reach depth 2.

*Note: Once you make the mouse into a blacksmith, you should throw cupid back into the dungeon as your blacksmith will be busy crafting the gear you need. At least until you get another replacement. That will most likely be cat at this point.

For more details on the importance of blacksmith's and alchemists, please see In Detail: Blacksmith and Alchemist.

As I said, you can get there with sheer levels, but it is definitely faster to work on gear, items, and classes to speed up the process of reaching depth 2, reducing the level your pets need to be.

Choosing Classes and Gearing Up Edit

Your pets should be well on their way, leveling up slowly but surely. As they do this, we can begin thinking about the classes and gear of the pets.


If you still have the same team, then it is recommended you chose the following classes for your team.

Cupid Frog Squirrel Rabbit Egg Armadillo
Rogue * Supporter Rogue Mage Assassin Defender

*Note. Cupid normally is an adventurer pet, but we need a wind pet. To avoid losing the benefit of a bee alchemist, making cupid an early rogue is recommended, as it will assist with your resource gains early on. Eventually, you may swap it with a fairy supporter.

What class a pet becomes plays a key role in their job in a team. Defenders help protect the other pets. Supporters makes sure everyone has health. Rogues improve the drops from a dungeon. Assassin's and mages provide the main damage of the group. Please refer to In Detail: Classes to understand what each class does and what pets should be evolved into.

The team positioning also starts becoming relevant, as each position should have a place in either the front row or back row. You want to make sure your cupid, armadillo, and egg are in front, with the other 3 in the back. To learn more about the importance of positioning, please check out In Detail: Team Positioning.

The main pet page can explain the details about each class, but this guide is mainly to give you the basic information you need to progress.


Your mouse should be hard at work crafting the gear you need at this point.

Cupid Frog Squirrel Rabbit Egg Armadillo
Class Rogue * Supporter Rogue Mage Assassin Defender
Weapon Knives Fire Sword Knives Fire Sword Fire Sword Pot
Armor Fire Armor Wind Armor Fire Armor Fire Armor Fire Armor Neutral Armor
Accessory Fire Accessory Wind Accessory Fire Accessory Earth Accessrory Fire Accessory Neutral Accessory

The gear listed above is for specifically mountain. If you move these pets to other dungeons, they gear may change depending on the dungeon.

Before leveling any of the gear, you will want to craft at least something to fill the slots. After all, something is better than nothing. It's when everyone is properly geared and the starting rank is good enough that you being upgrading pieces of gear.

Something to note is that you want to upgrade your mage's gear above the rest, as they are your primary damage dealer. After all, a good offense can power your way through.

With both gear and classes being work on, you are well on your way to becoming a dungeon expert.

However, I recommend looking at In Detail: Pet Stats to understand the value of the stats on each piece of gear. Knowing why you want to have more of each stat is important in building your pets, as it can determine your pets offensive and defensive potential. Simply putting it, the right combination of stats can result in a party succeeding or failing. You will want to check out In Detail: Optimal Pet Stats (to be made) for a more detailed explanation on what each pet's stat should be.

Items Edit

You may want to start bringing items in as well. For mountain, you can bring flying boots to mitigate damage and prevent your pets from being stalled in the dungeons. You could bring in healing potions so they are less likely to die. Feathers from the pet trader can let your pets be revived if they die, saving your resources. For those with tons of stones (likely not the new player) there's also talisman's that give exp and drop boosts.

Items are valuable and the higher you go, the more they matter. However, the first depth will not require items. They are there to make the dungeons easier/more valuable. Looking into the events will keep you from missing out on value/having your team suffer.

The Other 2 Dungeons Edit

Now that I've mentioned Fire, Wind and Earth gear, you may be wondering how you get the resources for these? You will have the wind resources because you've been working on mountain, but fire and earth will be in shorter supply. As a result, we'll need to send a team into those two to gather more resources.

At a certain point, you probably should have 2 dungeons teams unlocked. However, it's possible that this isn't the case. This next section will be split in two to cover both dungeons.

No Dungeon Team 2 Edit

The biggest roadblock would likely be not having the second slot. That, or you don't have 12 pets. This scenario means that you'll be sending your mountain team straight into volcano and forest for the materials. As I mentioned earlier, depth 1 is all about levels. If your team is leveled enough, you can power through anything.

Make sure to adjust difficulty, as your team isn't normally meant for these two dungeons and thus will have a harder time doing them. If you have the pets, you will want to adjust the team to match the events. For volcano, you want 3 fire element pets. For forest, you want pet food in your items to gain growth (the growth depends on the food used). Paying close attention to these requirements will help you gain more value verse just ignoring them.

Dungeon Team 2 Edit

There are 3 ways to obtain a second team slot. If you are a new player and starting out, then the easiest way to do this is by doing the daily dungeon challenge. To understand how to do them, please see In Detail: Daily Dungeon Challenge. Daily challenges give gems, which can be traded in to get a pet slot. This is by far what most newer players should do to get their first slot.

The other option is to spend 300k Pet Stones to unlock it. This can be obtained over time through various methods, but the easiest way to obtain this amount is just buying it directly or getting lucky with your Lucky Draws.

The last option is to spend 1k challenge points to obtain it. If your a veteran player, this should be relatively easy. For most people, this is likely their 4th purchase, right after UB damage reduction, Exp Overflow, and Auto Half Stat.

Regardless of which method you pick, the second main requirement for a second dungeon team is to have the pets to field one.

Newer players starting out will have to make a choice. Either divert pets away from their growth campaign, or chose not to field a 2nd dungeon team. Growth is important, so not fielding a second team isn't a bad choice if your growth campaign is developing.

If you do field one, fielding a team of random pets can be acceptable. The main goal is to have this second team obtain resources to help grow your first team. Even if they are farming the first difficulty of a dungeon, there's still benefit to them.

Of course, eventually you should have a proper second team, but that's later down the line for a new player.

Depth 2 Preparation Edit

If you've been following this guide, you should be well on your way to being able to Depth 2. This section will go over a list of things that you either should be working towards or have to beat Depth 2. While you don't need everything on this list, having it would make your first Depth 2 easier.

  • Your pets should be working on reaching the level 35-45 mark. At 35, they could potentially beat D2 with a lot of gear and items, as well as proper class evolutions. However, reaching higher levels significantly reduces the gear, item and class requirements. At 45 and above, you should be able to brute force it with minimal gear and barely any class levels.
  • Pet Gear should still be t1's around this point. This is because most of your resources should go towards making a good hammer. It's better to get a T2 sss+20 hammer than spending resources trying to get the best gear at this point. Of course, it isn't expect for you to have this at this point, but this is what your focus should be on. For the exact gear you should have, everyone except your defender should have elemental matching weapons. Defenders should have a pot or knives. Your armor and accessories for your damage dealer should be the same element as the pet. Your armor and accessories for your non-damage dealers should be matching the dungeon element.

The Veteran/Token Player Edit

Unlike a new player, a veteran/token player is more likely to have more pets or the ability to gain more pets. As a result, this next section will be targeted to the veteran players who have a decent number of pets and are just starting to get into dungeons.

Scrapyard to Mountain Edit

Like the beginner players, veterans and token players will start with scrapyard and move into mountain. However, they will be able to field a future-proof team rather than a team that slowly evolves over time.

Selecting the Pets Edit

The key is to deciding who is on this future-proof team is understanding what you will need for D2 and D3 mountain. For example, you will need 2 defenders once you get into D2 and above. You will also want 2 wind pets to take advantage of the mountain growth event. With this in mind, you can look through the pets you have and determine which one's can help you fit this criteria.

For example, armadillo and valkyrie are often cited as two solid defenders you can bring. Armadillo is an easy pet to evolve, meaning that you will have one defender within D1. As for Valkyrie, it will take more time to evolve her due to the nature of her evo conditions. However, you should have sufficient growth to grow her to the right growth.

If you lack growth or materials, you should refer to In Detail: Growth and/or In Detail: Materials to determine how to obtain both.

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