Idling to Rule the Gods has gone through many updates, each introducing new features within the game. Below, you'll find a list of the game's update history.


Version 3[edit | edit source]

Changes for Version 3.46.1201 (2020-12-18)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a christmas event. If you still had some skulls from the last event left, they were auto traded for pet stones. While this event is active, you will receive twice as much drops from all dungeon enemies and there is a christmas campaign added where you will find cookies. You will also receive some cookies every day after taking the daily free draw. You can trade cookies for a pet token and other materials.
  • Added a new style for the avatars. The new style is now set as default. For the new avatars, everyone has the causual style as a default set and unlocking new parts costs avatar points. Everyone received 500 avatar points for free and everyone who purchased the unlimited gender change gets an extra 100. This is enough to unlock a few new sets and you can purchase avatar points if you want to unlock more parts.
  • People who want to keep the old avatar can use it instead of the new one and activate it in the settings. The old avatar is not affected by avatar points and the parts you have and the unlock conditions for them stay the same as they were.
  • Added a spread and remove button for the div gen.
  • Added a data export for pets.
  • SpaceDim was a bit too powerful for endgame players. The bonus for levels > 10000 is now smaller than before.
  • Fixed a few bugs.

Changes for Version 3.45.1194 (2020-12-02)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the perks for PGC God 11 (Nooby).
  • Afky buttons can now show scientific numbers.
  • The Baal Power bonus from patreons and challenges now also works for SpaceDim.
  • Added a button to reset all timers at once.
  • Fixed a few bugs (offline calculation issues, hp after loading a save, monument multis after p.baals, some clone issues, santa choco, pet owner after fail to continue crafting, display bugs and typos, some exploits).

Changes for Version 3.44.1193 (2020-11-21)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a new Challenge: UBV4 Challenge, maxed at 5. Each completion will reduce the timer for UBV4 fights by 1 minute. To complete it you need to defeat ITRTGV4 and the nerf it gets from normal UBs is reduced by (1 + challenges completed) * 20%. This means for the final one you need to defeat ITRTGV4 with full stats.
  • The max and equip all button is now available on the Crystal Factory even without having the easier rebirth CHP upgrade. Because this de-values the easier rebirth option, the price is reduced to 500.
  • Timed stats on the statistics page have now their own tab.
  • You can now get a 5th dungeon party slot with 1500 CHP.
  • Becaus RTI made the TBS purchase from Overflow Points kinda useless and added need for more hp regen, I replaced that option with hp regen now.
  • The statistic multi on the rebirth page has now a red color if less than the god multi.
  • The unleash timer on the god page is now a progress bar.
  • The vaccina tooltip shows now how many pets were vaccinated.
  • The challenge page shows now the info for the different PGCs after you finished them.
  • Added more info to the UBV4 battle log.
  • One Click UB fights now use the Powersurge boost.
  • Improved some tooltips and info texts.
  • Fixed a few bugs (canceling a CBC, offline progress monuments next at, some tooltips and typos, an exploit and small issues).

Changes for Version 3.43.1187 (2020-11-05)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the perks for PGC God 8 (kentouni),9 (Doobag) and 10 (Calcnerd).
  • The gp gain from black holes and god crystals is now twice as high within OCCCs.
  • Added more info on the RTI page.
  • Fixed a few bugs (confuse in dungeons, pet growth multi, rebirth screen, remove clones in crystal factory).

Changes for Version 3.43.1185 (2020-10-27)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug with P.Baals being unkillable if you never rebirthed, godly liquid and chakra for purchases didn't show the right amount, and undine was tokenable by mistake. A tokened undine was unevolvable and didn't have the dungeon skill so I reverted the unlock and gave the token back for people who used a token for her.

Changes for Version 3.43.1183 (2020-10-25)[edit | edit source]

  • For the event: you find skulls from the event campagin and from dungeons. The total amount you can get from the event is up to 8000. New players who have at most 10 pets find twice as many from the event campaign.
  • Fixed stats gain from growth multi (PGC) for pets, some typos about the event, pet equip not counting for hp.

Changes for Version 3.43.1182 (2020-10-23)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug with CBC Clone reward and OCCC reward.

Changes for Version 3.43.1181 (2020-10-23)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the offset for the tab icons, some missing challenge bonuses for the reduced challenges, crafting page if forgeable is on, some typos and small issues.

Changes for Version 3.42.1171 (2020-10-02)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the story chapter for Nyx. Sorry for the long wait!
  • Added a small halloween event. The event will start on october 24th and will last for 14 days. It needs internet connection to load and after it is loaded an "Graveyard" campaign is added. Here you can find skulls and trade them on the event page for one pet token, pet stones, chocolate or T3 dungeon materials.
  • Added a Token upgrade for Pumpkin. This will give it 2% * class level extra chance to find chocolate on food camps and doubles its chance to find mighty food.
  • The patreon boost for T4 patreons is increased a bit depending on the number of patreons. The base reward for a T4 patreon is 2% for divinity, crafting speed and baal power, 3% for pet exp, 10% for free dungeon exp. If there are at least a total of 10 T4 patreons, the reward for each T4 patreon increases by 50%, if there are at least 20 T4 patreons, it increases by another 50% and if there are at least 30 T4 patreons, it increases by another 50%.
  • If a T5 patreon stays for 6 months, he can now choose a new pet along with its name and ability (has to be reasonable, the pet is free for the patreon and token unlock for others). If a T5 patreon stays for longer than 6 months, the cycle starts from the beginning (second named P.Baal after 7, second challenge perk after 8, second pet after 12).
  • Added a setting on the premium items page to auto use godly liquids and chakra pills.
  • Added 4 new challenges: God Power Challenge (easy, normal rebirth, earn a set amount of god power, reward is a new pet), Ultimate Gods Challenge (drc type, gods are much stronger than normal, defeat V11- V30 to finish, reward is more baal power from p.baals), Patreon Gods Challenge (ubc type, defeat gods from patreon, patreons might have added some perks or penalties, reward is more pet growth) and One Creation Count Challenge(drc type, also resets gp to 0 and cc to 1, max out your clones, reward is more cc for clones).
  • Added a toggle for equip forging to show only equip you can forge.
  • The inventory list shows now the number of equip of the same type you have.
  • Redrew the god power icon.
  • Added a god power pet. It gives god power when you feed it and you can unlock it with one of the new challenges.
  • Added a slight passive bonus for the growing purchase and an additional bonus for every time you buy it.
  • Water Dungeon Challenge gives now points depending on total damage done instead of summons killed. Seiryuu gives more points, Genbu less than before.
  • Reduced the cap for CBC, DRC and NDC from 50 to 25. The unique reward for 25 is the same as 50 before to make it a bit easier for newer players. People who completed more of them than the new cap got a time which is fastest time of the challenge * challenges over the new cap on the statistics page. Currently that time does nothing but maybe it gives something in the future. From now on if you do any challenge which is already capped, the time here will also increase.
  • Beachball bonus is now capped at 200%. That is reached with around 57 million pet stones. The image also gets a cap if someone reaches that.
  • Bugfixes (offline div gen unlock, alert button for rti pets, item camp drops, an exploit, some typos, display bugs and small things)

Changes for Version 3.42.1172 (2020-10-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Added some failsafe for the new pet from lucky draws which starts to count after you have 6 crystal slots. At average you need 576 draws to get the pet but now if you have really bad luck and don't get it after 2000 draws, the new pet will drop after the next opened draw (the chance to not get it within 2000 draws is ~3%).
  • Bugfixes (gp/h since rebirth, multi camp in CBC, missing new card in card game, permanent level loss of RTI, an exploit)

Changes for Version 3.42.1171 (2020-10-02)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a new pet: Living Draw (Adventurer, 80% bonus for item camps). You can obtain it after you have all 6 crystal slots, or if the crystal factory is not unlocked yet from a lucky draw with the same chance. It changes the redraw into a chance for the new pet. After you have obtained the pet, it will boost the item campaign bonus of this pet by 5% (capped at 200%) if you get the same chance again.
  • Increased the limit of opening 50 draws per day to 100.
  • It is now possible to see, and change your pets for UBV4 battles even if it is not unlocked yet.
  • The clones tooltip shows now an estimated time to create the clones you have set as clones to add.
  • Removed the cap for SpaceDim elements after SDCs are maxed. Instead it grows slower after level 2500 for most elements.
  • Purchasing Lucky Draws gives now twice as many for the same price.
  • Added more accurate descriptions to pet campaigns, improved some other descriptions.
  • Chocolate trade from Santa is now capped at 6 per nothing.
  • Fixed some bugs (dungeon events, mimic points undine, auto select pets, exploits) and some small optimations.

Changes for Version 3.41.1166 (2020-09-06)[edit | edit source]

  • Optimized some code to reduce lag on the inventory pages with lots of equip, creation and the pets page.
  • Some people prefered the old crystal upgrade all so I added it again. Now you have both buttons. Same as the divinity shield toggle. It is now on both tabs.
  • Fixed a few smaller bugs and typos.

Changes for Version 3.41.1163 (2020-09-02)[edit | edit source]

  • Moved the toggle for the divinity shield to the divinity generator page so people see it more easily if it is on. Divinity each convert and converts / s are now shown only at the tooltip for divinity/s. It is not the most important info, took up space and confused newer players.
  • Increased the drop rate of T2 material in Depth 2 dungeons to make it a bit easier to reach Depth 3.
  • Sorting pets by class will now also put the ones with the same class and higher bonus for RTI first.
  • The monument page, div gen and creation page shows now a timer when chakra pill or godly liquid is active.
  • Fixed a few bugs (P.Baal V148+, wrong chance info for some dungeon events, Up All Crystal Factory if levels != max, Crystal Factory unlock with UUC)

Changes for Version 3.41.1162 (2020-08-30)[edit | edit source]

  • The crystal factory is now also unlocked after doing your first UUC. That should make it a bit easier for new players and doesn't require an early UBC anymore.
  • Reworked item crafting a bit. Now if you craft only one item, it will auto continue to craft the same item until canceled, or you don't have enough prerequisites. If you craft more than one or quest items, the behaviour stays the same as before.
  • Added named gods after Baal for T5 Patreons.
  • Increased chp reward from DUC and DPC to make it more possible to reach the max chp there.
  • Added a purchase which lets you keep TBS gp purchases in GP-reset challenges.
  • Upgrade All for crystal factory modules will now upgrade lowest levels first.
  • Fixed a few bugs (auto vaccination, shortcuts, an exploit, 1kbhc reward initialization, roman numbers, some tooltips and small issues).

Changes for Version 3.40.1161 (2020-08-21)[edit | edit source]

  • You can now name your dungeon teams.
  • Added a setting to have turned the defender clones for crystal on after rebirthing.
  • Dungeon logs show now items leftover for both the party items and the inventory items.
  • There are some weird people who want to do more than 2 UACs and asked me to add some reward for it. Well now from your 3rd UAC onward you will receive a Class Change Token as a reward.
  • Fixed a few small bugs (P.Baal > V147, some info on the statistics page, food used in dungeon logs), typos and exploits.

Changes for Version 3.40.1159 (2020-08-17)[edit | edit source]

  • Export for the next at settings now also works for RTI and SpaceDim.
  • Dungeon logs show now how many items you have left of the used ones.
  • Fix with Seal evo condition, RTI page, some typos and small things.

Changes for Version 3.40.1158 (2020-08-16)[edit | edit source]

  • With the last update, some people gained more adventurer exp than they had before and others less, or were not affected. I tried to set it so that it is about the same as before, but sadly getting the exact value was not possible. Anyway because that was my fault, I added a 2 week long event where all adventurers get twice as much experience. Additionally, all pets doing campaigns gain an extra 20% bonus for all campaigns while this event is active. The event will start tomorrow evening, you can see the timer on top left.
  • Added a toggle to the crafting page to hide non crafters.
  • Tooltip for black hole and upgrade shows now total GP gained.
  • The purchase icon shows now the daily pack icon and moves to the special page on click if one is available to claim.
  • The evo bonus for pets is now shown the same way after unlock than before.
  • Fixed a few bugs (no mimic points on burn, thunder ball penalty, RTI exploit, evolved balrog healing, android patreon button, some typos).

Changes for Version 3.39.1157 (2020-08-13)[edit | edit source]

  • Sorry, the last version had a serious bug with campaigns. Only people who had version 1156 and finished campaigns were affected. For people who used this version and got this bug I had to reset and average some class levels. I made this depending on their growth, so it should be in overal similar to before, but it might be different depending on the player. There was no way to get the exact levels he had before.

Changes for Version 3.39.1156 (2020-08-13)[edit | edit source]

  • After RTI was added people complained that there are not enough pets, so I added 6 new pets. Armadillo (Earth, Defender, newer players, unlocked after defeating Odin), Balrog (Fire, Mage, unlocked after defeating V88), Treasure (Neutral, Assassin, unlocked via Dungeon D3 new mimic enemies (harder than bosses)), Seal (Water, Alchemist, Token), Raven (Wind, Rogue, Token), Raiju (Wind, Adventurer, Token).
  • Added the defense stat on the mystic tooltip.
  • Power level doesn't really say if you can defeat a god and is not that accurate, but some people seem to want it on the main ui. Now there is setting to replace the god title with your power level. On the top left, there is no space anymore. Even with removing the logo, there would be still the crown for patreons.
  • Ego swords will now give class experience instead of normal experience to pets on the RTI tab.
  • Tooltips on the RTI boosts show now which class will provide this boost.
  • Added a setting to not show tooltips on tab buttons.
  • Added a setting to use 2 letter abbreviation for tab buttons instead of the icons.
  • Added some more statistics to the statistics other page.
  • Added a pet stone buy to increase class exp gained from campaigns.
  • Added roman number format, just for a change. It is cooler than the E-numbers.
  • Added a setting which will cause the game to do automatically an autosave before you rebirth.
  • Halved the perm level cost for getting pet slots for RTI from 50k to 25k.
  • Added highscores for Shadow Clones, Building Speed and Creating speed (Steam and Kong).
  • Added an again button for challenge dungeons so you can do the same challenge dungeon again without needing to go back.
  • Removed the setting for stop at in trainings. Nobody used that anyway.
  • The clone overview page has now visit buttons.
  • Bugfixes (missing worker clones on pets overview, book RTI, offline calc spacedim, typos, small things)

Changes for Version 3.38.1148 (2020-08-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a "Spread" and "Remove" button to the might and SpaceDim page. It spreads idle clones among all mights which have not reached next at.
  • Added a new challenge, Road to Infinity. This challenge is unlocked after you killed at least P.Baal V10 in a Day Baal Challenge and will unlock a new tab. It is basically the same as a DBC, but you have one week to finish it instead of a day (you can manually finish it sooner, with a minium time of 48 hours, but reaching a higher P.Baal is likely better). The higher you go, the better the boosts from the new tab. If you have all UBC bonuses and manage to reach further than P.Baal V138 within the RTI challenge, the limit will increase to highest P.Baal reached +10. This means if you reach V147, which is currently the max P.Baal, you can reach V157 after that and do another RTI to V157 to reach V167 and so on. Because the game is limited to numbers until E+308, after you beat V147, the game will divide your stats through 100 and the P.Baal increases to V148, if you beat it again, it will divide your stats through 100 again, this continues until you reached your new max P.Baal.
  • Added Seed (Yggdrasil) as a new pet which can be unlocked with RTI and Tanuki as a new token pet.
  • Reworked the tiers for pet campaigns a bit. Now the gain from all but gp and item campaign (they stay unchanged) is better for pets than before.
  • Overflow challenges give now 1 chp each.
  • Pets will now auto vaccinate after you unlock it as long as you have a vaccine.
  • Added highscores for fastest time to defeat ITRTGV4 and highest god in RTI (Steam and Kong).
  • Added a unequp all button to the inventory.
  • Added 3 new chp buys. One to lower the timers for UBV4s, one to increase the leveling speed of Spacedim, one to save up more tries for challenge dungeons.
  • Added a new tab, ∞. This tab is unlocked after you finished at least one RTI challenge and you will be able get temporary and permanent boosts to a lot of the stats ingame. You can increase the boosts by letting pets work on this tap depending on their class and class level. At the beginning you have 2 slots for pets, which can be upgraded up to 8 (1 for each class) with either pet stones and levels from this tab or purchases (~5 USD per slot). The boost you get from this tab has a startup time after rebirthing. It starts at 0%, increases by 1% every minute up to 100%. After rebirthing, the levels you got will be converted to permanent levels (0 - 300%) depending on your rebirth time.
  • Reworked the purchase page a bit. It is now split in normal, permanent, special and usable purchases so there is less scrolling needed. Purchases for Godly Liquid and Chakra Pill now receive bonus depending on your % from the purchase page. You can now also purchase chocolate.
  • Added a growing purchase for ~10 USD. The reward you get from it starts out low but grows the more you play the game. Each campaign, each dungeon, each UBV2, UBV4 you do will increase the output until it will be by far the best purchase, but it grows slower after a month and when you purchase it, it starts again from the beginning. It is unlocked after you finished your first UBC and you can get it once a month at most (not purchaseable from within gp reset challenges).

Changes for Version 3.37.1145 (2020-06-28)[edit | edit source]

  • The dungeon result shows now how much items you gained from events (including gp, growth and pet stones) and from the base dungeon separate.
  • Fixed some bugs (offline might with preset might, equip > SSS quality was possible with the auto reforge but not intended so reverted to SSS, sometimes wrong pets got an equip after crafting, which is hopefully fixed now).

Changes for Version 3.37.1144 (2020-06-23)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug with offline might and some typos.

Changes for Version 3.37.1143 (2020-06-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a summer event. The event will start at june 23rd and lasts for 14 days. While the event is active, there is a new beach campaign where you will find sand. You can trade sand for a pet token, pet stones and some other things.
  • The easier rebirth page has now also the option to buy pet stones with baal power.
  • Unlocking the div gen will now auto add the clones used for ToG to build the div gen.
  • The manual save timer is now synced with the daily free draw timer. This means the button will now turn yellow after you get the daily free draw.
  • Added a new pet: Beach Ball. The ball has bonus for all campaigns depending on the amount of pet stones you have.
  • You can now auto reforge up to SSS if you have enough materials. For SSS input the number 9, each lower grade is one number lower.
  • The progressbar for enchanting equip shows now the number of enchants the item has.
  • Fixed a few bugs (creating stat if CC is above max int in NDCs, offline calc monuments, some dungeon events, some tooltips and exploits)

Changes for Version 3.361141 (2020-05-30)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue with loading on android if the clipboard didn't contain your save. Now there are 2 different buttons for loading. One which loads from the internal save like before and one who loads from the clipboard.

Changes for Version 3.36.1140 (2020-05-29)[edit | edit source]

  • (Android) Added a save to clipboard button will copy the save to your clipboard. This means you can back it up additionally locally. The export button for the dungeon logs and the stats will now also copy it to your clipboard instead of an email (which didn't work in some cases). In the settings, there is now also an export option to export and import your next at settings to and from your clipboard.
  • Clicking on a pet on the crafting page will now go to its details.
  • You can now sort equipment by type (weapon, armor, accessory) in the inventory.
  • The tooltip for prerequisite creations shows now additionally to the CC also what you need for the current next at value.
  • When you start a gp reset challenge, the keep minumum god power is set to 0 now and reverted to the previous challenge after finishing it.
  • Added timers for pet growth, pet stones and might in the statistics page, similar to the gp and cp.
  • Added the kill count of UBsV4 and the points from UBsV4 to the statistics page.
  • Added a button with the discord link to the FAQ page.
  • You can now change equip for crafters while they are crafting, just not equip anything which gives a crafting related boost.
  • Fixed a few bugs (issues after killing ITRTGV4, creation speed bonus from OFPs, evo bonus from book, some initialization and display issues).

Changes for Version 3.35.1137 (2020-05-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Made the delay for the card battle framerate independend. This means a lower delay for everyone who uses a lower framerate than 30 for the card battle. For people who have > 50 cards, the delay is further reduced by half.
  • Added a button to the afk page to turn the whole screen black. This further reduces cpu usage, especially for android users and prevents screen burn.
  • Added an button to upgrade all modules for the crystal factory by 1 level at once. Added an button to equip all and an button to max all. People who have the easier rebirth CHP upgrade also get an button which does unequip, max all and equip all at once.
  • Added a yellow warning if you have Shadow Clones added to V4 fights but no fight is starting.
  • Added an extra reward for completing all 50 No Divinity Challenges: Worker clones can carry 50% more stones.
  • You can now click a pet on the campaign page to go to its detail view.
  • You can now see the duration of a might unleash on the god page without the need to look at the tooltip.
  • Removed the full screen info after rebirthing about how many god power you got from Black Hole upgrades. Instead the rebirth page will show it before rebirthing.
  • Tooltips for time left until level up have how commas for higher clone numbers.
  • Fixed an issue where a card battle counted as more than one battle and some elements which didn't update the text correctly.

Changes for Version 3.34.1136 (2020-05-05)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a checkbox for editing the cards to see it easier which card are in the deck, added a slight delay before a combo happens, cards are now ordered by combined stats in the edit deck page.
  • Fixed a few issues (auto add clones for fights, sorry last fix made it worse but now it should work better, Level button for crystal factory, a few tooltips and info texts which werent't updating right)

Changes for Version 3.34.1133 (2020-05-04)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an exploit and a few issues with the card game. The combo is now limited to one tier. This means a card which was won after a combo doesn't combo again.

Changes for Version 3.34.1132 (2020-05-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a card game for the afky page. In this game you use pet cards, they have each 4 numbers, one for left, top, right and bottom. You put a card into a 3 x 3 field, then an opponent (one of the gods which each uses different cards) and if it is placed to an opponent card with a lower number on the same side it will turn into a card of his color. When all 9 spots in the field are placed the one with the most cards in his color wins. It is basically Triple Triad from FF8 with pet cards. This is mostly a mini game for bored people and doesn't depend on the main game. But you can earn some extra pet food with it.
  • Food campagins now get a boost of 1% each pet you own. So if someone owns all 58 pets, food campaigns will yield 58% more pet food.
  • Added buttons on the crystal factory page to max the level of all modules and to add clones to all modules at once.
  • Overflow points per challenge is now capped at 500. Mostly to prevent a very high amount of points for people who use divinity doublers for weeks and then get a massive amount of universes. This change is retroactive. So if anyone got more than 500 per challenge at average will have it reduced.
  • It is now possible to buy the ad point purchases for stats 20 times at once so people who want to max them in long challenges need less clicks.
  • The premium page shows now how many ads you have watched this day.
  • Improved the elemental stats for neutral equip a bit.
  • SpaceDim tab is now always visible as long as your strongest god defeated is > V4.
  • The tooltip for the stop unleash button on the god page shows now the shortest duration left. The unleash might button shows how long the longest cooldown is.

- The tooltip for powersurge+ and clones on divinity shows now the clones needed for the cap.

  • Fixed a few bugs (auto add clones for fights, pet changing for the avatar after unlocking a new one (I had to rewrite the code here so you might have a wrong pet just after this update one time only), freeze and sleep for dungeons, pets showing they are in a campaign if they are not, some typos, outdated descriptions and other small issues)

Changes for Version 3.33.1124 (2020-04-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the story chapter for Zeus.
  • Added an easter event. While the event is active, there is a new Egg hunt campaign where your pets can find easter eggs, chocolate and pet stones. You can trade easter eggs for one pet token and the usual event things. The event won't start as soon as you update as usual, instead it will start automatically in about 3 days so players who get the update later won't have a disadvantage. You can see a timer when it will start and it will last for 14 days after that. If you still had some toilet paper left over it was auto converted to pet stones.
  • Added a new pet, Fire Fox. It is fire element and can become a good blacksmith.
  • You can now buy Mighty Food for 10 petstones each.
  • The cap button for powersurge shows now how many clones you need.
  • Fixed some bugs (vaccinate button showing up on vaccinated pets, Black Hole ugprades from OFPs)

Changes for Version 3.32.1123 (2020-03-28)[edit | edit source]

  • The until boss button is now also available when you start a dungeon.
  • Showed a bit more info about how overflow points are calculated when you click finish in the challenge and they show now a more accurate number rather than the rounded one.
  • The tooltip on the div gen page for 'Cap' and 'Cap Max' shows not the number of clones needed.
  • The offline blackhole gp gain is now capped at 12 hours of offline time and not a set value anymore.
  • The tooltip timer for Lucky Draws will now continue after the first day if you don't claim it.
  • Fixed a few bugs (OC in UCC, Gem Cap, hidden vaccinate button, some typos, tooltips, some exploits).

Changes for Version 3.32.1121 (2020-03-24)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug with clones not adjustable and Vaccina not being evolvable.

Changes for Version 3.32.1120 (2020-03-22)[edit | edit source]

  • The change for the crystals was too powerful for shorter rebirths and basically doubled the crystal power you gained in rebirths < 2 hours. To balance that, upgrading will now will give you at best 1 crystal less then you had before.

Changes for Version 3.32.1118 (2020-03-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Some people said that the Overflow Challenge is not limited and has a cap of 9999 in game. Well I don't expect anyone to really reach 9999 completions of that challenge and even if someone does, you could still do more for more overflow points, it is mostly for display space reasons. But if there is really someone patient enough and actually caps this challenge to 9999, I will add a special reward for him and add an Overflow Challenge V2.
  • Crystals in the crystal can now non decimal values. This means if you upgrade 2 crystals with 95% chance, you will have 1.9 crystals of the next tier and there is no leftover, so no loss from upgrading any more. That also removed the need of the upgrade opt and upgrade keep buttons, so I removed them.
  • Fixed a bug which let you lose Overflow Point upgrades after rebirthing. I also made them a bit cheaper.
  • For linux you can drag the scrollbars with the mouse because mouse scrolling doesn't work with the current Unity engine. Because not everyone likes that you can disable this now in the settings.

Changes for Version 3.32.1117 (2020-03-21)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a new event: For the next 2 weeks you can find toilet paper in Item Campaigns (1 per hour per pet in the campaign, people with less than 10 total pets will find more). You can trade toilet paper for one Pet Token, chocolate, T3 materials or Pet Stones.
  • Some people are out of Challenges again so I added an Overflow Challenge. This challenge has no cap and you can do it as often as you want. It is like a normal rebirth and you get points depending on how good you have at the end (minimum time 6 hours). With the points you can buy things, similar to challenge points but not limited. It is unlocked after you have defeated your first Planet Eater V4.
  • Added 2 new pets. They have to do with the current virus around the world and not everyone wants that, so they are hidden by default. You can manually make them visible by typing the right word in the settings page (see tooltip).
  • Next at for SpaceDim elements should go to the top now if you reach a non unlocked element.
  • Added a button to set the time for restarting a dungeon to the boss room. D3 dungeons now need only 30 rooms for the boss.
  • Fixed a few bugs.

Changes for Version 3.31.1112 (2020-02-28)[edit | edit source]

  • The dungeon page shows now the overview data on the progress bar instead of the name after it started
  • The setting for creations to update your CC after equipping a crystal now also works for Matter Compiler from SpaceDim
  • Fixed bugs (Autokill PEV2 Ghost might, import next at for shadow clones (for exports previously you need to manually add the one for shadow clones), crystal check if starting a challenge, achievements for creations, damage calculation for the UBV4 fights (damage reduction only affected pierce), keeping title after UBV2 fights, BHChan was evolvable with a token (people who evolved it with a token got it back and BHChan is unevolved), some typos, tooltip descriptions, exploits and other small issues).

Changes for Version 3.31.1107 (2020-02-13)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue for people with negative clones from UBV4 fights in version 1104, the speed influence on piercing for UBV4 fights has not a minimum of 0, which prevents assassins to do negative damage with low speed, Light Clones not going back to level up SpaceDim after beating ITRTGV4, Crystal warning on rebirth, Crystal Power bonus from UCCs.
  • Removed the tooltip on Chocobear which still showed the unlock condition from last year. That was wrong, you can unlock it with 3000 choco berries this year. That should be easy to get even with almost no campaigns, but people with less than 10 pets also get more choco berries from the factory.

Changes for Version 3.31.1106 (2020-02-11)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed some UBV4 bugs and exploits.

Changes for Version 3.31.1104 (2020-02-11)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a valentines event. In this event, people who don't have the choco bear can get it for free. People who have it already can improve it for better campaign bonuses. To do that, you will receive choco strawberries from the daily draw and from food campaigns. Food campaigns are renamed to choco factory for that event and also let your pets get chocolate from it with the same rate as mighty food.
  • Added a new challenge: No Divinity Monument Challenge. A challenge that embraces the DNDC creation overflow mechanics. Goal is to have a specific monument with a given level and upgrade level while only using creations you manually make. The reward will reduce the divinity cost of creations and the 21st challenge will reduce the time needed for leveling monuments.
  • For UBV4 fights, your pets will now also use Speed, HP and Elements into the calculation. Combined total speed ^0.4-30 is added to the defense penetration for assasins, the hp of your clones is multiplied with (70 + total combined hp^0.4) / 100 and the mage attack is multiplied with (70 + total combined elements^0.4) / 100. This basically means if the combined hp, speed and elements of your pets in UBV4 each have a value > 5000 you are better than before.
  • Added an alchemist cape. This is not forgeable but you can get it from spending 2000 level 1 gems of each element. An alchemist who has it equipped can forge T3 materials.
  • Reduced the points needed to evolve Black Hole Chan from 1500 to 1000. It also now has an additional evo bonus depending on your fastest time to defeat ITRTGV4 of (1.3 million seconds - time in seconds needed)^0.3-30 as campaign bonus and twice as much as bonus for all elements.
  • Added a button: 'Show stats' to the UBV4 page. This will calculate the current stats of your light clones with pets and the V4 target and show them without the need to start the fight.
  • Fixed bugs

Changes for Version 3.30.1100 (2020-02-04)[edit | edit source]

  • Not everyone liked the change for the Light Clones on UBV4s so you can now switch between manual mode to set them manually and auto to use the maximum you have.
  • The alert for idle pets is now yellow with a lower priority.
  • Rebirthing will now only show a single yes / no dialog instead of asking for every thing you might need to check. Instead it shows an overview of things which might be missing. It only shows a second yes / no dialog for reset challenges.
  • Added a chp buy to be able to buy food, light clones, feed pets and max crystals on the new rebirth page.
  • The chp reward of all the day challenges is now capped at 333.
  • Also a few small fixes.

Changes for Version 3.29.1099 (2020-02-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Dimension Beamer now also increases the damage your mages do against shields.
  • UBV4 battles now use all Light Clones you have but Spacedim won't progress if an UBV4 fight is started.
  • Tooltips on pets on the UBV4 page show now only stats which are relevant for UBV4 fights.
  • Added a next at for Shadow clones. Only works of 'Create Clones if not max' is turned off.
  • The Alert button gives now an alert if you have at least one pet which is doing nothing.
  • Fixed a few bugs (text issues, UAC reward issue, small things)

Changes for Version 3.29.1097 (2020-02-02)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a few mostly UBV4 related bugs.
  • Leveling Mystic Regen+ on might will now increase the healpower of your supporters in UBV4 fights.
  • Added color coding for the UBV4 unlock conditions and improved some tooltips and infos about it.

Changes for Version 3.29.1096 (2020-02-01)[edit | edit source]

  • Added Ultimate Beings V4. They are more for endgame players who can easily reach P.Baal V50 and have good pets and many clones.
  • Added a new Pet, Black Hole Chan. You can unlock this pet if you

defeat the first Ultimate Being V4. It becomes stronger the more you defeat.

  • Added a timer for Light Clones / hour. All X / hour timers now count both offline and online time.
  • Added a highscore for Light Clones.
  • The calculations for pet leveling is now done only twice a second

instead of 33 times to reduce lag. Improved the calculation here that multiple shadow clones can be killed in the new one half second tick. This means people with overflow might level their pets a bit faster now, people without it, and higher growth pets, slower. And the heavy lag on rebirth with many pets should be gone.

  • Zaratans in D3 water dungeons have now lower def.
  • A few bugfixes (event failure used up items, offline calc, Avatar,

God power page and similar stayed open when a shortcud was used, a few small things) and typo fixes.

Changes for Version 3.28.1093 (2020-01-19)[edit | edit source]

  • Newer people often have trouble to understand the divinity generator

so I added an info page for the divinity generator which explains it a bit more.

  • When I added the Fill2 button for the divinity generator, I forgot

to double the cost and now everyone is already accustomized to the Fill2 button with the normal cost and the Fill button is never used, so I removed the Fill button and renamed the Fill2 button to Fill.

  • The Patreon T4 bonus for pet free exp was considered a bit too weak

so I increased it from 5% to 10%. The Baal Power reward is now rounded up for values above x.5.

  • Reset button for light clones is now hidden if the cost is less than 2.
  • Bugfixes (Powersurge offline, title after rebirth, some dungeon

logs, some typos, crafting selected prerequesite and some small issues)

Changes for Version 3.28.1092 (2020-01-16)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug on the offline calculation and an issue which resetted

the game on the very first rebirth if you didn't restart it at least once.

Changes for Version 3.28.1091 (2020-01-16)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a cancel button for change title and a toggle which lets you

automatically get the title from the god you defeat like before.

  • Added an exit button for the character select, shortcuts/menu, and

patreon pages because some people were confused about how to close them.

  • You can now manually select the required equipment for forging.
  • You can now see which boost a T4 patreon gives you.
  • Rebirth bacon was a bit exploitable, so now you will only keep the

current hunger if the rebirth takes longer than might unlock. For pandora the hunger will always reset to full.

  • Some bugfixes (Afky page, dungeon summary for food, empty title selection).

Changes for Version 3.28.1090 (2020-01-14)[edit | edit source]

  • Added boosts from patreons and a link to my new patreon. I never

used patreon before and wanted to test it because once in a while I get asked about it from some players. It is by no means required but a patreon supporter helps me to develop this and future games, and also can influence it a bit.

  • The afky campaign multi uses now the max afky power instead of the current for people who didn't use the token.
  • The afky page shows now the exp multiplier on the page.
  • Pets who are in dungeons with rebirth bacon will now keep their current hunger bar.
  • The game gives you now a hint if you load a save from a newer

version (can happen if you switch platforms) because it is possible to lose things if you do that.

  • It is now possible to manually change the title of your god.
  • Added 'Activity', who lists pet in the order of Dungeon, Crafting, Campaign, Idle as a new sorting order.
  • The dungeon summary shows now how many items were used.
  • Fixed a few bugs (another bug for UBV2Cs, autokill after 10 UBV2Cs,

refill rebirth bacon, crafting setting for hours, tooltip issues).

Changes for Version 3.27.1089 (2020-01-11)[edit | edit source]

  • Tooltip on unleash on the god page and usable skills in the might page shows now the combined attack power, mystic and regen.
  • Tooltip for UBs show now how much divinity you gain after defeating it.
  • The alert button gives now a warning if you have 8 or more dungeon

challenges unused for people with more than 100 total dungeon levels.

  • Added higher god power purchases for people with lots of god power.
  • Fixed a bug with the damage calculations in UBV2 Challenges and a

bug with class changing without token, some typos and tooltip issues.

Changes for Version 3.27.1086 (2020-01-09)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed might tab unlock for the new ui, a wrong timer for time till clones maxed in some cases.

Changes for Version 3.27.1085 (2020-01-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an exploit for UBV2Cs 11 and higher. People who finished more than 10 on version 1084 have them removed.
  • Fixed an offline issue for monuments.

Changes for Version 3.27.1084 (2020-01-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Added 2 new challenges, both are more for endgame players.
  • Ultimate Beings V2 Challenge: Normal rebirth, maxed at 10, goal is to defeat ITRTGV2. In this challenge, the UBV2s are harder after each challenge finished and they will always get 2 actions per turn. Reward

is more multiplier from defeating UBVs2 (after might unlock) and with a high enough attack+ might you will auto kill them with no need to do them manually anymore. This challenge is unlocked after you have at least 5 million clones. But you might also want a good CS and at best maxed out our 1KCs first. You can do that challenge more than 10 times for even harder UBV2s and extra god power, but the other reward is capped at 10.

  • SpaceDim Challenge: Normal rebirth, maxed at 20, goal is to level up one relevant spacedim element to level 100 x (1 + challenges finished). The relevant element starts at the V5 one and ends at the V100 one. Reward is faster leveling of spacedim elements and a higher cap of them. This challenge is unlocked after you have at least 10k light clones.
  • Changed otter feeding rewards a bit so it is less rng to get nothing. The average amount is still the same as before.
  • Improved equip forging a bit to make it less confusing for newer players.
  • Rebirthing will now automatically click max power for afky. It is

now possible to use one pet token for the afky pet to max out his campaign bonuses independend of the afky game. This means you can have his max campaign bonuses without the need to play the afky game.

  • Supporters in dungeons can now heal in the same turn even after all enemies are killed.
  • Lucky draws use now also the gp bonus from the purchase page for gp drops.
  • Fixed a few bugs (offline calc div gen unlock, training next at, rounding issue for UBV2 damage calculation, 1 BP buy for spacedim, other

small issues) and typos like usual.

Changes for Version 3.26.1083 (2019-12-23)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an exploit, some tooltip errors and -1 on locked spacedim elements.

Changes for Version 3.26.1082 (2019-12-21)[edit | edit source]

  • Moved the reset button to the settings page because some people misclicked on it.
  • Added option to buy 1 Light Clone.
  • Fixed lots of small bugs and issues (typos, wrong descriptions, healing in dungeons, party dungeon issues, Spacedim issues, missing stickman).

Changes for Version 3.26.1080 (2019-12-20)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a christmas event. For the next 2 weeks you will receive from

the daily free draw 2 draws, 5 chocolate, and 250 snowflakes. You can also receive snowflakes from challenge dungeons (capped at a total of 12000). You can trade your snowflakes for 1 pet token, pet stones, chocolate or dungeon T3 materials.

  • Added Santa as a new pet. You can trade her nothing for chocolate.
  • Added a new Tab: SpaceDim (for advanced players). It unlocks after you defeat P.Baal V 5. There you can buy Light Clones with Baal Power and use them to level up different things to improve your stats and

rewards for various things ingame. Every new 5 P.Baals you defeat a new element to level up appears. This and their levels will reset on rebirth but you keep the light clones so it becomes easier the more often you unlock it.

  • Pets which can be unlocked via gods are now unlocked automatically with an unlock info to make it easier to notice for newer players.
  • You can now select an upgrade target for gems.
  • Added an option to auto move to the next monument after one is built until the div gen is unlocked.
  • Tooltips for monuments show now how much stats they give compared to all other monuments.
  • The tooltip above your clones shows now how long it takes until maxed (if you create clones).
  • Supporters in dungeons will now also heal if it heals over the max hp of the target, if the target has less than 60% hp. The % based part

of the heal is now capped at 20%.

  • It is now possible to have up to 8 dungeon item slots.
  • Crafting time for embedding gems is now independend on tier of the equip.
  • The afk page shows now the powerlevel of the next god.
  • Fixed a few bugs, typos, cap for powersurge, gem images, some rounding issues.

Changes for Version 3.25.1077 (2019-11-25)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an exploit with gems, some missing/wrong gem icons and food refill with auto refill.

Changes for Version 3.25.1075 (2019-11-25)[edit | edit source]

  • Please make sure to spend your candies before the Christmas event because they will be removed with that event.
  • Added upgrading of gems. You can now upgrade your gems up to a max level of 15.
  • Added embeding of gems into equipment. Your blacksmiths can now

embed a gem into equipment. Neutral gems increase elemental stats, fire increases attack, water increases hp, earth increases defense and wind increases speed of an equipment. The increase can be between 1% (lv 1 gem on T1 equip) and 45% (lv 15 gem on T3 equip). You can remove gems from an equipment but then they will lose 1 level. If you forge a higher tier of an equipment and the lower tier has a gem embedded, the higher tier equip will keep the gem with the same level.

  • Added a Challenge points upgrade to auto refill dungeon items if you have them available.
  • Added a Challenge points upgrade to remove the level loss of gems after you remove it from equipments.
  • You can now unlock a fourth dungeon party slot. It costs 2000 level 1 gems of each element.
  • Forging a higher tier equipment will now keep half of the enchantments if the lower tier equipment had some.
  • Bugfixes: some typos, auto select for gp campaigns with nightmare, shift r opens to dungeon page.

Changes for Version 3.24.1071 (2019-11-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a few issues with the new tabs being locked and a few tooltip issues.

Changes for Version 3.24.1070 (2019-11-14)[edit | edit source]

  • Made the game a bit easier for new players. Added a short info text

for most things when something new unlocks and new players will now get 4 times as much stats within the first 24 hours the game is open.

  • Added new Tab-Buttons. They are icons now and you can see all pages

at once. This means you need less clicks overall but might need to get acustomized to the icons instead of text. If you don't like that, you can also still use the old button tabs if you disable the new buttons in the settings. The shortcuts are now changed to reflect the new ui buttons.

  • The game asks you now if you want to do an offline calculation while

you are in a day challenge because some people don't want that and forget to disable it before they start the game.

  • Fixed a few bugs (import dungeon teams, reaching the last baal

didn't give the avatar icon, speed/damage calculation depending if a pet is in front or back, canceling crafting didn't return the item to their owner, defender hp/damage mitigation for high class levels, max value for editing clone buttons, bh+ might initialization)

Changes for Version 3.23.1067 (2019-10-29)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug that loading a local save didn't give offline progress

and a bug which didn't reduce defense from ghost and def break weapons as much as it should.

Changes for Version 3.23.1066 (2019-10-28)[edit | edit source]

  • To make the halloween event a bit easier for new players, players

who have 10 or less unlocked pets will now receive twice, and players with 5 or less pets unlocked thrice as much candies from food campaigns.

  • Increased the gems you gain from dungeon challenges by a lot.
  • Fixed a bug with afky god animations.

Changes for Version 3.23.1065 (2019-10-27)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a few bugs: challenge dungeons tries resetted back to 10 after

rebirthing. Because of this I had to reset your gems and gave back the 10 challenge tries; forging for higher tier equip was bugged; some ui typos.

Changes for Version 3.23.1064 (2019-10-27)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a Halloween event. For the next 14 days you can find candies

in dungeons and in food campaigns. You can trade your candies for 1 pet token and additionally dungeon materials.

  • Added 4 new pets: Valkyrie (P.Baal V45, Defender), Lucky Coin

(P.Baal V 77, Assassin, does extra damage in dungeons and finds extra loot after evolving), Nightmare (Token, Adventurer, uncaps God Power campaigns, has a huge campaign bonus but decreases the bonus of other pets in the same campaign), Otter (Token, Adventurer, gives you dungeon materials after feeding).

  • Added the story chapter for Susano O.
  • Added Dungeon challenges. They are currently in beta and can still

change depending on player feedback. You get 3 entries every day from gtting your free lucky draw. You can save up to 10 entries in case you don't have time to do them in one day. You will use a separate pet party for them and they are completed instantly when you start them. From completing a dungeon challenge you will receive gems and get points to compare your score, see your improvements and so on.

  • Added gems. Currently they have no use yet, but on a future update

you will be able to socket them into pet equip for improved stats. The amount you get is also still in beta and subject to change.

  • Some people wanted more afky fire options, others not at all so I

added 21 new options of what he shoots and the option to hide it all.

  • Improved the Daily Packs a bit. They give now additionally 3 x 3

growth for each pet you own and highest god defeated / 10 more god power.

  • Added dungeon materials to the drop list of Lucky Draws. They have

now a chance of giving 20 of each dungeon T1 materials, 5 of each T2 materials, or 2 of each T3 material. They can only drop if you have at least one blacksmith.

  • Rearanged the info for the offline calculation so you see the god power earned first.
  • You can now disable shortcuts on the "?" page in case the platform you play at has issues with them.
  • Fixed some bugs (leeching swords, evo bonus book, clone count

settings in 1KC, some typos, crafting evo bonus, supporter damage reduction also reduced your own damage)

Changes for Version 3.22.1054 (2019-09-07)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the green color bug on selecting pets for campaigns.
  • Added a way to customize the clone buttons. You can do so on the train physical page.
  • Changed the way hate all for campaings work. Now it will still be auto selected for the favourite campaign.
  • You can now input how many hours you want the crafting to take for the alchemist and the game calculates how many you can craft in that time.
  • The buttons for afky god are now green if you can afford the upgrade.
  • Fixed a few exploits and some dungeon d3 bugs. Also reduced the power of heal all of enemies.

Changes for Version 3.21.1051 (2019-08-27)[edit | edit source]

  • MMCs were exploitable and instantly finished after you finished 40 of them. People who finished more than 40 have their MMCs reset to 40 now and the extra gp gained from them is removed.
  • Alchemits have now a speed bonus of 10% if they craft an item of their own element.
  • Some slight ui improvements.
  • Some bugfixes (an item was randomly equipped to more than one pet, CBC finish condition, PBC reward before UCC).

Changes for Version 3.20.1048 (2019-08-18)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a rebirth bacon. You can either create it with alchemists or buy it with pet stones. If a dungeon party has it equipped it it won't leave the dungeon when you rebirth.
  • Added a new challenge: Monument Multi Challenge. This is like a normal rebirth and you need to get a set multiplier from monuments. This is mostly a challenge for newer players and quite easy to do. The difficulty increases after each one finished and the last one is a bit harder than a black hole challenge.
  • Added sort order for class level.
  • Planet is now available in CBCs, it should be possible to finish CPCs now without rebirthing.
  • A few small ui improvements.
  • Fixed some small bugs (chakra pill offline, last might offline, undine attacks, new weapon with ghost in the same team, changing class of a crafter, one exploit).

Changes for Version 3.19.1044 (2019-08-07)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a new wind weapon you can forge. This weapon can decrease the defense of enemies you hit it with. This should make especially bosses a bit easier. Also reduced the healing power of bosses a bit more.
  • Made it easier to see elemental values and enchantments of equip.
  • Equips which are currently in crafting are now shown in the inventory.
  • The tooltip for crafters shows now how much exp they get per hour instead of a percent value from a base value which was not shown. Total Growth of a pet increases exp they get from crafting / adventure. How exactly is now written in the dungeon FAQ page.
  • Added a setting which will automatically save your dungeon logs (Kartridge and Steam only).
  • Fixed a few bugs (Anteater smithing boost, Offline calc for Might, a few typos, a few exploits, loading a manual save (Kartridge)).

Changes for Version 3.18.1042 (2019-07-25)[edit | edit source]

  • Sorry there were problems with my hoster which caused online saving / loading to fail. The hoster just blocked access to the database without warning and so players or me are unable to get the saves now, which means they are lost.
  • I moved to a new (hopefully better) hoster now and online saving / loading should work again on database from the new hoster.
  • Because the online saves are mostly only a backup and the game usually uses local save, players shouldn't have lost their saves and be able to play as usual. If you somehow lost your save now, I still have backups which are ~1 day old. Luckly I saved them on a different hoster, so they are still available. I added a button to the info page "Load * Backup". This loads the still available online backup in case you lost your save.

Changes for Version 3.16.1039 (2019-07-18)[edit | edit source]

  • Changed the Unity version to 2018.3.14f1 now.
  • You can now cancel might unleash.
  • Tooltips for pets and dungeon enemies show now average number of actions per turn. Enemies also show their skill name.
  • Changed to order of dungeons so Mountain is second to last and Forest last. Mostly to fit into elemental advantages so upper element is good against lower element. Also added element icons and the tooltips shows what is good against each element.
  • Fixed some typos, descriptions and bugs (missing scrollbar for equip, chakra pills, godly liquid v1, heal power of supporter specialists, restart room number after NRDCs, not finishable dungeon in some cases).

Changes for Version 3.16.1034 (2019-07-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Reverted to an older Unity version for WebGl because the new version seemed to cause a lot of lag.

Changes for Version 3.15.1028 (2019-06-28)[edit | edit source]

  • Added 4 more pets: Frog (Supporter, unlocked by defeating Suijin), Bee (Alchemist, unlocked by defeating Diana), Anteater (Blacksmith, unlocked by farming ants in dungeons, ants are a new drop), Elephant (Defender, unlockable with a Token).
  • Because speed was still an underwhelming stat in dungeons, it can now give your pets (and monsters) multiple actions per turn. Each speed gives 0.2% chance for an extra action. If a pet has more than 500 speed, it gives 2 actions and 0.1% for each speed above 500 chance for a third action. That should make wind gear a bit more interesting.

Added a new challenge: No Rebirth Dungeon Challenge. It is like a double rebirth and similar to an Ultimate Pet Challenge, but instead of pet pills from campaigns, your pets grow stronger when defeating dungeon bosses.

  • It is now possible to drain experience from your pets and add to a free experience pool. You can give this to other pet. It is not something you want to do often, but might be useful if you have a dungeon pet and decide to use a new pet instead. It will cost 25 god power and half of the drained experience is lost. Dungeon enemies will now give 5% exp to the exp pool additionaly to the normally gained experience.
  • Also a few bugfixes and slight improvements.

Changes for Version 3.14.1016 (2019-05-19)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the story chapter for Athena.
  • It was possible that you never fought a boss in the dungeons if the traps appeared badly and you didn't counter them. Now the bosses will always appear in room 6 (d1), 16 (d2) and 32 (d3) independent on how many total rooms you have.
  • When creating a higher tier equip, it will now start with half of the upgrades of the used equipment.
  • Increased the crafting speed of upgrades by 20%.
  • Changed the balancing of defenders. Now the class skills doesn't give a bonus to defense anymore, instead a defender will take damage for other pets if they are attacked. The base for that is 10% + Class level. This means if a mage is attacked and you have a class level 10 defender, then the mage would only take 80% of the actual damage and the defender the other 20%. If the party has 2 defenders, the first one takes 20%, the other one 20% of the remaining 80% and the mage only 64%. After reaching class level 25, this won't increase anymore, instead the defender gets 1% more max hp. For example a class level 30 defender would have 35% damage absorb and 105% hp.
  • Potions and supporters will now only heal half as much as a base, but additionally a percentage of the pets health. Example, the normal potion used to heal 100 hp. Now it will heal 50 + 5% of max hp.
  • Finishing all UCCs will increase the cap of P.Baal Challenges to 50 and the cap of NRCs to 25 from now on. For NRCs after 20 you need to defeat P.Baals.
  • Highscores for Afky power, multi and clones killed are now log2(value) * 10,000.
  • Fixed a few bugs (offline monument cost, ape evo, feed pets if favourite is not available, lucky draws after ubc not openable, TMC bonus worked in UAC and shoudn't, typos, dungeon log and small things I forgot about)

Changes for Version 3.13.1004 (2019-04-20)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a few bugs (connecting saves, alert button, creation tooltip, evo bonus donut, bugs in the dungeon calculation, typos).
  • Added input fields for dungeon duration and difficulty.

Saved difficulty settings for each dungeon team.

Changes for Version 3.12.1002 (2019-04-16)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug which could stop your game ticks from the offline progress and some clicks which led into emptiness.

Changes for Version 3.12.1001 (2019-04-16)[edit | edit source]

  • For the next 2 weeks your pets can find easter eggs in food campaigns. The chance is the same as finding mighty food. Make sure that the campaign is renamed to Easter Garden before you finish it (requires internet). You can trade either every 10 eggs for 3 chocolate or each egg for 300 pet stones.
  • Pets have now their own main tab.
  • The jump from dungeon depth 1 to 2 and then 3 is really high, so I added difficulties for each depth. You can adjust the difficulty for stronger monsters and more exp and drops.
  • Summoned monsters in dungeons now have only half hp to make dungeons with summoners a bit easier.
  • Because 2 mages with fire equip could pretty much solo most dungeons without defender or supporter, the enemies in depth 2 have now a 50% (depth 3 will be 100%, but it is not really implemented yet) chance to ambush you. This means they attack first in the first turn. For balanced teams this shouldn't make it harder, only for teams which didn't use a supporter and/or defender.
  • Improved the RNG a bit because in some cases it didn't reset and you got the same results over and over.
  • Crafters will receive now an 50% exp bonus of their crafting speed.
  • Blacksmiths will receive now a 10% bonus to speed and quality when they forge a weapon with the same element.
  • Added depth 3 for all elemental dungeons.
  • It is now not possible anymore to change equip of pets in dungeons. Your crafters can still upgrade it, though.
  • Also a few bugfixes like usual.

Changes for Version 3.11.995 (2019-04-05)[edit | edit source]

  • Some bugfixes, mostly that upgraded equip without an owner was equipped to a wrong pet, even if it was locked.

Changes for Version 3.10.994 (2019-04-03)[edit | edit source]

  • If you upgrade something, it will now auto-equip the pet who had it equipped before.
  • When you upgrade or enchant an equipment, there is now an onputfield where you can set a number. If your materials are enough, your Blacksmith or Alchemist will automatically start a new upgrade until the number is reached.
  • Fixed a few bugs.

Changes for Version 3.09.990 (2019-04-01)[edit | edit source]

  • Happy April Fools day, but don't worry, the game won't fool you.
  • Added a new Pet "Undine". She is a bit special and really powerful. Have fun!

Added buttons to clear a dungeon party and to auto add the pets with the highest dungeon levels.

  • Added a speed multiplier for dungeon damage. If an attacker has more speed than the target, it will deal half of the difference as defense ignoring extra damage.
  • Supporters will now always heal.
  • Added a new Steam achievement: Do more than 100% damage to ITRTGV2 without killing it. You can repeat this every rebirth and ITRTGV2 will drop an extra 20 God Power if you achieve that.
  • Added a new challenge: Total Might Challenge. It is like a normal rebirth and you end it once you obtain 5k - 30k amount of total might. This challenge will reduce your total might to 0 after you start it, but you will get it back after you finish it. Maxed at 25 challenges. Each challenge completed increases the power of your total might by 2%. This doubles once you complete all 25.
  • Added a new highscore: Total Multiplier (without GP doublers) as log2(value) * 100.
  • Fixed a few bugs.

== Changes for Version 3.08.982 (2019-03-09)

  • You can now set the number of rooms for dungeons instead of hours. Each room is 15 minutes. This means you can do shorter runs, or go exactly until the the boss room.
  • Added a cap button for the Autofill on the Crystal page. This sets the autofill to the number you need for offline killing the highest unlocked ultimate being. For online fighting them you might need a different number (usually less if you have crystals equipped).
  • Updated to a newer Unity version (2018.3.7f1). You shouldn't notice anything different because of that.
  • Added new pet sorting options for Hunger and Party, removed the ones for single growths.
  • You can now get 500 extra pet stones a day if you manually save the game. The online backups usually work, but once in a while it doesn't work for someone and they lost their save. If you manually save every day, you have an extra backup.
  • If you feed a pet who has a set favourite food and don't have it, it will now default to the selected one.
  • Fixed a few bugs.

Changes for Version 3.07.977 (2019-03-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Did a few changes to the kong api so it works even with the current kong issue of the redirection of https. (Kongregate only)

Changes for Version 3.07.976 (2019-02-26)[edit | edit source]

  • Changed the way you set the bonus from free god power. Now you can set the percent of your free god power and it calculates the boost depending of your free god power automatically.
  • You can now set a favourite food for each pet. All feeding options will feed it with its favourite food independent of other choices if it is set.
  • It is now possible to defeat Ultimate Beings offline. To be able to do that, you need 150k * UB tier * 100 / (100 + Clones on Planet + level) set as defender clones. This is limited to 3 days of offline time.
  • Because there were some offline calculation problems for some people, I increased the event duration by a bit more than 1 day.

Changes for Version 3.06.974 (2019-02-20)[edit | edit source]

  • Added 3 new weapons (tier 1-3) with the ability to leech experience even not in a dungeon.
  • An alchemist can now enchant equip to reduce, and remove the negative elemental stats. Up to 20 enchantments are possible and each one decreases the penalty by 5. Neutral equip will receive some elemental boosts instead.
  • Made dungeons a bit easier. All pets will gain 20% more stats after level up (retroactive), so depth 2 should be quite a bit easier to do.
  • The upgrade cost for tier 3 equip is now a bit cheaper before upgrade 10, but more expensive after 10.
  • Improved the reward of some dungeon events, especially cursed chest.
  • Some bugfixes, especially on the offline calculation.
  • I wrote this before, but please be careful if you switch platforms. Always make sure to have the same version on each platform or you can lose data, especially when an update adds an event or new things.

Changes for Version 3.05.973 (2019-02-12)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a valentines event. For the next 2 weeks, the food campaigns is renamed to chocolate factory and all pets can find chocolate there. If you do this campaign a total of 200 hours, you can get a new pet, the chocobear. Make sure you are online and the campaign is renamed or else it won't work.
  • Added a new pet, the chameleon. You can get it if you beat the bosses of all 5 depth 2 dungeons with the right conditions. I don't think there is anyone who has good enough dungeon teams yet, but there will be soon.
  • Please use up all your clovers now because they will be removed soon.
  • The pet overview page (with images), and the dungeon party page shows now some small icons if they have something equipped.
  • Modified the elemental icons a bit so it is easier for color blind people.
  • Also fixed and added a few bugs like usual.

Changes for Version 3.03.969 (2019-01-24)[edit | edit source]

  • some bugfixes, a few small bugs and 2 game breaking bugs. One of them caused your pets to be stuck in a dungeon without being able to use them again for this rebirth. The other bug gave you a huge amount of might levels in DMC which also broke the game in some other parts. Both are fixed now.

Changes for Version 3.01.968 (2019-01-21)[edit | edit source]

  • The improved campaign chancel now also works for dungeons.
  • It should be possible to evolve pets which require pet multiplier in UAC now.
  • Fixed a few bugs.

Changes for Version 3.0.966 (2019-01-18)[edit | edit source]

  • Added 'Class Change Tokens'. You will receive one for free after every 10 evolved pets. You can also buy more with pet stones. With a class change token, you can change classes of evolved pets without extra cost or class level loss.
  • Added a restart for dungeon option which also gives you the option to feed pets at the same time, just like for campaigns.
  • Moved the inputs for the improved half stats to the pet main page so you can change it easier.
  • Added depth 2 dungeons for the fire, earth and wind dungeons. This means you can now also evolve the ghost, which was impossible before. I also did quite a few balance changes for dungeons and added more tooltip infos.
  • Increased the crafting speed for most alchemist items.
  • Added highscore for total pet dungeon levels.
  • Fixed a few bugs and added small improvements.

Version 3.0.963 (2019-01-07)[edit | edit source]

  • Added pet dungeons. You can now form teams of 6 pets and send them into dungeons. In the dungeons your pets can find items and gain experience for dungeon stats. Dungeon stats are new and independend to the normal pet stats. They get a slight boost from the pet growth. Dungeons have enemies of 4 elements and neutral enemies. Your pets also have one of the elements. So select your party for different dungeons depending on the element to make the best progress. Fire > Wind > Earth > Water > Fire ...
  • Added pet evolutions. With dungeon materials you can evolve pets and give them a class to make dungeoneering easier or give it boosts for campaigns. It will also change their image. Some pets are easy to evolve, other pets are harder. It is possible to change the class of a pet after evolving, but that can be expensive in the beginning.
  • Added forging, reforging and upgrading of pet equipment. If you evolve a pet into a blacksmith it can forge equipment for your pets with dungeon materials. The equipment gives boost to dungeon stats and also boosts to your god. Equipment can range from Quality F (bad) to SSS (very good) and can be upgraded up to 20 times. With maxed equipment for all your pets the boost can compare to the boost from crystals.
  • Added a small event. For the next ~21 days you will receive 100 clovers from the daily free draw. You only need to get it and not use it. This means you can also get the clovers in reset challenges. You can trade 1000 clovers for Rudolph and 1000 clovers for the new question pet if you don't have them already. You can also give 1000 clovers to a pet of your choice for 500 growth to all stats or trade it for chocolate. For the duration of the event, daily packs will also give 3 lucky draws instead of 2.
  • You can now get the refrigerator and Next at for Challenges with pet stones. There are also more dungeon related pet stone buys now, and it is possible to buy pet stones now for the more impatient people who want to support the game.

Version 2[edit | edit source]

Version 2.36.940 (2018-10-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the story chapter for Laima.
  • Added a halloween event. For each hour and each pet in food campaign, you will receive 1 candy, maxed at 2000. You can trade 1000

candies for the pumpkin if you don't have it yet. If you have the pumpkin, you can unlock a new Ghost pet for 1000 candies. You can also trade 1000 candies to increase 500 growth for each stat on one pet. This event will last until you either have reached the 2000 candies, or until christmas.

  • The candy canes from last chrismas can't be used for this event, but the converting cost to chocolate is now 1:3 instead of 1:10 from before

in case people still have some.

  • The food campaign will drop additional chocolate for the next 2 weeks.
  • The cost for upgrading food to the next tier and the ad point cost is now cheaper to adjust for the recent feeding change.

Version 2.35.936 (2018-10-02)[edit | edit source]

  • There was a bug and it was impossible to unlock the cloud pet. This is fixed now.
  • Also fixed a bug where adding clones to things sometimes didn't work.
  • If you do an UCC, you can update your fastest time for other challenges now.
  • Added a challenge points buy which will automatically the half stats setting for pets after they level up. It is really expensive but for some people it is worth it and you can currently get more challenge points than you can spend.

Version 2.35.935 (2018-09-29)[edit | edit source]

  • For some reason there are people who like the stickman pets. So I also added stickman versions for the new pets.
  • Buying food has now a Buy Max button for Baal Power.
  • The tooltip in Statistics -> Other for Might Unleash Power shows now how high the attack power is when the might is unleashed.
  • The sortings of your pets is now saved after rebirthing or restarting the game.
  • Each pet can now have a favourite campaign and a hate campaign. The auto select will give pets with favourite priority above other pets and will never select a pet which has the campagin as hate.
  • Total Might, fastest 1kBHC, highest DNDC score, most might in DMC are now in the highscores available. (Kongregate, Steam)
  • Bugfixes...

Version 2.35.933 (2018-09-25)[edit | edit source]

  • Added 11 new pets so you can prepare a bit better for the pet dungeon and evo patch. You can get 4 pets from gods, 3 have a secret unlock condition (currently unavailable with tokens) and 4 pets can only be unlocked with tokens. The pet description hints to what you need to do for the unlocks but you can also work together with other players if you can't think about what you need to do.
  • A few bugfixes.

Version 2.34.931 (2018-09-13)[edit | edit source]

  • Pet food is now much cheaper to buy. Each time you feed a pet will now add exactly 3 hours to the hunger bar and it empties out in 24 hours. The growth values are also slightly increased. This means you will now need 8 pet food for each pet every day to the 2-8 before this update. It also means it is a bit easier now, you won't loose feeding time in 12 hour campaigns anymore and grwoth doesn't have tiers anymore depending on the time left. The pumpkin can now find up to 4 chocolate from a 12 hours campaign.
  • Removed the rounding to 0.25 values for pets. It made it complicated and not really needed.
  • The golden dragon will now just give the 25% of the growth it receives to other pets after feeding it.
  • All the food you had before this update is multiplied by 3 one time only and all food you gain from various sources are now 3 times as much.
  • Added Divinity Shield as a toggle for the crystal factory. If it is on, UBs won't attack you anymore, but it halves your divinity generation.
  • A few bugfixes.

Version 2.33.930 (2018-09-05)[edit | edit source]

  • The growth you get from feeding the golden dragon isn't random anymore. Instead every feeding adds to a internal value (for a free 25% feeding it is 0.25 * 0.25, for a 11 hour chocolate feeding 1.25 * 1). If this value is lower than 1, nothing will be done, and if it is higher than 1, all your pets will receive it as growth.
  • Added the ratio of your rebirth values, current / new values.
  • Reworked the Pet Ui a bit so you can see more pets at once.
  • Added a setting to hide the pet images from the pet overview page so it is possible to see all pets without the need to scroll down.
  • Added the possibility to sort your pets.
  • The daily draw and daily packs have now a time bank of up to 48 hours. This means if you get your free draw and you drew the last one 30 hours ago, it will remove 24 hours and so you could get the next one in 18 hours.
  • A few bugfixes.

Version 2.32.919 (2018-08-06)[edit | edit source]

  • Auto adjust clones is now disabled if you don't have the Goat pet yet because you can't unlock the goat with it.
  • Added a new tab for statistics. This contains info about boosts you have, mostly from challenges. It the game points you can export for ICE which is not on the planet tab anymore.
  • Added a new statistic for crystal power / hour.
  • Added an input field to input the minimum god power you want to keep. So you can prevent to accidentally spend more than you wanted.
  • A few bugfixes, mostly fixes for challenges and UCC and offline progress.
  • [Kongregate] Added a new Pet, the Golden Dragon. The Golden Dragon can be unlocked if load the file you get from my new game after Area 30, Idle Cooking Emperor. You can input the code in the statistics page in a new tab. This pet increases the growth of your other pets when you feed it. You can also unlock the Dragon with a Token if you don't want to play my new game.

Version 2.31.902 (2018-07-10)[edit | edit source]

  • When you load a game it will now show the online time of the current save and the save you load before you load it. So you can see how old the save was.
  • Bugfix Cap max for div gen.
  • The afky god multiplier is now listed in the statistics page.
  • Added a challenge points upgrade to auto adjust 28 clones to trainings and 34 to monsters once every rebirth.
  • Added a setting to chose if autobuy creations should be turned on or of by default after beating Nephthys as people constantly complain that they want it the other way it is in the game.
  • Added total daily draws opened to the statistics page. The game didn't count this until now, so everyone starts at 0 even if they have opened many of them already.
  • Increased the cap on offline gp earnings from the God Crystal to 20 and Black Holes to 25.
  • Increased the pet pills gain on UPCs a bit for longer campaigns.
  • Fixed an issue which didn't recalculate the monument multis after leveling up Black Hole+.
  • Some slight balancing. 1KCs give now 10 challenge points and PBCs give 20.
  • Updated to Unity 2018.1.7.
  • Bugfixes offline progress (Android)

Version 2.31.895 (2018-07-02)[edit | edit source]

  • I´m not sure why some people experience issues with the offline progress, most people don´t and I can´t reproduce this, but if that happens to you, you can always force the offline progress with Load Online. That will load your online save and always give you offline progress. That requires being online and saving online before closing the game, though.
  • Fixed a few bugs the last update introduced. Mainly Some challenge related bugs.
  • DNDC didn´t count the score right.
  • UPC didn´t give multiplier from gods. They give it again, but only if you start a new challenge.
  • PBC didn´t give the promised 30 GP. It should give it now and award the ones you were missing.
  • Divinity generator worker clones will now fill the capacity again and the offline progress for upgrades isn´t twice as fast anymore.

Version 2.31.893 (2018-06-30)[edit | edit source]

  • Reworked the challenges page. The challenges are now listed on the bigger, right area. They are also in different tabs, Day, Normal, Reset Multi and Reset GP to find the challenges depending on the type more easily.
  • Reworked the statistics page. It shows now general stats in a different tab than the challenge stats and it is a bit more organized.
  • Added a new Day Challenge: Day No Divinity Challenge. Defeat a god as high as possible, create a creation as high as possible and create as mana monuments as possible within a day and without the possibility to spend divinity.
  • Added a new Day Challenge: Day Might Challenge. Get as much might levels within a day as possible. Levels from DRC and CBC will also count. This increases the attack power of your unleash mights depending on how much might levels you got.
  • Added a new Challenge: P.Baal Challenge. Defeat P.Baal * challenge finished within 5 rebirths after a double rebirth. It increases the rebirth caps of monuments and if maxed the multiplier of Black Hole upgrades.
  • Added a new Challenge: 1K Black Hole Challenge. Defeat Tyrant Overlord Baal and build one Black Hole with one Upgrade with only 1000 clones. It will unlock a new Might which increases the power of your black holes and increases passive gp gain of black holes. This challenge is quite late game and you need atleast 100k% build speed to start it.
  • Added a new Challenge: Ultimate Challenge Challenge. During this challenge you can freely start other challenges but you won´t get the normal rewards for completing them. You will finish it if you get enough statistics multiplier from the challenges you do. It will increase the reward caps of a few other challenges. This challenge is quite endgame so you need too have maxed a few other challenges to be able to even start it.
  • Added a few higher buttons for afky god.
  • Fixed a few bugs, mostly in offline calculation

Version 2.30.849 (2018-05-17)[edit | edit source]

  • The last patch didn´t totally fix the divinity generator bug and you still could have a negative capacity. I hope it is fixed now along with a few other small bugs.

Version 2.30.848 (2018-05-13)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the story chapter for Poseidon.
  • Added a few new avatar parts, red skin, horns and a tail.
  • Some bugfixes, mostly a problem which could cause negative divinity in the offline progress.

Version 2.29.843 (2018-04-18)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the option for growth campaigns "Balance". It will balance stats just like mayo if they are uneven.
  • Made it a bit easier to feed pets at an optimal value. The hunger bar won't increase to 100 anymore after feeding, but it depends on how much growth you get from the feeding. Example: The hunger is at 35%, so a feeding would give 50% > the hunger bar increases to 85%.
  • Fixed some bugs (mostly tooltips which provided false info), added other bugs like usual.

Version 2.29.840 (2018-04-18)[edit | edit source]

  • A few bugfixes, most importantly the PMC-Bug.
  • Added a setting to disable the confirmation dialog for GP buys.
  • Added a setting 'One click UB fight'. If this is on, the game will not ask if you want to use BP or Powersurge for UB fights anymore.
  • The game saves now your afky settings.
  • Added a few more tooltip infos for the afky exp multi and UBs.
  • Added a CAP button for afky power.

Version 2.29.832 (2018-04-01)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug where you didn't get enough might from DRCs after unlocking it.

Version 2.29.831 (2018-04-01)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a new pet, Afky Clone. You can unlock it if you reach 1 billion afky god power. It has -30% at all campaigns other than food, which is at +20%. This increases by 1% every log2(current afky god power), capped at 80% for +50% at all campaigns, 100% at food campaign.
  • Added improved graphics for all pets to match the afky clone better.
  • Afky God can now shoot easter eggs.

Version 2.28.827 (2018-03-20)[edit | edit source]

  • Made it a bit easier to buy pet food.
  • Bugfix offline calculation for stone storage and gp production of Black Holes.

Version 2.28.825 (2018-03-10)[edit | edit source]

  • It was possible to start the Crystal Power Challenge without having the Crystal Factory. This made it impossible to finish it. This is not possible anymore. People who did this, and were stuck in the CPC, are now out of the challenge.
  • Fixed offline progress of Powersurge.
  • Black Holes can now produce god power offline if you are offline for at least an hour (maxed at 10).
  • If you have preselect might, it will now also level the might offline if it wasn't unlocked before going offline and is unlocked while you are offline.

Version 2.28.822 (2018-03-06)[edit | edit source]

  • Added an "Add2"-button for the divinity generator. It auto fills the capacity but costs more divinity than manually doing so. Added a "Drain"-button which empties the stone storage and gives you the stone back.
  • When you finish a CPC, there is now an additional dialog which asks you if you want to start another CPC.
  • Bugfixes.

Version 2.28.820 (2018-03-02)[edit | edit source]

  • I updated the unity engine to version 2017.3.1.f.1. I think this improves the stability of the game, but it also can cause some issues for some people. If you experience any issues, please inform me about that.
  • Added a new challenge: 'Crystal Power Challenge'. It is like a normal rebirth, and finished when you gained 100 + 20* finished challenges Crystal Power after the challenge was started. You can rebirth as often as you want. Each challenge finished will reduce the clones needed to level up crystal modules by 2%. It will also reduce the time needed by 1%. Maxed at 25 challenges finished.
  • Added a stone storage for the divinity generator. You can dump stones in there which won't be used for anything else. The capacity of the storage depends on the capacity upgrade of the divinity generator. If the stone storage is empty, worker clones will still use stones from your normal creations, but the speed bonus of additional worker clones will only work if there are stones left on the storage.
  • Lucky draws will now drop chocolate instead of mighty food.
  • Decreased the time needed to level up the divinity generator capacity by 50%.
  • You can now buy ad points as a new daily pack. Get 20 ad points a day for 15 or 30 days for a small price. You can't watch ads as long as you have one of the new daily packs left.
  • You will now receive 2 daily lucky draws from the normal daily pack instead of only one.
  • The divinity gain from Challenge Points works now for the GP purchase / UB fights.
  • Added higher buttons for afky hp and count.
  • Bugfixes.

Version 2.27.807 (2018-02-14)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a small valentine event. For the next 2 weeks, the food campaign is renamed into Chocolate Factory and all your pets can find Chocolate with the same chance as Mighty Food.
  • Added extra rewards for completing challenges. If you have at least 50 Challenge Points, you can spend them for some additional boosts on the God Power page. Most of them are quite expensive, but well they are extra rewards on top of what challenges already give you.
  • Maxed challenges will now give 50% additional Challenge Points. The exception are the day challenges. UBCs and UACs are a combined max of 1250 points.
  • Increased the reward for the Clone Buildup Challenges. Now you will receive 20k Clones instead of 10K and 10 Chocolate on top of that. Players who already did CBCs before the change will receive the additional rewards retroactively.
  • Some Bugfixes.

Version 2.26.803 (2018-01-31)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfix online saving / loading. It should work again now.

Version 2.26.801 (2018-01-30)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a display bug for level campaigns.
  • 'Auto Move Might' is now renamed to 'Pre Select Might'. Instead of auto moving to the first might after it is unlocked, you can now adjust clones to all different Might trainings before it is unlocked. It will still only gain progress after all your other trainings are unlocked.
  • The Might unlock-condition is reverted to how it was before the last update.

Version 2.26.800 (2018-01-29)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfix high CPU-usage for afky god.
  • Added a GP-purchase for clones from trainings to automatically move to might after it unlocks.

Version 2.26.799 (2018-01-26)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfixes mayo, CBC tooltip in god power page, afky values, CAP button of powersurge, offline progression of monuments.
  • The tooltip for clones needed for 1% more div gain will now show the updated value depending on your might instead of a static 5000.

Version 2.26.798 (2018-01-24)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the story chapter for Freya.
  • Itrtg has now a discord channel. You can join here:
  • Fixed the cost for afky upgrades. It also shows now how many levels it will upgrade with the right cost.
  • Scores for afky power is now divided to 1 million because it reached the integer limit.
  • Added an option to buy improved campaign cancel. If you have this, canceling a campaign will also give some reward after running it for at least 2 hours.
  • Now it should be easier to balance pet growth with mayo.
  • Fixed a few other small bugs.

Version 2.25.796 (2018-01-10)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfix random resets of TBS-levels when loading a save.
  • The power buttons other than max for afky god will now round up to an even value and there will be shown only 4 buttons in a row at all times.

Version 2.25.793 (2018-01-09)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug where you got negative GP when finishing DUCs with 0 universes or DPCs with 0 pet multi, and a few other, smaller bugs.
  • Improved auto-select pet campaigns a bit. Now it should select the pets who give the highest rewards.

Version 2.24.791 (2017-12-26)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfix CBC reward.
  • Added 10M and 100M buttons for Afky.

Version 2.24.790 (2017-12-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfix DUC reward for DRC challenges. It only added the TBS-Levels for the first rebirth.
  • Bugfix Challenge Points and a few display errors.
  • Added highscores for the new challenges.

Version 2.24.789 (2017-12-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Changed the timer for the 24 hour challenges so it will count down and show how much time is left.
  • For the Christmas even, the daily packs will now also drop an additional lucky draw and 50 candy canes. The God Power from daily packs is now also boosted with the same percentage as normal God Power Purchase (rounded down).
  • Added a new statistic: divinity gained since rebirth.
  • The Powerlevel from TBS won't increase the difficulty of special fights anymore.
  • Increased the time for the wevent for half a day.

Version 2.23.788 (2017-12-21)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a small Christmas event: For the next ~15 days, you will receive 2 instead of one daily free draw with additional 50 candy canes. If you had candies before this, they will be converted to candy canes. You can trade 500 candy canes for Rudolph, the new pet.
  • Added Day Baal Challenge: This is similar to a Double Rebirth Challenge, but it is finished after 24 hours, instead of defeating Baal. The higher the P.Baal you can beat within 24 hours, the better. Each P.Baal increases your planet level by 1 on top on what you can get from UUCs. With 45 UUCs and a highest P.Baal of 20 in this challenge, you would have planet level 70.
  • Added Day Universe Challenge: This is like a normal rebirth, and is finished after 24 hours. The more universes you can create within one day, the better. You will receive log2(universes) after every rebirth in all TBS levels. Example: If you have all TBS-upgrades, created 1024 universes in this challenge, all your TBS levels won't go lower than 50 anymore.
  • Added Day Pet Challenge: This is like a normal rebirth, and is finished after 24 hours. The higher the multiplier of all your pets, the better. Increases the growth your pets will receive from food by log2(combined pet multiplier * 100). Example: If your highest pet multiplier is 1.1 million %, all your pet food would give an additional growth of 20%.
  • Added Clone Buildup Challenge: This is similar to an Ultimate Baal Challenge It will reset all your GP stats, and multiplier. The challenge is finished when you reach 99.999 clones. While the challenge is active, you can't buy clones, or use options to summon clones faster. The planet tab is also disabled in this challenge. Each challenge finished will give you 1 level to each Might after it is unlocked. This will not count towards your total Might nor increase the level up time. Additionally you will receive 10,000 Clones added to your maximum. (Maxed at 50)
  • Added an Halo as an avatar part.

Version 2.22.784 (2017-12-10)[edit | edit source]

  • Added an option to show a confirm dialog for the buy max option because some people seemed to have miss-clicked it.
  • Added an export button to the statistics page for your most important stats, so you can easily compare them to your friends or post them to a forum.
  • The NA Off-setting will now ignore the -1 for next at creations.
  • The info for the divinity generator updates now for time left until empty, divinity each convert, and converts / sec correctly depending on crystals equipped and additional worker clones. The time until empty will now also take your available stones into consideration, if the worker clones are at least capped.
  • Gods who unlock something like Monuments have now a yellow text and what they will unlock is in the description.
  • Might, Monuments, and Divinity Generator can now also skip with -1.
  • Some Bugfixes.

Version 2.21.782 (2017-11-30)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a cap button for powersurge.
  • Added 2 new number display types. Engineering and Fun.
  • Added a highscore for challenges completed. Depending on the average difficulty, completed challenges give points which you can see on the statistics page.
  • Added a highscore for Crystal Power.
  • Added a buy max button for buying creations. So you can buy the max amount with less clicks.
  • You can now add -1 to next at for creations to skip them.
  • Clicking on the mini achievements for creations will now set the next at to the value you need for that.
  • Decreased the cost to upgrade food with pet stones from 50 to 10.
  • Bugfix offline calc for afky, and crash if you clicked max at high values.
  • A few UI-Optimations.
  • Some other, small fixes.

Version 2.20.775 (2017-10-30)[edit | edit source]

  • Offline progress didn't work for some people, it should work better now. Sorry for the issue. Because of that, I increased the timer for the pumpkin-event by 1 day.

Version 2.20.773 (2017-10-29)[edit | edit source]

  • Kong will use ssl for everything after November 13th. This means local saves for people might be lost and online saves for itrtg wouldn't work anymore with older versions of ItRtG. I had to move the database with your online saves to a different server with a ssl certificate to make them work with https. This also means that the game will save to the old, incompatible databases for people who use an older version of ItRtG. Please update the game for all plattforms you play the game to Version, or you might lose progress.
  • When you start a challenge, the tooltip on the Rebirth Page will show now the full name and a description on what you need to do to make it easier for newer players.
  • Autoselect for the food campaign will now always select the pumpkin, if available.
  • Re-arranged the Pet page a bit so you can see the amount of chocolate you have.
  • Added HP and Defense value to the tooltip for monsters.
  • Some Bugfixes.

Version 2.19.766 (2017-10-16)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a max button for upgrading crystals. With this you can upgrade all crystals of one kind with one click.
  • For growth campaigns, the pets are now sorted by growth after you start it. This means the first pet is always the one who receives the growth.
  • If you restart a campaign, it will give you now the option to feed your pets.
  • Added a small halloween event where the food campaign is renamed into "trick or treat". This will last for about 2 weeks. You can see a timer on the God Power page. While this lasts, pets can find chocolate on top of the other pet food in the food campaign. The timer for the event is gotten from an online-server. So make sure you are online or the event won't work.
  • Added a pumpkin pet. It can find chocolate at the food campaign at a low chance even after the event. While the event is active, the food campaign will also drop candies. 1 candy for every pet for every hour. You can trade 1000 candies for the pumpkin pet. After the event, if you don't have enough candies, you can still get it with a pet token.
  • Added an info for average God Power / hour since you started the game and a timer you can reset. You can see this on the rebirth page, and on the statistics page. The rebirth page will now also show the time since rebirth.
  • Changed the "Stop At" for the Divinity Generator to "Next At" so it works the same as for monuments.
  • The warning for unspent Baal Power is now always there when you try to rebirth even if you don't have the refrigerator.
  • Item campaings have now a low chance to drop V2 items.
  • Android: When you press the back button, it will now show a confirm dialog because some players seem to press it by mistake quite often.

Version 2.18.761 (2017-09-28)[edit | edit source]

  • Added an 1M button for clones.
  • Added 100k and 1M button for afky god power.
  • Added Leaderboard for afky god exp multi.
  • Added a CAP Max button for worker clones on the divinity generator. It caps the maximum worker clones you need for the divinity boost.
  • You can now trade Baal Power for Pet Stones. This option is unlocked after you have unlocked might and at least 1 BP on the Gods Page. First 100 Pet Stones off every rebirth will cost 1 BP each and the cost increases by 1 for every 100 Pet Stones bought.
  • Added a GP purchase option for 5 CC at once for 250 GP, removed the option to buy 15% build and creation speed and added an option to buy 1000% for 285 GP.
  • Added a few more Steam Achievements for newer challenges. You are now allowed to get Steam achievements even if you get your save from other platforms as long as your total time (offline and online) is less than the time since the Steam release (currently about 480 days).
  • Fixed some bugs.

Version 2.17.756 (2017-09-17)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfix challenge-reward with maxed God Skip Challenges.
  • Added a sign "Suwesh was here" (The first player who reached the last baal) for the avatar if you have beaten last baal (when its stat reach the max value of double).
  • You can now defeat UBs even if your HP reaches the max value of double.
  • Removed Finger Flick from UPCs because it didn't make sense there and it has it's own button now after might is unlocked.
  • The Afk-page has now its own framerate-setting. From my own experience, a framerate of 5 only uses up about 25% as much cpu as a framerate of 60. Of course, the afky god fireballs will be really lazy with a framerate of 5.
  • After a pet campaign is finished, you will now have the option to restart the same campaign.
  • Added a way to configure the half stats button for the pet overview page. Because that reduces the micromanaging for pets by a lot and you can still have maximum efficiency, it is not cheap. This option costs either 250k pet stones or you can buy it for the same price as a crystal slot.

Version 2.16.752 (2017-09-06)[edit | edit source]

  • Added new avatar parts: Coat, Leather Shoes and Matrix Bg.
  • Removed statistics for fastest PMC because they will get slower after each one.
  • Bugfix Finger Snap, the tooltip didn't show the right amount of god power earned, and renamed it to Finger Flick. If you unleash might now, it will automatically finger flick instead of it being unavailable.
  • Other small fixes.

Version 2.15.751 (2017-09-02)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the story chapter for Eros.
  • Added a menu-button to the left side of the avatar for easier navigation.
  • Added a button to kill all weak gods at once.
  • Added the "No Divinity Challenge". In this challenge, your multipliers will reset like in a DRC, and you can't buy anything with divinity. The challenge is finished after you defeat baal. The reward is like 1 additional god defeated to the base divinity gain of your divinity generator, and the autobuy cost will decrease by 0.3%. The reward is capped at 50 challenges.
  • Added the "Planet Multi Challenge". It is like a normal rebirth and it is finished when you have a planet multiplier of 20 billion + 20 billion for each challenge finished. For each challenge finished, an Ultimate Being will drop 2% more energy and you will get 5 God Power * Challenges finished. Capped at 50 challenges.
  • Added the "God Skip Challenge". It is like a DRC, but 1 god will be missing. The missing god starts at Chronos, moves to Coatlicue after you finished one, and so on until Itztli (have fun with defeating Baal without stones) for a total of 26 challenges. Each challenge finished will increase the effect of your Crystal Power by 2%. If you finish all 26, this will double (2% * 25 * 2 for a total of 100%).
  • Increased the growth boost you gain from Pet Tokens if you have some leftover ones. It is now 10% current pet growth (maxed at 500).
  • Removed the cap for the exp multi for afky god on rebirth.
  • Fixed some typos and bugs.

Version 2.14.744 (2017-08-12)[edit | edit source]

  • The recent change to God Speed made it really powerful and trivial to kill UBV2s. So I upped the mana-cost by 100 and you can't decrease the damage reduction of UBVs to below 67% anymore.
  • The sync for trainings works now both ways.

Version 2.13.740 (2017-08-09)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed progresbars for resolutions higher than full hd.
  • Fixed God Speed for UBV2 fights.
  • Fixed GP rewards for pet campaigns with stats higher than 100 million.

Version 2.12.738 (2017-08-01)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a few new avatar parts.
  • Bugfix offline calc and other small fixes.
  • The tooltip for evil creations shows now how many of the normal ones you have.
  • In the god power page it will now show your creation count without crystals.

Version 2.11.735 (2017-07-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Fix to prevent crash on startup.

Version 2.10.731 (2017-07-17)[edit | edit source]

  • The game now checks for the online save on every startup and compares it to the local save, then loads the newer one. This should make switching plattforms easier and prevents to forget loading online if your local save is somehow lost.
  • UUC, AAC and 1KC are now cancelable.
  • Added a toggle which lets you hide maxed challenges.
  • On the Info-Page is now a Feeback-Button which opens your mail client with my email. For urgent matters please use this email instead of posting it to some forum, because I check this more often.
  • Fixed a few small bugs.

Version 2.09.728 (2017-06-19)[edit | edit source]

  • Balanced some values for the statistics multi. You get slightly more at average now.
  • In the crystal page you can now see the upgrade percent without the tooltip.
  • UBs will now wait 10 minutes after they attack after the offline progress.
  • Fixed a few bugs.

Version 2.08.727 (2017-06-14)[edit | edit source]

  • Another balancing for the UPC. Now you will get a 4x multiplier instead of 1.5 if you defeat a god, but only once and without time limit. The multiplier you get from the item campaign is now only 10% of what you got before but it multiplies with itself. This means before this update if you did the campaign three times and you got a multiplier of 100 every time, it was a total multiplier of 300 (100+100+100) before the update and now it is 1000 (10*10*10). In total this means the challenge is easier for weaker players and you can do it in only one rebirth compared to the ~20-50 rebirths you needed before.
  • Because some people wanted the max-buttons (hp and count) for the afky god back, I added them again but they now have a confirmation dialog now to prevent mis-clicks.
  • Some small optimizations and fixes.

Version 2.08.725 (2017-06-04)[edit | edit source]

  • Some balancing on the UPC. It is a bit harder now.
  • Added a scrollbar for the challenges page for people who have unlocked all challenges.
  • The monument next at will now go to the next monument if the upgrade has a 0 in the input.

Version 2.08.723 (2017-06-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the story chapter for Artemis.
  • Added the "Black Hole Challenge". This is like a normal rebirth and is finished after you have built 1 black hole and 1 upgrade. It will make black holes cheaper and increases the passive GP gain. This challenge is unlocked if you have finished at least one AAC.
  • Added the "Ultimate Pet Challenge". Instead of yourself, let your pets defeat the gods! This is finished after your pets have defeated baal and increases the rewards from campaigns. This challenge is unlocked if your total pet growth is higher than 10,000.
  • Replaced the "Stop at" for monuments with a "Next at". Clones will now move down if the number is reached and the upgrade, or the monument below have neither 0 in the input nor their level has the number reached. Of course, the clone will be removed if you don't hav enough resources.
  • Some bugfixes.

Version 2.07.717 (2017-05-05)[edit | edit source]

  • If the autobuy for a single creation is off, it will now create your creation count instead of what you need as prerequisite.
  • In the crystal factory, the weakest UBs will now attack first instead of the strongest.
    • Added an 'Upgrade Keep' button which replaces the 'Update Opt' button for crystal upgrades if it isn't available. The new button upgrades all possible crystals but keeps the left over instead of throwing it away like the 'Upgrade All' button.
  • Removed the popup which says how many crystals you did upgrade because it is shown already before you upgrade and blocks the tooltip for 3 seconds.
  • Fixed some bugs, autoselect for campaigns, buying mighty food with pet stones, spelling errors.

Version 2.06.716 (2017-04-25)[edit | edit source]

  • The dialog for the offline progress won't show up anymore. Instead there is a toggle left to the start game button now. It is on by default and if you turn it off, it won't do offline calculations.
  • Bugfix autobuy for crystals. The autobuy bought more than 1000 times as much as it needed.
  • Bugfix offline calculation.

Version 2.05.714 (2017-04-20)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfix monuments in the offline calculation.
  • Bugfix Crystal Upgrades.
  • The offline calculation won't start automatically anymore because it caused crashes for some people. You can choose now if you want it or not.

Version 2.04.713 (2017-04-17)[edit | edit source]

  • Everyone who plays the game within the next two weeks will receive 100 chocolate as an easter present!

Version 2.03.711 (2017-04-14)[edit | edit source]

  • Updated the Unity Engine. This resulted in a minimum Android-Version of 4.1 and quite a lot of the WebGL-Structure changed...
  • Added advanced settings for autobuy for creations.
  • Fixed some bugs and some exploits.

Version 2.02.708 (2017-04-09)[edit | edit source]

  • some small bugfixes (sync-button, evil creations, NRC did show that no UB attacks, but this should only be in the 1KC instead where they don't attack, stats of pets and growth didn't update in the tooltip for campaigns)

Version 2.02.707 (2017-04-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Added additional descriptions for pet campaigns and the crystal factory to make it more clearly.
  • When you select a campaign, the tooltip of each pet shows now what the expected result after the campaign is finished is.
  • You can now trade 250,000 pet stones for a crystal slot or 300,000 for the improved crystal upgrade.
  • The autobuy for the divinity generator and its upgrades have now achieved independence and it also has a stop at now.
  • Added an additional reminder if you want to rebirth and have campaigns started and not finished.
  • Added a "Sync"-button for the physical-tab. If this is on, the game will automatically add/remove clones to the same tier of skills if it is possible.
  • Added an option to hide all but the highest grade of crystals for the crystal factory.
  • The last duration and growth you have selected for a campaign will now be the default for the next time you start one.
  • Some bugfixes.
  • (Kong/Steam)Offline-progress for pet campaigns is now always 100%. Offline-progress for everything for most other things is now 100% if the time offline is less than 8 hours.
  • (Android)Some improvements on the offline creations.

Version 2.01.704 (2017-04-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Added an unlockable "Auto"-button for pet campaings. It can be purchased with 5000 pet stones and will select up to 10 available pets and start a campaign if clicked.
  • Increased the drop rate of pet stones and levels gained from level campaigns.
  • The descriptions for pets show now exactly in how they influence a campaign.
  • The alert-button works now together with campaigns.
  • You can now choose which growth will be increased for your lowest growth pet in growth campaigns.
  • Added a slider for pet campaigns. You can now choose a time from 1-12 hours with one hour steps.
  • Added a toggle to autoset your creation count to the max if you equip a crystal with cc boost.
  • The progress won't reset anymore if you change the level for crystal modules. It adjusts the progress to the new level instead.
  • Bugfix, you could have negative creations if your divinity generator produced less than your crystal modules needed and autobuy was on.
  • Bugfix unequipping crystals. You could lose the equipped crystal if you unequipped it and didn't have anyone of the same grade.

Version 2.0.701 (2017-03-31)[edit | edit source]

  • Added 11 new pets. You can unlock 4 from defeating higher versions of baal, 4 are pet token only, and 3 have secret conditions to unlock. The first two of them should be relatively easy to get, but the third one is hard to unlock. Read the pet description for hints!
  • Added pet campaigns. In pet campaigns you can send your pets to find items for you, increase your multipliers or their growth.
  • Added the crystal factory. It can be found on the planet tab and is unlocked after you have the planet, and completed at least one UBC (just like unlocking UBs V2). Ultimate beings will attack your factory 10 minutes after they appear and you can set up defender clones for the crystal factory. Each UB you defeat will give some energy. You can use this energy to upgrade factory modules. With a factory module you can produce crystals. You can equip crystals for stat boosts or to even generate god power over time. You can upgrade crystals for greater boosts. If you rebirth, the ones you have equipped will be consumed for crystal power, which is a permanent boost, and you will lose all your crystals.
  • The old font was the default font which was not available for everyone so it was not good readable for them. Especially the bold one. Now I added some free fonts and you can choose one out of 5 in the settings.
  • The clones in Might will now go back to the first might if the last one has reached the 'Next At' value.
  • Added a half stats button to the pet overview page if the half stat button was purchased.

Version 1[edit | edit source]

Version 1.90.691 (2017-02-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the story chapter for Cybele. Sorry for the long wait.
  • The 10 button for power on the afky page is now replaced with a 10k button if your exp is high enough.
  • The game will now check for a new version and show a message if there is a new version out so it will be easier to notice.

Version 1.89.689 (2017-02-16)[edit | edit source]

  • Because a lot of people asked: The Cupid is permanent, you won't lose it. The same goes for the chocolate. You won't lose it unless you feed it to your pets, but it is not optainable anymore after the event ends.
  • Bugfix clones on powersurge.

Version 1.89.685 (2017-02-14)[edit | edit source]

  • Added Cupid as a new pet as a valentine gift. Everyone who has defeated Eros can get it.
  • For the next three days, you will receive every 20 minutes you play the game one chocolate. You can feed pets with chocolate and it is better than mighty food. You won't lose chocolate after rebirthing, but you can't buy it. If you play the game on multiple plattforms, make sure you have the same game version before you load online or you will lose the chocolate!
  • Afky god will shoot hearts for the next three days.
  • Bugfix where clones were randomly removed and some bugfixes in the offline calculation.
  • I wanted to add a new story chapter, but it is not finished yet, so it will be out a few days later.

Version 1.88.681 (2017-02-02)[edit | edit source]

  • Afky-God will now start with 30 * rebirths * multiplier experience after rebirthing.
  • Added a GP-purchase to unlock a button to set the clone stats for pet fights to half of their stat.
  • Some bugfixes in the offline calculation.
  • Delayed the loading of the avatar to reduce crashes on startup. (android)

Version 1.87.675 (2017-01-19)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfix offline calculation.
  • Bugfix, sometimes it removed clones from your fights/trainings.
  • The tooltip in statistics -> strongest god defeated shows now the last god you defeated before your rebirth. You need to rebirth at least once after the updte for that.

Version 1.87.671 (2017-01-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Afky God can now get experience offline.
  • Added an input field below the distribute button for pets. If you input a number, the button will only distribute up to that number of clones.
  • The Pet overview will now show how many clones the pet is currently fighting.
  • Added a second feed all button for the pet feeding. This won't feed free food, if you don't have enough of the selected one.
  • Various small bug fixes and some performance improvements.

Version 1.86.666 (2016-12-24)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfix notify button. It didn't show the right info if you didn't own all pets.
  • Added the missing hair glow for the new hair style.

Version 1.86.662 (2016-12-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Every one who plays the game within the next 7 days will receive 25 god power and 10 lucky draws as a christmas present! Be careful, you need to be online for this and you only get it once. You will lose it, if you load a previous game (online or offline).
  • Added the story chapter for Nephthys.
  • Added a new hair style: "Spiky" for the male and "Twin Tails" for the female.
  • Added a new challenge: "No Rebirth Challenge". It is like a "Double Rebirth Challenge", but you can't rebirth after starting this challenge. It is unlocked, if you have finished at least one 1k Challenge. Beating it will speed up the appearance of Ultimate Beings by 1% (Maxed at 20%).
  • Added a gp purchase to enable an button which appears, if your pets are hungry or your divinity generator is empty.
  • Afky god has now an exp multiplier which increases by 1% for every 100k power after rebirthing (capped at 100% for one rebirth). Because this is not limited and you can level the afky god much faster with this after enough rebirths, the statistic multi you can gain from afk clones killed and afky god power is now capped at 25 million.
  • If you view an ad and it gets cancelled, or if fails to show, it won't decrease the daily limit anymore.
  • You will now receive more God Power from purchases depending on how much you played and how much you bought.
  • Increased the cap of 10 gp you can get get from black holes upgrades after rebirthing to 50 and decreased the base building cost of black holes from 33 galaxies to 25.
  • Speedrunning < 12 minutes is harder now.

Version 1.85.658 (2016-11-30)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfix for UBV2-Fights. When you are out of energy and use a skill, the UBV2's will now attack you. God Speed is now cheaper and lasts a turn longer, Mystic Mode lasts now a turn longer and Aura Ball / Big Bang will do more damage.
  • Some settings which weren't saved after restarting the game are saved now.
  • Some bugfixes in the offline calculation.
  • Bugfix for creating clones while offline. It didn't affect the clones you created, when the toggle "Create Clones if not max" was on.
  • (Android) Added support for scrolling with Pens. If you have a device with a pen, you can now scroll the scrollbars.
  • (Android) Next at for creations will now work offline.

Version 1.84.650 (2016-11-13)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug with the offline calculation. Clones were not created, if the toggle "Create Clones if not max" was on and a different creation was selected.
  • Fixed a bug with the offline calculation where skills/trainings didn't move to the next one, when improved next at was owned.

Version 1.83.647 (2016-11-09)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug with the offline calculation. Creation count didn't affect the creations created offline.
  • Added a 3-way toggle for the creation next at, so you can turn it off.

Version 1.83.646 (2016-11-05)[edit | edit source]

  • (Android) Moved the tooltips from the left side a bit more to right, so it is not below the finger.
  • Added a fallback for the offline calculation. It will work now without internet connection, because some people complained about that and on android not everyone is always connected to the internet. The fallback calculation will kick in, if after 10 seconds it still was not possible to get the online time or if the last save didn't have an online time. Obviously it won't work the first time after the update, because the time when the game was closed was not saved yet. It also has some protection in case you manually change the time on your device, so it is better not to try that (It could look you out from future offline progress).
  • Fixed a bug where newly unlocked avatar parts couldn't be used until the game was restarted.
  • Added spoken numbers from unquadragintillion up to centillion for people who are above E+123.
  • Found a way to reduce the cpu usage by a lot. The game should be less laggy now and use less cpu, especially with higher numbers.

Version 1.82.643 (2016-11-01)[edit | edit source]

  • (Android) Changed the initialization of the game to prevent some crashes.
  • (Android) Fixed the crash which could happen if you pressed load online too fast after opening the game.

Version 1.82.639 (2016-10-26)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed an issue with transfering saves from Linux to other plattforms.
  • Fixed a crash which might have occured when clicking max for afky god.
  • (Android) You can now get creations in the offline calculations. But autobuy and next at are ignored. So you can now get a reasonable progress from the earlier creations but not so much for expensive ones.

Version 1.81.631 (2016-10-14)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bug where some values did reset after rebirth, which shouldn't.
  • Fixed a bug with the offline calculation for trainings.
  • Fixed a bug with autobuy of creating prerequisites.

Version 1.81.628 (2016-10-08)[edit | edit source]

  • (Android) Bugfix: the ads which can be watched didn't reset every day.

Version 1.81.624 (2016-10-07)[edit | edit source]

  • (Android) Offline Progress for Android-Devices is now 100%, if it was less than 8 hours.
  • (Kong + Steam) Added Highscores for Akfy clones defeated and the highest Afky God power.
  • Fixed another issue with the creation next at.
  • Fixed a Display and calculating error for Afky-God.
  • Fixed a bug with connecting the android online save.
  • Added a "Max" - Button for the Afky-God.
  • Added the highest power for Afky-God to the Statistics.
  • Added "Stop after finish" to the Divinity Generator.

Version 1.80.621 (2016-10-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfix for the creation next at.
  • Fixed the crash that appeared on afky god, if the game was running for a few hours and then afky god was shown.
  • Removed the +5 and +25 buttons for afky god and added a +1k button instead and balanced the exp gain a bit more. Higher Hp gives now more exp while higher clone count gives less.
  • The values for might next at won't reset after rebirthing anymore.

Version 1.80.615 (2016-10-01)[edit | edit source]

  • The Android-Version is now available! You can get it in Google Play and you can also connect your online saves and load your Kong or Steam-Save to your Android-Device. Go to Info, then click connect -> Connect Now and input the id and name it shows on the other plattforms.
  • Added the story chapter for Izanagi.
  • Added Afky-God.
  • Added Next at for Might with input fields for each might.
  • Added Black Hole as an ultimate monument. It's power boost is higher than all other monuments together and it can give you God Power every hour you are online.
  • If you input a number for creation's 'Next At', it will now only create the number, even if you have a higher creation count.
  • Improved the offline calculation a bit. The calculation is now asynchron which means it won't freeze the game anymore (doesn't work in webgl) and you can now create shadow clones offline. Might Next at should now also work offline.
  • Reduced the cap of the minimum time for finishing an UAC to 2000000 seconds.
  • A few small bug fixes.

Version 1.72.573 (2016-07-27)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the story chapter for Diana.
  • Added an additional reward for the All Achievement Challenge. Each finished challenge will now reduce the time needed to unlock achievements. If 50 are finished, you will now only need half as much time to unlock all achievements.
  • Added shortcuts for the special fights. You can now use the keyboard to fight. Reduced the divinity rewards a bit, because they were a bit high and the previous update made them much easier.
  • You now need to have finished at least one Ultimate Universe Challenge, before you can start an All Achievement Challenge.
  • Increased the multiplier for Pyramids of Power (400 to 600) and for the Temple of God (750 to 1500).
  • You can now remove the connection from Steam to Kong.
  • Bugfix offline calculation next at.
  • Bugfix, AACs and 1kCs were not added to the statistic multi.
  • The stat gain from ad points is now capped at 100 billion. (Only Kongregate)

Version 1.72.566 (2016-07-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a toggle to the creation page. If it is on, the next at will work with created creations instead of the total you currently have.
  • The input for next at creations will now stay, if you rebirth.
  • If the next creation is not available, it will now default to the first creation where a 0 is in the input field instead of shadow clones.

Version 1.72.565 (2016-07-02)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the much wanted next at for creations. You can now input numbers and when you have at least as much, it moves to the next one.
  • Added input fields on the god power page, so it is easier to adjust the bonuses.
  • Added two player suggested microtransations to make Challenges a bit less of a hassle. One can be bought, if you have improved next at and if bought, it will also works for all challenges. The other one is to enable saving of pet food through rebirths.
  • Added opt-in ads for people who want to support the game for some small rewards, but don't have kreds to spend.
  • Bugfix offline calculation for might cooldown.
  • Bugfix power of your skills in special fights.

Version 1.71.563 (2016-06-25)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfix offline calculation for trainings, if improved next at is bought.
  • Bugfix, in the offline calculation the gained skill levels are not added to the physical statistics anymore.

Version 1.71.562 (2016-06-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a 15 day version of the daily pack.

Version 1.71.555 (2016-06-11)[edit | edit source]

  • Changed the behaviour of the avatar parts. When you unlock something, it will become permanent and it won't reset after rebirthing anymore. Now some parts are unlocked after defeating a specific god and others with GP only. Because of this change, all Avatars are reseted after this update and players who bought parts with GP will get them back.
  • Because TBS and Godly Shot had some problems depending on the plattform and pc, I changed the timings of TBS and Godly Shot a bit. Now it should be completely independend of your framerate.
  • Added a weak slime as a boss fight to Godly Shot. It is a pretty annoying one, so I don't reccommend playing it. I also added a highscore for that.
  • Added a new purchase to get one additional Lucky Token and 2 GP every day for 30 days. It is probably the best value out of all purchases.
  • Fixed some bugs. Mostly the reward for AAC, the chat doesn't select all text anymore if someone joins. but you still might need to refocus the the inputarea.

Version 1.70.554 (2016-06-05)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfixes for offline calculation if Next at is off, might unleash and rewards for completing AACs.
  • Bugfix Mayo. It should be a bit easier to balance stats now.
  • Added some skill usage count in the offline calculation. So you can reduce the cap of skills now offline. Although the rate quite a bit slower than online.

Version 1.70.553 (2016-06-02)[edit | edit source]

  • Some Bugfixes after finishing challenges. The ignore Clonecount is not added to save clones for fight anymore.
  • If you disconnect from the Chat or can't enter it, it shouldn't break the game anymore, it shows the button to connect again instead. The random bug to change your name also shouldn't happen anymore. On the browser version, entering the chat still fails quite often. I'm not sure why and if I can find the issue. On the Steam version, however, it should work without issues.
  • Added a button to feed all pets at once. It will use the chosen food or free food, if you don't have enough.
  • Renamed the 'Clones for all' button into 'Stats for all'. Now it doesn't add clones to the selected pet anymore.

Version 1.70.550 (2016-05-27)[edit | edit source]

  • The next chapter for Pontus is live! Sorry for the long wait.
  • The Steam version is now also out. It is almost identical with the Kongregate version, you just don't need a browser to play it and you can adjust the size of the game easier.
  • You can now see what your last lucky draw was (it only works for draws after this update) and the mouseover above your physical, mystic battle and creating shows now the multipliers you gained from lucky draws.
  • Added an ingame Chat. This chat also connects Kongregate with Steam players. So Steam players can chat with Kong players. Sadly, the chat doesn't work for the chrome version.
  • Added a new Challenge: "The Achievement Challenge". It is an easy challenge where you just rebirth and get all achievements. Finishing it will increase the multipliers provided by achievements by 1% permanently for each challenge finished (maxed at 50%, that is like 50% more Gods beaten). This one doesn't have a timer, because the time would be more or less the same everytime.
  • Added a new Challenge: "1K Challenge". This is just like a Double Rebirth Challenge, but you can only use 1000 Clones until you defeat Baal. It gives 750k statistic multi, 20 GP and clones will level up Might 5% faster permanently for each challenge finished (maxed at 40 for a Might level speed of 300%). They are unlocked, if you have beaten at least one DRC.
  • Added a few new Avatar options and changed a few images.
  • Added a button to reclaim clones from pets.
  • Added a new GUI-Skin. You can use it in the Settings menu. The new Skin uses black font as base compared to the white font the other skins use. The default of this skin is white and quite bright, but you can adjust the custom colors in this skin better than at the other skins.
  • Added sliders to set the color of the lines between the content. After this update, it is probably black for everyone, but to get back the default, the black skin had, just set all sliders to 25%.
  • Because the color picker didn't work on some browsers, I changed it to sliders where you can mix the red, green and blue color to the skin.
  • I changed the progressbars slightly (so it scales better for higher resolutions) and added a second option for the progress bars. The second one is kinda plain but works better with the white skin than the first one.
  • Bugfix: Next at works now how it should in the offline calculation.
  • Some other small bugfixes and I made a lot of internal code changes to prepare for the Android / Steam versions. I hope I didn't break something and you probably won't notice much about that. If I broke something, just write me a pm.

Version 1.63.529 (2016-03-30)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a Button: "Create for all" in the "Create Clone" screen when adding clones to a pet. This will copy the current clone stats (not the count) to all other pets.
  • Pet Growth stats are now rounded to the nearest 0.25 to remove the uneven numbers.
  • Balanced the mayo a bit better. Now it should be possible to balance out all stats a bit better.
  • Added an additional dialog as a warnung, when you try to rebirth and there are still pets you can feed.
  • Bugfix: Out of Memory Error on chrome, when clicking the CAP-Button with no clones.

Version 1.63.528 (2016-03-27)[edit | edit source]

  • When a free lucky draw is ready, the K-Button now changes its icon. The mouseover also shows now how much time is left until the next free draw.
  • The mayo will now add growth to the pets a bit differently. The less growth a stat has, the more growth it gives until the stats are balanced.
  • Added inputfields for the stats of your custom clones.
  • Added an experience bar for pets to make it easier to see when they will level up.
  • Some bugfixes.

Version 1.63.526 (2016-03-21)[edit | edit source]

  • Added Lucky Draws as daily rewards. You will receive one every 24 hours (online + offline time) you play the game. A lucky draw can contain premium items and even a pet token (with a low chance)! You can also purchase lucky draws with kreds, if your daily free draw is not enough.

Lucky Draws can't be used in the Ultimate Baal and Arty Challenges! But you can collect your daily free draw and then use it after the challenge is over.*If you have all pets unlocked and a pet token left, you can now use it to increase the growth of a pet by 100 for each stat.

  • Added a button to auto-distribute shadow clones to your pets.
  • The tooltip for creations shows now how long you need to create it, but it doesn't take the prerequesites into consideration, if you don't have enough.
  • Growth stats are now shown on the pet page instead on a tooltip.
  • Fixed some tooltips with the setting 'Tooltips on Top'
  • Added sauces you can add when feeding a pet for more customized growth.
  • Added two new hair colors.

Version 1.62.523 (2016-03-17)[edit | edit source]

  • The Ultimate Arty Challenge will reward a turtle as a real pet now if you beat it once.

If you beat it a second time, you will receive a pet token instead. Because it is very unlikely to beat an UCA faster than in 32 days (all times faster than that were cheated), the turtle / token are not rewarded, if you beat it faster. People who have beaten it already, should be able to unlock the turtle now. The Token for the second UAC is one time only. Beating it a third time, won't give an extra token.*Added the penguin as an additional premium pet and a one time offer for a Pet Token for 49 Kreds.

  • Some Bugfixes in the Pet screen.

Version 1.62.522 (2016-03-14)[edit | edit source]

  • Rewrote the FAQ-Page a bit, added new stuff and the starting guide is now a bit shorter. For new players it will now default to the FAQ-Page after starting the game.
  • Removed the Calculate-Button and the multiplier row in the Create Clones Screen for Pets because it confused most people. I added a second row with higher normal values instead.

Version 1.61.520 (2016-03-12)[edit | edit source]

  • It's now possible to see the pet multiplier for DRCs.
  • You can now see in the mouseover from the main pet-screen the clones and % for feed bar.
  • You can now feed pets below 75% of the hunger-bar for half the gain of a feed at 50%.
  • The Mouse is now unlockable after beating Hyperion instead after Baal to give newer players the first pet sooner.
  • Added new Pet "Squirrel". You can get it after beating Baal.
  • Added the missing Setting for Sqientific Numbers again and some missing decimals.

Version 1.60.518 (2016-03-10)[edit | edit source]

  • Bugfix: Rebirtmultis. They decreased and didn't increase the first 30 minutes.
  • Some people didn't like the change that clones are sticky to monuments now. So I added a toggle-Button to the settings for people who don't want it.

Version 1.60.517 (2016-03-10)[edit | edit source]

  • Added Pets. You can find pets in the fourth fight-tab and unlock six of them in the late game (between Baal and P.Baal V25). There are also three additional ones which can only be optained with Pet Tokens, purchaseable with Kreds.

Pets will persist between rebirths, so you only have to unlock them once. They have a growth stat which will also persist between rebirths and levels which will be reset after rebirthing. After leveling up, they gain stats which increase your power depending on their growth. Because Pets would probably speed up UBCs and UACs quite a bit, they are locked in them (else it would be unfair to people who did the challenges already).*Pets also have a new highscore: total growth which is the added value of the growth of all the pets you own.

  • If you load an online save, you will now get offline progress depending on when the save was.
  • Added a setting "Save Clones for Fight" where you can input a number and the clones will be left over when adding clones to anyting but fights / pets.
  • Added backgroundmusic. You can toggle it on in Settings.
  • Made it a bit harder to really fast speedruns and scripted runs.
  • Now Clones won't be removed from monuments / upgrades / div gen anymore if you don't have enough creations. Instead it shows on the tooltip what is missing.

Version 1.50.508 (2016-01-24)[edit | edit source]

Sorry for the long wait!

  • Added a WebGL-Version of the game. It is now possible to play the game on chrome again. Import / Export and custom GUI-colors won't work in the WebGL-Version and in some cases it lags a bit more when scrolling. Other than that it should work the same as the webplayer-version.
  • Added new options for the Avatar and reworked some parts. Beating the Arty challenge now also has an unique Avatar part.
  • Added the story chapter for Hathor.
  • Added a FAQ-Tab in Other for frequently asked questions. If you feel like something there is missing, please pm me.
  • Added a new Kred purchase. If you buy it, you can change your name and gender as often as you want without the need to spend GP.
  • Bugfix: Display error in prerequisite creations

Version 1.41.477 (2015-10-31)[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed the Multiplier gotten from UBs / UBV2s. It was too low for most of the time. Now it will recalculate itself after each UB fight.
  • Fixed the double creating of normal and evil ones if you fought a god.
  • fixed the line-break if your Planet is at max level.
  • The creation buffer when you create something is now only the duration of the creation at most.
  • Fixed the Power up from an Ultimate being. It will last now for 1 turn instead of the whole fight.
  • Fixed Clairvoyance in UBV2 fights. It will last now one turn only instead of the whole fight.
  • The stop at on the monuments page will now appear as soon as monuments are unlocked.
  • When a UUC was started before an universe was created, ITRTG was never unlocked. That is fixed now.

Improvements:*The tooltip on the Online-Save button shows now, how long ago the last online save was and when the next will be.

  • Auto fight is not on as default, when you start a new game.
  • Added Stop at for evil creations.
  • Added a percent of the remaining HP for UBV2s to the tooltip if you damaged one.
  • Added an option to spend 100 GP for building / creation speed.
  • No story part, sorry the next bigger update will have a new story chapter.

Version 1.40.471 (2015-10-05)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the story chapter for Gefion.
  • Added Ultimate Beings V2. They are unlocked if you finish an "Ultimate Baal Challenge or Ultimate Arty Challenge". They are a much harder version of the normal UBs. You can only defeat them once every rebirth, but they will also reward much more planet multi and god power. I tested it a bit and it should be possible to beat them but there still might be some changes in future updates.
  • Added two new challenges: "Ultimate Universe Challenge" where you have to create one Universe which will upgrade your planet level by 1 (capped at level 50) (and increases powersurge speed) and "Ultimate Arty Challenge" which is a harder version of the "Ultimate Baal Challenge".
  • Added an additional reward for UBCs. The multiplier for the power of P.Baals was last defeated P.Baal * 100. Now it is * (100 - UBCs finished - * UAC) with a minimum of 50.
  • Added an additional reward for DRCs. Each DRC will now instantly add 1 level for each might as soon as it is unlocked (capped at 50, after that you will receive an additional 10 gp instead).
  • Replaced the settings "Hide all tooltips" with "Tooltips on right click" which hides all tooltips until you press the right mouse button.
  • Info for time needed shows now milliseconds, if the time is less than 10 seconds.
  • Achievement info will now disappear if you click left on them. There is also a new setting to show the achievements on top.
  • Creating will now save progress between ticks. Meaning if you need 1.5 ticks for one creation, you will now create 2 creations in 3 ticks instead of 4 ticks (it still can't go higher than 1 creation each tick).
  • Bugfixes: scientific notation for achievements after rebirth, timer for UBC if you need longer than 24 days, if are fighting monsters with next at if one cloned is on, it won't move clones anymore while might is unleashed.

Version 1.36.435 (2015-08-11)[edit | edit source]

  • Leaderboard-Scores for the new Challenges were posted in ms instead of seconds. I changed it to seconds now. If you beat the challenge already, your score will update to seconds after you read this news.
  • Added the bigger Rebirth-Button again and added one 'Challenge Button' which opens another page to show the available challenges (currently 2, but I will add more with the next bigger update), instead of the 2 other buttons on the rebirth page. The challenge button is visible now after you have defeated Baal at least once and if you are currently not in a challenge.

Version 1.35.426 (2015-08-09)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the story chapter for Suijin.
  • Added a 2x Rebirth
  • Option for an extra challenge. If rebirth like this, it counts as 2 rebirths and your current multipliers will become the default values. If you beat Baal again after using this option, you will be awarded with extra 10 God Power and you will gain 500,000 statistic multi for that. You can rebirth normally after using this option until you beat Baal again to get this reward. The time you need for that is also recorded on the statistic page and as a Kongregate highscore (time in seconds while a lower value is better and offline time is also added).
  • Added an Ultimate Baal Challenge. That is just like the 2x Rebirth Challenge, but you will also lose all your God Power + gp purchases until you defeat Baal again. When you defeat Baal again after this challenge, you will get back all your God Power, the purchases you had before the challenge and an additional 100 God Power and 5 million statistic multi as bonus. The time you need for this is also recorded. If you purchased God Power Upgrades while you did the challenge, they will be removed and you will get the God Power you spent back.
  • Added an additional online save. The game will save online once every 30 minutes, but you can also manually save. If you somehow lose your offline save from now on, you will have 30 minutes of time to load the online save (if there is any) before it will overwrite itself.
  • Bugfix in offline calculation.
  • Changed the Power level calculation to (Mystic + Attack + Max Health / 10) multiplied with critical bonus from TBS, so it is more accurate and the might upgrades are taken into consideration. I also added the critical bonus from Gods to their Power level calculation, their tooltips show now also HP and a more accurate info.

Version 1.34.425 (2015-07-16)[edit | edit source]

  • Added the story chapter for Shu. It was too long for unity to display everything in one page, so I split it up into 2 parts.

Thanks again to Quizer for proofreading the story.*Added a button to unleash all might if it is unlocked. The secret code doesn't do that anymore.

  • Added statistic multi for powersurge.
  • Shift A will now set your clones to add / remove to max.
  • Right click to the of a training / skill will now add 28 clones.
  • Some bugfixes.

Version 1.33.413 (2015-07-03)[edit | edit source]

  • Big performance-improvement. I changed all the BigIntegers I used to double-values.
  • The bad news is that with this change, the game has to end at P.Baal 126 because that is where the double-value ends.
  • The good news is that the cpu-usage went down to about 40% of the cpu-usage before this change.(For my own PC the cpu usage went down from 28% to 9% in active mode and from 9% to 5% in afkmode)
  • Because most values were a BigInteger before, I had to change a lot. I hope I didn't mess up much but if there are any problems, please message me.

Version 1.32.409 (2015-06-26)[edit | edit source]

  • Added new story chapter.
  • Added stop/next at for Might.
  • Added shortcuts and a list of shortcuts to make navigating between tabs faster.
  • Added Total Might and God Power spent to the statistics page.
  • Added the possibility to spend Baal Power in TBS.
  • When fighting UBs, now the Clones from Powersurge are used so they don't have to be inputted every time.
  • Some small bugfixes and UI improvements.

Version 1.31.404 (2015-06-16)[edit | edit source]

  • Added offline-calculation for the worker clones and the might-trainings.
  • Balancing of the overflow from worker clones. On the last update the divinity increase was static and too powerful when you just unlocked the divinity generator but useless later on. Now each 5000 clones above the cap will increase the divinity output by 1%. That is Not much but that is not the main reason they are here.
  • Added a CAPButton for the worker-clones.
  • The 300% boost works now even after rebirthing.
  • Some small bugfixes.
  • Because this version has mostly bugfixes, there is no new storypart.

Version 1.30.402 (2015-06-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Started with a story. You can find it in the other tab. Defeating gods and unlocking some things will add a short chapter. At the moment there are only a few chapters but I will add more with each update until each god has one chapter.

Feel free to write me if you notice some mistakes or problems with it.*Now your creation speed and the auto training speed for special fights is tripled for up to 3 hours after being offline. (each 6 mins of offline time adds 1 min of speed bonus)

  • The multi from Powersurge multiplies now with the multi from Ultimate Beings.
  • Mouseovers adjust now a bit better to the textsize if it is not shown on top.
  • Defeat-count of an Ultimate Being is now shown on the Mouseover.
  • HP Recover / s is now shown in the tooltip above the HP.
  • Added an option for Clones to autofill the divinity generator
  • Added a 100kButton.
  • Added a new Tab 'Might' which is unlocked after unlocking all trainings. There you can boost your stats,clones and get some temporary but powerful abilities.
  • Added GP-Option to rename your character.
  • Fixed the bug of disappearing BP when using export / import and some other small issues.

Version 1.22.386 (2015-05-03)[edit | edit source]

  • UBs are now less random and the first one is a bit weaker so you can defeat it with 2 fights of 100k clones each.
  • The export of clear data works now and it creates data which my next game can import.
  • Powersurge can now also be used to increase the power of your clones when you fight UBs for 1% every 2 progresses up to a maximum of 100% (it will reset after used for a fight).
  • Added an inputfield for creation count to make it easier to input the wanted number if your creation count is high.
  • When you create Shadow Clones, you will now always create the max count independent from the number you set for creations to create.
  • Added GP-Option to increase the white area for TBS.
  • Added GP-Option for a chance to get double points for a hit in TBS.
  • Added GP-Option to double your statistic multi.
  • Added GP-Option for improved 'Next at'. After buying it, the clones won't be removed unless there is a next skill available.

Version 1.21.375 (2015-04-17)[edit | edit source]

  • Powersurge and the timer for Ultimate Beings will now also progress when offline.
  • Added Baal Power (BP) to make it easier for people with less clones to defeat UBs.
  • You will receive 1 * V of Baal BP when you defeat Baals. You can adjust them before fighting UBs to increase the attack and defense of your clones. After rebirthing, you will lose all unused BP, so be sure to use them up!
  • Added new statistic for defeated Ultimate Beings.

Version 1.20.374 (2015-04-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a new Tab: Planet which is unlocked after spending one planet and it can be upgraded with higher tier creations after that. There you can adjust clones to increase an additional stat multiplier and fight ultimate beings.

Ultimate beings are the strongest enemies in this game and you fight them together with your shadow clones. They are very rewarding and add a lot of current stats, give a lot of divinity and can even drop God Power if you can defeat them!

  • Added new achievements for trainings, skills and fights for longer playtime after rebirthing.
  • Fixed bug with offline calculation for monument upgrades.
  • Fixed white area for TBS after rebirthing, so it starts with the correct width.
  • The white area will move now to a different position if you fail to hit it 5 times in a row.

Version 1.112.367 (2015-02-17)[edit | edit source]

  • Because the mirror TBS game was disliked by some people I added an option to play it normal but with less score gain and less critical gain.
  • The not mirrored one is the default now and starts at lv 0 but you keep the progress of your mirrored one before this update if you toggle it on.

Version 1.111.366 (2015-02-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Because people could just use an autoclicker if the the GPoptions for the TBS game were maxed and the power gain was too big compared to other options, I limited it to 80% chance to not lose a level and a maximum of 80% can be kept after rebirthing now.
  • Everyone who has spent GP on one of the two new options got their GP back and they were reseted to zero so people can evaluate it anew with the new limits in mind.

Version 1.11.365 (2015-02-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Added GP Options to reduce Point losses on misses and to keep some progress after rebirthing for TBS.
  • Every part TBS is now a bit different to not have 5 times the same game.
  • Added Statistic and Highscore for TBS.

Version 1.10.363 (2015-02-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a new training tab: 'The Baal Slayer' where you can increase the critical chance and damage you do when fighting gods. This is unlocked after defeating Baal.

Version 1.06.359 (2015-01-26)[edit | edit source]

  • The female avatar has now female titles.
  • Added option for auto creating shadow clones if they are not maxed.
  • Added timer for the divinity generator.
  • Monument upgrades are now more even. Now with an even upgrade count you have the same stats as before but with odd upgrades the stats are higher.
  • Fix: Changing the exponent settings will now also update the tooltip for gods.

Version 1.05.355 (2015-01-11)[edit | edit source]

  • The tooltip above the HP-Bar shows now the max hp.
  • Battle logs for special fights are now default invisible and can be shown with a button.
  • The 'Stop At' number for monuments is now saved after rebirthing.
  • Fix: The 'Stop At' feature doesn't prepay for the next monument after it stops anymore.
  • Fix: The Number for Next/Stop at in skill doesn't overwrite the Number for physical anymore when loading the game.

Version 1.04.352 (2015-01-04)[edit | edit source]

  • Added an option to stop the bulding of monument and monument upgrades at a specific number.
  • Some optimations for the stats page. It should now use around 20% less cpu.
  • Fixed infotext for creation/s gain in the tooltip for creations.
  • Fixed cost of monument upgrades if auto buy is on and the cost is reduced.

Version 1.03.348 (2014-12-25)[edit | edit source]

  • Reverted the recursion for creations because it had some weird side effects.
  • Fixed the text showing on top for total power gain / s for trainings.

Version 1.02.347 (2014-12-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Recursion for creations is now faster if creations have prerequisites.
  • Added a possibility to reduce the cost for autobuy.
  • Tooltips for trainings and fights show now always the power gain for 1 clone.
  • Fixed offline calculation if the setting stop after finish is on.
  • Fixed tooltip for creation prerequisites if you can create only one.
  • Fixed statistic for creating shadow clones if you can create more than one.

Version 1.01.345 (2014-12-14)[edit | edit source]

  • Red avatar items can now be seen on the left avatar before unlocking it.
  • Added two more clothing extras.
  • The rebirth cap for monument upgrades will now increase by 1 for every P.Baal defeated.
  • Fixed lag of capping high lv monsters.
  • Fixed number of creations in tooltip if there are more than one.

Version 1.0.344 (2014-12-07)[edit | edit source]

  • Reworked the Avatar. Now you can choose between female and male and modify your avatar with some different clothing parts after defeating gods or creating things.
  • Fixed some issue which might have been the cause for the data loss after refreshing for some people.

Version 0[edit | edit source]

Version 0.999.342 (2014-11-28)[edit | edit source]

  • Instead of the 1 clone setting there is now an ignore clone count setting where you can input a number of clones which will be ignored. This will also ignore the current cap! Calculating the cap up to 1680 times a second would lag the game quite badly.
  • In the rebirth screen now only the base values are shown and the total multi is shown in the mouse over because it caused quite some confusion the other way around.
  • Achievements will be checked on evey refresh / import now. So if somehow an achievement isn't reached even if it should. Export Import or a refresh should fix this from now on.
  • Added 6 more monsters to defeat and optimized calculations when fighting so even though there are 6 more monsters the lag should be slightly less on the fighting page now.
  • Added new 500k Achievements for trainings and thousand separators.
  • Added an afk-mode to reduce the needed cpu power when you are afk.
  • The godpower icon is now shining more brightly when not everything is adjusted to stat bonus.
  • Fix: Skillcount won't reduced anymore when a fight was won or lost.
  • Fix: When fighting a P.Baal
  • Version the creation you did before will be restarted now.

Version 0.995.341 (2014-11-24)[edit | edit source]

  • Fix: 1 clone setting when offline should now add training levels
  • Fix: 1 clone will now stay at a training if the setting is on and the 'Next at' is reached
  • The time played since rebirth statistic now influences the total rebirth multiplier. You need to play 1 hour until it reaches 100% and after that it will be increased 1% every 30 minues.

Version 0.994.340 (2014-11-23)[edit | edit source]

  • Special offer: Until 2014-11-30 (GMT) 1 you will receive 50% extra god power for Kred purchases!
  • You can now adjust unused god power for higher multipliers.
  • The state of 'Auto' on special fight is now saved between game starts.
  • Added a new setting to turn of the tooltips.
  • Added a new setting to still train one cloned trainings if 'next at' is on.
  • Reduced the updating interval of some stats to reduce the needed cpu power.
  • Added new statistic for time played since last rebirth. (Only works after your next rebirth after this update)

Version 0.993.339 (2014-11-17)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed cooldown for special fights and sorted skills.
  • Fixed offline calculation for upgrading monuments.
  • Divinity reward for special fights is now twice as much.
  • When you can create more than one creation, now all needed items will be created until the chosen count can be created.
  • The creations you need are now also shown depending on how much you want to create.

Version 0.992.338 (2014-11-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed auto mode for special fights. It should work now when the tab is not open.
  • Added slider to adjust the creations you want to create if at least one is purchased with gp.
  • Added lower cost / more creation gain if more than one is created.
  • Added 'Flee' button to flee from a special fight.
  • Cooldown for all skills is now always at least 0.5 sec after a skill is used.

Version 0.991.337 (2014-11-14)[edit | edit source]

  • Added option to sort skills for special fights.
  • Added auto mode to use skills for special fights.
  • Added setting to show tooltips on top instead of the mouse position.
  • Fixed achievement gained if you get more than one at a time.
  • Fixed cost of creations if more than one is created at once.

Version 0.99.336 (2014-11-11)[edit | edit source]

  • Autobuy is now also used for the divinity generator.
  • Added option to auto-stop after a building is finished.
  • Added new 'Special' as a fight where you can use your skills and improve your trainings.
  • Added new Highscore and statistic for the most defeated shadow clones in the special fight.
  • Added new god power option to increase the number of creations you can create each progress.
  • Baal is now only half as strong and P.Baals have 1/10 of their old power.

Version 0.986.333 (2014-10-30)[edit | edit source]

  • Cost for buildings is now paid up-front when you start it.
  • Divinity generator is now being built offline.
  • Fixed scientific notation for achievement mouseovers.
  • Reduced lag for the god-fight page.
  • Duration for chakra pill and godly liquid is increased by 50%.
  • Added offers which will last until rebirthing.
  • Added color picker for changing the ui-color to the settings.
  • Added max button for buying creations.
  • Added highscore for highest god defeated. (Hyperion = 1, Baal = 28, P.Baal = 29...)

Version 0.985.332 (2014-10-28)[edit | edit source]

  • Offline calculations use now the auto buy if it is turned on.
  • Fixed bug with offline calculations for monument / upgrade levels.
  • Changed buttonstyle, cause it confused some people.
  • Added light blue and red styles in the settings. They are not very good but now you can choose between 3 gui styles and don't have to look on gray all day.

Version 0.984.331 (2014-10-26)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the timers, they were off on some pcs.

Version 0.983.330 (2014-10-25)[edit | edit source]

  • Added Settings to use scientific notation instead of spoken names.
  • Added 25 and 75 buttons for buying creations.
  • Added attack stat to the monster tooltip
  • Player attack stat is now shown on the left stats page.
  • Sync scrollbars now only synces trainigs.
  • Fixed divinity statistic from auto buy.
  • Reworked statistics multiplier (you will now receive much higher multipliers from statistics) and calculations are shown now on the statistic page.

Version 0.982.329 (2014-10-22)[edit | edit source]

  • Added a setting to switch between 'stop at' and 'next at' for trainings
  • Added a 10000 button and some more options for the buy screen.
  • Added offline calculations for divinity generation and upgrades.
  • Some balancing of stats. Achievement multis for creating are weaker at the beginning but stronger at higher tiers.
  • Achievement multis for physical and mystic are now 2 times as strong at tier 11-20 and 3 times as strong at tier 21-28
  • Gods now have a piercing attack depending on their tier starting with 1/28 of their attacks, ending with 100% of their attacks for Baal and higher.

Version 0.981.328 (2014-10-20)[edit | edit source]

  • Added 'Stop' button when fighting a god.
  • Added tooltip info for creations in change-mode.
  • Tooltips are now above the achivement popup.

Version 0.98.327 (2014-10-20)[edit | edit source]

  • Gods now have their own tab.
  • Creation has now its own tab and the layout is totally different. It should use way less cpu-power this way.
  • Added auto buy option for missing creations.
  • The buy option from god powers to increase your maximum clones can now go over 99999 (which will also last after rebirthing).
  • Tabs are now sorted into categories to have more space.
  • Stop At is changed to 'Next at'. Now it will automatically go to the next training or skill if the value is reached and the next one is unlocked.
  • Achievements for creations give now 100x higher multiplier to make it more worthwile
  • Fixed some typos

Version 0.973.326 (2014-10-15)[edit | edit source]

  • Fix: Display error after using Chakra Pill.
  • Fix: Missing upgrades after building the divinity generator.

Version 0.972.325 (2014-10-14)[edit | edit source]

  • Fix: Divinity generator went to zero after Athena. Now it stays the same and goes up after defeating Zeus.

Version 0.971.324 (2014-10-14)[edit | edit source]

  • The divinity generator now has a lower base converting speed / capacity but it will increase after defeating gods stronger than Athena.
  • The time needed for upgrades is also almost halved.
  • Fix: clones after building the divinity generator.
  • Added new boss after the last god is defeated for people who have already defeated it.

Version 0.97.323 (2014-10-13)[edit | edit source]

  • Added divinity generator. Now you can recycle your creations for divinity! This is unlocked after building the first temple of god.
  • Fix: buy is now always unlocked after creating one creation.
  • Fix: multiplier for upgrades and highest god are calculated right now.

Version 0.963.322 (2014-10-11)[edit | edit source]

  • Reduced the powerlevel of the first god by 50% and the second god by 25%.
  • Added a settings button (top right) where you can do following:
  • Set framerate. Lower framerate means you need less cpu-power and less lags.
  • Sync scrollbars. With this all scrollbars are synched together.
  • Disable achievement popups.

Version 0.962.321 (2014-10-10)[edit | edit source]

  • Rebalanced upgrades because they were way too strong.
  • A creation remembers now what the player has started and will create the missing items and then go back.
  • Bigger tooltips for creations, cause later ones were too small.

Version 0.961.320 (2014-10-09)[edit | edit source]

  • Fix for offline time.
  • When fighting a god, now won't be able to damage it if you don't survive the first hit
  • Fix for scrollbars, now they are for each tab seperate again

Version 0.96.319 (2014-10-08)[edit | edit source]

  • Some changes for offline calculations, but I'm not sure if it has been totally fixed though. For this update, nobody receives offline-bonuses.
  • Added the much wanted 'CAP' button. This button will adjust the clones to the cap or an optimal clone count if the cap can't be reached.
  • Added visual feedback when fighting a god to show the damage/s done.
  • Reseting the game will now give you a starting amount of 10 god power.
  • Every god will drop a god power now after the first time he is defeated.
  • Auto add saves now the last user changed value and will always try auto-refil until this value is reached.
  • After rebirthing the scrollbars are now set to the top.

Version 0.951.318 (2014-10-07)[edit | edit source]

  • There ways an exploit for god power.
  • The Exploit is removed and everyone who used it has their multiplier resetted.

Version 0.95.317(2014-10-06)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed display bug for creation time on the tooltip
  • Added 'God Power'. After each god you defeat, you gain 1 of it, if the god is stronger than Izanagi.
  • With god powers, you can buy permanent bonus like increased creation speed, faster building speed or increase the shadow clone limit
  • Everyone gains 10 god powers as starting bonus and god powers are also purchaseable with kreds.

Version 0.94.316 (2014-10-05)[edit | edit source]

  • Added your total attack power to the statistic page
  • When you attack a god and are defeated, you will auto create shadow clones now
  • Fixed display bug for offline time
  • Removed an exploit

Version 0.932.315 (2014-10-05)[edit | edit source]

  • Short fix. It was possible to input negative numbers when buying items with divinity.

Everyone who cheated divinity like this has their divinity reduced to 0

Version 0.931.314 (2014-10-05)[edit | edit source]

  • Added buttons for 1
  • 1000, they will now put their numbers in the text field

That way you can play the same as before but with an additional option for input

Version 0.93.313(2014-10-05)[edit | edit source]

  • If a creation is activated and is missing some items, the first missing item is now activated automatically.
  • Added info how many creations you have created by yourself to the tooltip
  • Moved the reset button to the info page, cause some people pressed it instead of rebirth
  • Replaced '.' with ',' for numbers < 1 million
  • Added power level to god tooltip
  • Made it easer to see, if it's save to rebirth
  • Fixed the way microtransactions reduce the time needed for creations / monuments
  • Added option to stop skills / training at a specific value
  • Removed toggle for clones and added textbox where you can input the value you need
  • Added power gain in seconds for all trainings, skills and fights at top of the page
  • Some minor fixes

Version 0.92.312 (2014-10-05)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a lot of typos. Thanks for your input!
  • Made some adjustments to hopefully prevent some issues when starting the game.
  • Renamed 'Money' to 'Divinity' with some better explanation.
  • The tooltip above the gods shows now the attack and defense instead of power level.
  • The tooltip above Creating shows creation speed in % instead of formula.
  • Added info how max clones are calculated on the rebirth page.
  • Added info for max clones to the top left tooltip
  • Added info for training and skills when it is capped to the tooltip
  • Added total upgrades and highest god beaten to statistics.
  • Added new Highscore: Monuments for you total monuments created.
  • Added info to the tooltip above creations and your title 'Received from [Godname]'.

Version 0.91.311 (2014-10-04)[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed offline-calculations for power gain.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed tooltips for powergain / s for training, skills and fights.
  • Halved time needed for most creations but shadow clones.
  • The 'Create'
  • Tab is now on first position and when starting a new game or rebirthing, creating shadow clones is auto started.
  • Added more specific descriptions for Physical, Mystic, Battle and Creating.
  • Added a description to hyperion how powerful you need be to damage gods.
  • Improved autosave. Now a gamesave should not be lost, when the browser crashes.
  • Added an option to auto add clones when fighting and they are defeated.
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