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Challenges become available after defeating Tyrant Overlord Baal. Completing a challenge provides special bonuses that make the progression of the game easier. They can be completed multiple times to get the same reward again, up to a set limit.

Most challenges provide rewards in the form of God Power, Challenge Points, and special perks. Maxing out a challenge (e.g. completing 50 out of 50 UBCs) increases the Challenge Point reward for that challenge by 50%, and may also provide additional perks, depending on the challenge.

Normal Challenges

God Power Challenge (GPC)

Main article: God Power Challenge GPC simply requires you to obtain some God Power, by any means you wish. The amount required is (n+1)*50: 100 for the first challenge, 150 for the second, 200 for the third, and so on, up to 1300 for the 25th.

Ultimate Universe Challenge (UUC)

Main article: Ultimate Universe Challenge The Ultimate Universe Challenge (UUC) doesn't reset anything, you simply make a universe on your next rebirth to finish this challenge.

Monument Multi Challenge (MMC)

Main article: Monument Multi Challenge Achieve a Monument Multiplier of 60 billion / (41 - n): 1.5 billion for the 1st, 1.538 billion for the 2nd, and so on, with 60 billion required for the 40th. Monument Multiplier equals 1 + (the sum of your multiplier to each stat from monuments)/2.

What monuments count toward this multiplier is dependent on how many MMCs have been completed. First challenge is easier than Ultimate Universe Challenge but gets progressively harder. The final five will be as hard as a Black Hole Challenge.

All Achievements Challenge (AAC)

Main article: All Achievements Challenge The All Achievements Challenge (AAC) does not reset anything, and simply tasks you with completing every in-game achievement. This means reaching level 10 million on all trainings, 10 million kills on all monsters, and every creating achievement from Light to Universes.

Black Hole Challenge (BHC)

Main article: Black Hole Challenge Think of this as one step up from the Ultimate Universe Challenge. You lose no multipliers, but have to make 1 black hole, with 1 upgrade to complete this challenge.

Ultimate Pet Challenge (UPC)

Main article: Ultimate Pet Challenge This... is a weird challenge. You're going to head into what seems to be a normal rebirth. However, you can't fight the gods yourself, only your pets can. This challenge does not reset your rebirth multipliers.

Crystal Power Challenge (CPC)

Main article: Crystal Power Challenge Gather crystal power equal to 100 + (20 * # Challenges completed)

Total Might Challenge (TMC)

Main article: Total Might Challenge The Total Might Challenge (TMC) will reset your total might to zero, but return it after finishing the challenge.

The goal is to generate a total of 5000 + (1000 * # challenges finished). Double Rebirth Challenge counts, Clone Build-up Challenge doesn't.

Planet Multi Challenge (PMC)

Main article: Planet Multi Challenge Your goal is to get a Planet Multiplier of 20 billion (2.0 E+10 %). Every completed PMC increases the goal by another 20 billion. (20 billion + 20 billion * PMCs completed.)

1k Black Hole Challenge (1KBHC)

Main article: 1K Black Hole Challenge Black hole challenges are too easy? Do it with one thousand clones! You must defeat Tyrant Overlord Baal and create a 1/1 Black Hole with only 1000 clones.

Ultimate Beings V2 Challenge (UBV2C/V2C)

Main article: Ultimate Beings V2 Challenge Beat harder versions of each Ultimate Beings V2.

Ultimate Beings V4 Challenge (UBV4C)

Main article: Ultimate Beings V4 Challenge Defeat ITRTGv4 with increased difficulty.

No Div Monument Challenge (NDMC)

Main article: No Div Monument Challenge The goal is to have a specific monument with a given level and upgrade level while only using creations you manually make in a single rebirth - you can't buy anything with divinity, meaning divinity is useless in this challenge. The amount and type goes up with challenge completed. For the 1st one you need to build a Mighty Statue to 100/10, the 2nd one to 250/25, 3rd one to 500/50. This pattern repeats for the next 6 monuments culminating in 500/50 Temple of God for the 21st challenge.

SpaceDim challenge (SDC)

Main article: Space Dim Challenge The goal is to level up one relevant SpaceDim element to level 100 x (1 + challenges finished). The relevant element starts at the one unlocked by defeating PBaal V5 one and ends at the V100 one.

Overflow challenge (OC)

Main article: Overflow Challenge This challenge is completed manually after at least 6 hours. The goal is to get a high score by having universes, Black Holes, Black Hole Upgrades, Pet multiplier, Might, SpaceDim and Ultimate Beings V4, and get Overflow Points.

Reset Multi Challenges

It should be noted that almost all (except NRC) of the reset multi challenges can be trivialized to X number of might runs with decent pets and a fairly big base might. That will be glossed over in the strategy sections and the strategies will assume that you have not yet reached that point.

Double Rebirth Challenge (DRC)

This is the most basic challenge and similar to any ascension/rebirth/reset mechanic in most other idle games.


Double Rebirth Challenge (DRC) is the simplest and easiest challenge. It only requires the player to repeat the climb from Hyperion to Tyrant Overlord Baal with a rebirth multiplier reset to 0.

Unlock Condition 

Defeat Tyrant Overlord Baal.



Recommended Stats 

None. This is the easiest challenge and great to do early on for any player.


10 bonus GP when you defeat Baal. 500.000 stats multi

For each DRC completed, whenever you unlock Might, you immediately gain one level in all Might skills. These levels count towards your permanent total Might. You can gain up to 50 free levels this way.


This challenge can be easily completed from the moment it is available, as it has no special requirements or restrictions.

Banked GP and Crystal Power (CP) for higher stats helps speed up the challenge. As do high pet stats. (3k growth is good, higher is better.)

Early rebirths benefit greatly from creation count and creation speed increases, as creating scales strongly with both.

Later rebirths (once monuments and upgrades are unlocked) benefit a lot from build speed and clone cap, like P. Baal runs.

Eventually you will want 3334% creation speed or higher, to be able to black bar clones and early creations even with no rebirth multiplier.

Before starting a DRC, unless your multipliers are already low, do some quick rebirths to squeeze out some GP, since you will lose multis anyway.

God Skip Challenge (GSC)

Like a DRC, but one god is missing and so is everything unlocked by defeating that god. First missing god is Chronos, second is Coatlicue, third is Amaterasu, and so on.

Unlock Condition 

Complete 1 DRC.


None for the first few runs. Gets much harder as earlier gods are skipped.

  • Freya - No Monument Upgrades
  • Cybele and Izanagi onward - No Divinity Generator
  • Nephthys - No divinity, just like an NDC
  • Diana - No Monuments
Recommended Stats 

Until Freya this challenge is barely harder than a DRC. Beyond Freya, having a high base might (30-50k%) will make most of these relatively trivial by just doing might runs. Pets and your Planet will also help so having a level 50+ planet as well as some pets over 5k growth will also help a lot. Since most of the restriction hinder monuments, build speed is not as important.


Your Crystal Power's benefits are increased by 2%, up to 50% after 25 Challenges completed. The 26th doubles that bonus to 100%.


Until Freya is not much harder than a DRC, so it is recommended to do at least that much.

Freya: Have a ratio of 4:3:3 between Temple of God, Pyramids of Power, and Godly Statue. This corresponds to a ratio of 22:7:2 in the number of clones.

From this point on you will be relying heavily on might runs so it is recommended that you have at least 30-50k% might and have completed DRC’s.

Cybele: Locks div gen. Fight stronger monsters than you normally would. Save one-time sources of divinity (pet campaigns, UBs, GP buys) until Might unlocks, then push as far down the monster list as possible before popping them to maximize your divinity income. After passing Freya focus on Mystic Gardens and Tombs of the Gods due to the relatively low divinity costs of their upgrades.

Nephthys: Can't buy for creations Like with NDCs, once monument upgrades are unlocked focus on Mighty Statues and Mystic Gardens and try to create 20 mountains and forests manually.

Diana: Locks the monuments. It'll be slow, but if you can finish this one you can finish all GSCs, since Itztli is more or less the same. Don't forget that in the last couple of rebirths you can make enough divinity to create a few crystals.

Other early gods: many of these block Mystic Gardens but allow Mighty Statues. This means your stats will be enormously skewed in favor of offense, so wherever possible (unspent GP, crystals) focus on Mystic. The gods get to swing before you, so no matter how high your attack is you need to be able to take one hit to beat them.

No Divinity Challenge (NDC)

Before this challenge begins, you perform a Double Rebirth resetting your multiplier. You must defeat Baal while not being able to buy creations with divinity.

Unlock Condition 

Have a creation count of at least 50.


You can't buy anything with divinity.

Recommended Stats 

A high base might% (30-50k%), a decent sized planet, and some beefy pets will trivialize these. Otherwise, a high CC and 3.4-10k CS so that you can build some monuments and their upgrades.


Each NDC completed adds to your base divinity generator stats as though you defeated 2 more gods, and the auto-buy cost of creations is decreased by 0.6%. Reward capped at 25.


Might runs with a high base might, and strong pets will reduce the reliance on monuments, but if you are struggling with those areas: have as much Creation Count as possible. 50+ is enough, while 100+ makes them almost as quick as DRCs. don’t worry about unlocking the DIV gen since it is useless anyways.

Once monument upgrades are available, focus on Mighty Statues and Mystic Gardens, since it's practical to create 20 mountains and forests manually in the time it takes to unlock Might each rebirth.

Overview of important factors / To Do list:

Ultimate Gods Challenge (UGC)

Before this challenge begins, you perform a Double Rebirth resetting your multiplier. You must defeat P. Baal V11 to finish, increasing by 1 P. Baal per challenge. In this challenge the power of all gods are stronger by (1.2 + 0.2 * UGCs finished) ^ number of current god.

Unlock Condition 

Finish at least one RTI Challenge



Recommended Stats 

Similar to PBC, UBC/UAC help to defeat the higher level P. Baal. DRC’s completed, some beefy pets, level 50+ planet, 30-50k% might.


Increases the Baal power earned from P.Baals by 2% per challenge completed, increased to 50% after completing all 20.


1K Clone Challenge (1KC)

You liked DRCs? Getting pretty and easy and fast at this point, right? Now do them with only 1000 clones.

Unlock Condition 

Complete 2 DRC.


Like a DRC, with the added restriction of having only 1000 clones until you defeat Baal.

Recommended Stats 

Having DRC’s completed as well as 100k+ of base might is highly recommended so that you are not held back by relying on monuments. Many players just do 95 minute Might runs to progress through this challenge.


You will receive +5% speed when training Might skills, up to a maximum of +200% (3x speed), after 40 1KC's have been completed.


10,000% or more build speed is highly recommended, as well as a large banked pool of GP and all of your training one caps. Pets help a lot, as well as completed GSCs. The more DRCs and CBCs the better, because it's practically impossible to train might with only 1k clones. It is better to start it after you have maxed DRCs first. If you are doing these early on, focus on mighty statues and mystic gardens.

One CC Challenge (OCCC or 1CCC)

Maxed at 25. Your CC and current GP are reset, and your max clone count is set to 10 million. You must reach your max clone count.

Unlock Condition 

Have more than 10 Million max Clones.


The typical Multi Reset restrictions apply. In addition, your CC and GP are reset, and your max clone count is set to 10+(2*1CCC's finished) million. Buying additional CC is disallowed, as are Ultimate Shadow Summons.

You will not earn GP from gods if your previous rebirth was under 30 minutes. Pets cannot earn GP. GP from God Crystals and Black Holes is doubled.

Recommended Stats 



Challenge Points: 15

God Power Reward: 300+20*1CCC's finished

Statistics Multi: 3 million

Increases your creation count for creating shadow clones by 1% per challenge finished, doubled (total 50%) after completing all 25 challenges.


The basic goal here is to accumulate as much God Power as possible, and then spend it all to buy clones to finish the challenge. There are a couple different ways to get the GP you need.

The first way is to climb P.Baals as quickly as possible, rebirthing semi-frequently to get GP from killing gods repeatedly. Start with 30 minute rebirths, and switch to might runs once you're past Freya. Rebirth with higher and higher P.Baals, until you have enough GP for your clones. (The amount of GP you get for completing the challenge should be the same amount you'd need to buy all the clones on a fresh rebirth.)

The second way is to start out with short rebirths (30min - might runs) at first and then (once your multis are high enough to easily get a div gen up), do one long run until the end.

DO NOT spend any GP before that last run.

You'll want all the GP to be spent on Shadow Summons to increase your clones. And on the last run you can get additional GP from UBs & UBv2s (make sure that the fights are extremely one-sided & easy so you don't lose any serious amount of clones) and get a big god crystal asap (div gen before that obviously) and create some black holes if you already reached Baal.

As far as I remember, the first run took me about 1 day and 17 hours with about 13m clones, 100k% bs and a lot of great pets (like 20 pets with a growth of well over 25k).

So depending on your stats, this challenge might take you 2-3 days but probably at least 1 day. (GP from dungeons or camps were disabled in the patch after the patch that introduced it.)

No Rebirth Challenge (NRC)

A DRC is too easy with rebirthing, so let's remove the ability to do so.

Unlock Condition 

Complete one 1KC.


Like a DRC, but you can't rebirth.

Recommended Stats 

This is one of the most demanding challenges, stat-wise. 50k+% building speed, 10m+ clones, 10k+% cs, 100k% Might bonus, able to train up to million+% pet bonus, level 50+ planet and 20k+% unspent GP bonus. With all that a run could still take 3+ days.


250 bonus GP when you kill Baal.

Ultimate Beings will respawn 1% faster per NRC completed, to a max of 20%. To compare to the base spawn rate for each UB:

Ultimate Being 0 NRC Spawn Time 20 NRC Spawn Time
Planet Eater 1:00:00 48:00
Godly Tribunal 2:00:00 1:36:00
Living Sun 3:00:00 2:24:00
God Above All 4:00:00 3:12:00
ITRTG 5:00:00 4:00:00

In the end, this means you will gain 25% more crystal energy and divinity from UBs overall.


Similar to a DRC or PBC, you want to maximize pet%, planet% and focus as much as possible on Mighty Statue and Mystic Garden and its upgrades. Next, ensure that you have sufficient levels in Powersurge+ to BB Powersurge itself (with a level 70+ planet, ~1600 levels will suffice to bb with ~10m clones).

Note that if you have access to ad points, investing in increased physical (or physical/mystical to prevent glass cannon syndrome) can dramatically cut the time required to complete the challenge. Having the ITRTG book pet is also recommended.

P Baal Challenge (PBC)

Arty challenge too hard? DRC too easy? Try this! Get to a P Baal within 5 rebirths with all of your stats!

Unlock Condition 

Kill P.Baal 5


You have 5 rebirths (including the one to start it) to get to P.Baal * number of challenges finished

Recommended Stats 

DRC’s completed, some beefy pets, level 50+ planet, 30-50k% might. UAC/UBC’s can also help immensely by reducing the stats of later P.Baals exponentially.


Your monuments will have 4% higher rebirth caps for each challenge finished (max 100%) and each P.Baal will have a 4% chance to drop a second GP (max 100%). If you have finished 25 of them, Black Hole upgrades will increase their rebirth multi by 50%.


Early runs will be only slightly harder than a DRC. on your first challenge you should be aiming to kill 6-7 gods per rebirth (or more), while later challenges will require up to ten or more gods per rebirth.

In terms of stats, you are aiming for 1e59 to kill P Baal 1, so you will need to get at least 1e12 stats per rebirth. This means getting to at least Gefion without rebirthing.

PBv25 will have stats up to 1e106 (less with UBC’s) so if you can get to Diana (1e18) before might unlocks, then you should be able to push nearly to Freya (1e30). Getting past Freya on RB 1 in a reasonable time (~3hrs) is an important factor during later iterations of this challenge since the gap between early gods is much smaller than the gap between PB’s.

It is also important to keep in mind that your stat multi will also likely drop off between PBv12 and PBv14 depending on how far you are into the game. It may be wise to grab some stat doublers (50GP each) so that you are not missing too much rebirth multi going into RB5. For most players, this will require a stat multi of 1e14-1e15  to match the God Multi of P.Baal 15-18 depending on your play style.

No Rebirth Dungeon Challenge (NRDC)

You're going to head into what seems to be a simple DRC. However, you can't fight the gods yourself; only your pets can.

Unlock Condition 

Top 18 Pet Dungeon Levels are above 450.

Complete 1 NRC.


Only your pets can fight gods until you (or they) defeat Baal.

Rebirthing will cancel the challenge.

Only your pets can attack gods, but the gods (up through Baal) will attack both your pets and you. Pet strength in god fights is determined by pet stats, a multiplier for gods defeated, a multiplier for beating dungeon bosses, and a multiplier for monuments.

Pet campaigns work normally; unlike UPC, item camps do not boost your pet strength against gods.

Recommended Stats 

Pets with the ability to kill the boss on depth 2 at the minimum. More dungeon slots and better equipment will make it easier. If you are unable to kill D2 bosses, then you are better off spending your time on something else.


Decrease time needed to clear one room in dungeons by 1%. With all 20 complete a single room will take only 12 minutes from 15 minutes.

Completing all 20 challenges will increase the max number of rooms from 48 to 60.


The basic mechanics are identical to UPC, except that the pet bonus from item campaigns is replaced by a bonus from dungeon bosses. Also, since this is a double-rebirth challenge (unlike UPC), your own stat multiplier will be lost; therefore, you need to boost both your pet stats and your own stats.

At difficulty 0, defeating the boss of Depth 1 will multiply pet stats by 2. Defeating the boss of Depth 2 will multiply pet stats by 12. Defeating the boss of Depth 3 will multiply pet stats by 70. Higher difficulty will increase the multiplier.

Each level of difficulty adds a 10% additive bonus to that multiplier. I.e. if you send everything into a difficulty 2 D2 dungeon with the D1 at difficulty 5, then you will get x3 (2 plus 5x10% = 3) from the D1 boss and x14.4 (12 plus 2x 10% = 14.4) from the D2 boss. The rounding can be a bit funny as the dungeon rewards will only show whole numbers but the actual calculations on the Fight Gods page do include the decimals.

With three teams doing D2's you will normally finish the NRC and pet multi portions in roughly the same time. Depending on your pets, gear, and overall stats, ymmv. If your stats lag behind, simply use the same strategy as a NRC. You only ever need to have enough stats to kill the initial version of Baal, while your pets need the stats to kill the higher level PB's. With each completion your pets will need to kill a stronger Baal to finish.

--> A few notes of my runs and important so far (16.5m clones, 110k% bs, NDCs done, 24/40 1kCs done): (screenshot of that page):

Reset GP Challenges

Ultimate Baal Challenge (UBC)


Ultimate Baal Challenge (UBC) requires the player to defeat Baal with almost all of their statistics reset, similar to having a new game.

Unlock Condition 

Defeat Tyrant Overlord Baal.


The challenge resets your GP bonuses, unspent GP, CP, and your rebirth multipliers back to their starting values. One-time GP bonuses such as Improved Next At are not kept, but can be bought again during the challenge. The pets stat contribution is disabled, except pet campaigns, which can still be levelled. Might skills can be levelled but your permanent Might bonus is disabled. DRC might rewards are withheld, but CBC might rewards are not.

Clone dividers, training caps, and base divinity generator stats are kept.

During the challenge Lucky Draws cannot be opened, but they can still be collected.

After succeeding, you will get everything other than your multipliers back.

Recommended Stats 

You will likely do one of these early on to unlock the crystal factory, but subsequent UBC’s benefit immensely from 1KC, AAC, and CBC, as well as the upgrade Improved Next At. Without some or all of these, UBC’s will likely slow you down more than they will help in the long run.


The first UBC completed permanently unlocks UBv2 and the crystal factory.

100 GP + any GP not spend on pet food during the challenge (this does include GP spent on one-time clone and divinity boosts) + any leftover unspent GP earned during the challenge.

The stats increases of P. Baal 2 and on will be reduced by 1% per UBC completed, to a maximum of 50%. Since this stacks with each successive P.Baal, this reward can get VERY dramatic.

Each P.Baal grows in power by a factor of 100 - n, where n equals the number of times you completed a UBC, e.g. No UBC completed: 100- 0 = 100x power each P. Baal, 16 UBC's completed: 100 - 16 = 84x power each P.Baal. With no UBC's completed, the maximum P.Baal in the game will be v125. With all 50 UBC's completed this is extended to v147.

See also: Ultimate Baal Challenge Guide, UBC Guide Big Pet Energy

Focusing on clone making/killing in the first few rebirths can help a lot in later rebirths when you have more to focus on. Your initial GP should be spent on BS, with some beefy pets you can do some lucrative GP campaigns and try to get lucky with some of the GP dungeons for CC and CS as well. For newer players, focus GP on BS and rebirth as soon as you are green to maximize GP gains after Izanagi. Div Gen is mostly a waste of effort and you will be better off focusing on Mighty Statues and Mystic Gardens and using the time to stick pets in growth camps.

Having all of your 1 caps will greatly help speed up the time of this challenge, as well as having the premium upgrade Improved Next At For Challenges. A level 1 Planet allows you to more quickly kill your clones at the end of each rebirth to raise the clone cap.

Rewards from completed AAC, CBC, and 1KC challenges count for this challenge. Most other challenges also help but their rewards will not be as noticeable. For example, you do get the rewards from BHC, but it is highly unlikely that you will be able to make a black hole anyways. You also get the benefit of baseline DRC rewards, but they will not count towards your total might, similar to ghost might from CBC in the rest of the game.

(For Kong or phone app) Hoarding ad points can help shave off a lot of time on your UBCs, by spending them on creating speed to get you clone cap higher, earlier, or by purchasing divinity.

Rare items like godly liquids and chakra pills also help.

Patreon Gods Challenge (PGC)

Works like a UBC, but you must defeat named P.Baals, while also working under additional restrictions chosen by the Patreon for whom the P.Baal is named.

The first challenge requires you to beat P.Baal v1, the second challenge requires P.Baal v2, and so on.

Unlock Condition 

Finish at least five UBCs


All of the UBC restrictions apply; in addition, each instance of the challenge will have a secret twist. These are not explicitly stated, either in advance or during the challenge; you must figure them out.

Recommended Stats 

The challenge is a little harder than a UBC. If you're comfortable doing UBCs, you can probably do the first few PGCs at least.


Challenge Points: 30

God Power Reward: 150

Statistics Multi: 7.500 million

1% more growth for all pets per challenge finished, doubled if all 25 are completed. "This is a multiplier to growth and is retroactive."


Similar to a UBC, although you must also work out the secret challenge restrictions and work around them simultaneously to finishing an extended UBC.

The first challenge removes your avatar's Physical and Battle stats, meaning that you get all of your Attack power and HP from Creating (with pet equipment bonus, but without the RTI bonus). However, Creating has a bonus multiplier to make things slightly more fair. Rebirth frequently to get to the point where you can build Lighthouse monuments and their upgrades. Spend God Power even more liberally on CC and CS than you would in a regular UBC. Once you can build Nations, go back to the regular UBC strategy, except that you'll want to use Creating crystals instead of Physical crystals, and Lighthouses instead of Mighty Statues.

The second and third challenges have no noticeable downside or benefit. The second challenge will turn all your pets into chickens so make sure you have them set up for campaigns and dungeons the way you want and you will barely notice that they all look the same. at this point your runs will likely be long enough that you will end up investing in more clones, BS, CC, and CS than you normally would in a UBC.

Clone Build-Up Challenge (CBC)

You start off without your GP purchases (similar to an UBC) and have to build up your Clone count to 99999.

Unlock Condition 

Unlock Challenges


Like UBC this challenge resets your GP bonuses, unspent GP, CP, your rebirth multipliers and total Might bonus back to their starting values.

You can't buy/increase shadow Clones with GP purchases.

After succeeding, you will get everything other than your multipliers back.

Recommended Stats 

Completed DRC’s and Improved Next At For Challenges (regular INA does not work) make this challenge a breeze. Pet XP overflow from challenge points as well as some beefy pets over 5k growth is also a big plus.


For every completion you'll get 20,000 more max clones (effectively 50 GP), 30 chocolates and 2 free "ghost" levels in all Might skills whenever Might is unlocked in a rebirth. Maximum of 25 CBCs.

Unlike the free Might levels from a DRC these aren't "real" levels. They increase the effects of the Might skills themselves but do not add to your permanent total Might or increase the level up time of Might skills. Also unlike DRC, these levels are available to you in UBC and PGC.


This is a Challenge that focus solely on creating and killing off clones. Try to avoid actually sitting at the clone soft cap by assigning clones to fight monsters that are too strong for them and letting the game automatically replenish them as they die.

BUT this will reduce the total amounts of clones you have which can be extremely bugger and even take away clones from your training tab. So think about switching off the "replace defeated clones" at the fighting tab:

Have as much Pet Growth as possible before starting as well as Pet Exp Overflow , as it will speed killing Gods, which will give you GP to spend on Creation Speed. DRCs will help each time you unlock Might. Having at least one dungeon team will help GP income, two is ideal. Scrapyard and Water temple events provide supplementary GP.

In the early rebirths, don't worry too much about increasing your clone cap, your goal is to work towards the clone BB speed. Spend all your GP on creation speed until 345% and you hit the CS soft cap at 1.6e42 creation. After this, just kill/create clones until the challenge is done. This should take you 4-6 rebirths and your target god is roughly Nyx-Jupiter depending how far your creation is behind other stats. If you are a fairly new player, it may take upwards of ten rebirths to get to this soft cap.

If you end up with more than 70 GP for the 345% CS, save towards 1 CC. you can also use Potions to double or quadruple your total CS meaning that if you are planning on using potions, you only need to spend 20 GP on CS and can spend the other 50 on 1CC. Regardless of how you reach the clone BB soft cap, once you have reached it, you have no more reason to make other creations, and relying on simple replacements for dead clones will invariably add several hours to the total time. If you are planning on leaving the house or sleeping while waiting for this challenge to finish, this is especially important as your stats will continue to grow and your ability to kill (and thus create) clones may result in little or no progress towards the 99,999 cap.

With no CC, this challenge has a low-cap time of ~8.5 hours (the time it would take to kill and/or create 20 million clones). More realistically it should take you a day to a day and a half through growing your stats and collecting enough GP , the last 8-10 hours of which are just waiting for clones to be created, and die again. If you have the ability to get more GP through pet camps, ad points, $$, or artificial rebirthing and are able to purchase 1 or 2 CC, you can cut this time significantly, higher end players have reported challenge times as low as 10 hours.

Ultimate Arty Challenge (UAC)

Like a UBC, but you lose even more and can only press the rebirth button 4 times.

Unlock Condition 

Complete one UBC.


On top of everything you lose in a UBC, you also lose your training cap reduction, planet, and access to TBS. You will get 4 rebirths to get to Baal (5 if you include the rebirth to initiate the challenge, rebirth number is in parenthesis on the rebirth button).

Challenge rewards that are disabled: GPC, UUC, MMC, TMC, UBV2C, NDMC, DRC, NDC (Div Gen size and creation cost bonuses only), CBC, DBC, DUC, DMC, and DNDC (creation count bonus only).

Challenge rewards that still work: AAC, BHC, UPC, CPC, PMC, 1KBHC, OC, GSC, NDC (Div Gen worker bonus only), 1KC, OCCC, NRC, PBC, NRDC, UBC, PGC, UCC, DPC, and DNDC (creation cost bonus only). Note that some of these rewards aren't relevant for a UAC.

Recommended Stats 

While there is marginal benefit from a few other aspects of the game in a UAC, it is good to have a basic knowledge of most of the game mechanics, as well as being fairly well read on various strategies.


200 GP, 10 million statistics multi, and 2% P. Baal growth reduction additive with UBC reward to a max of 50%. Refer to the UBC section for details on how growth reduction works. Completing the UAC for the first time unlocks the turtle pet, and a pet token is awarded for the 2nd completion. The 3rd and future completions earn you a Class Change Token.

All of your GP stats will return after completing this challenge, and like the UBC, any GP spent during the challenge is refunded.

Finally, you get a neat, cosmetic "arty was here" sign.


The benefits from NRC, 1KC and AAC help with this challenge. This challenge is probably best saved as one of the last challenges you should do, because it takes several weeks even in endgame and can take several months early on. The rewards for a UAC are also not proportionate to the effort. As an early challenge it will unlock training caps that would have to be unlocked anyways, while as a later challenge, you will have completed more of the associated challenges such as NRC, 1KC and AAC’s.

One of the best pieces of advice floating around is to use your first three GP to buy 1k clones as this effectively doubles the speed of your first rebirth. All other GP should be spent on Build Speed. the most important rebirth is the first one and it is highly recommended looking at a guide before and during your first rebirth, as the rest of the rebirths are simply a matter of standard but slow play.

TL;DR first rebirth: focus on training skills first as those unlock the auto training for all of your physical and skills trainings. Don't rebirth until you have the clone soft cap. Don't forget to use potions!

There are a lot of strategy guides on Kong and steam forums, but mostly it's just a matter of waiting, the most important this is knowing which gods to get to before rebirthing. Without hitting these targets, you will have very little chance of completing the challenge. Here is a very short table outlining approximate numbers to aim for.

Rebirth Target God Div Gen Might Training Unleash Approximate rb multies
1 Hathor/Pontus NA 6-10 each 20s 1E9 / 1 billion
2 Artemis/Eros 0/0/0 10-25 each 30s 1E17 / 100 Quadrillion
3 Athena/Susano 0/2/2 25 each 30s 1e26 / 100 Septillion
4 Amaterasu 0/5/2 25 each 30s 1E33 / 1 Decillion
5 Baal 0/5/2 25 each 30s NA

Since you will be extremely bored during this challenge, take up knitting, or learn the ins and outs of AFKY Clone. This is a great opportunity to build up your AFKY score for earning your AFKY pet, and so that your AFKY pet isn't completely useless once you get it.

A more detailed guide can be found at UAC Lazy Mans Guide.

Ultimate Challenge Challenge (UCC)

Complete other challenges (without the normal rewards).

Despite being listed in the "Reset GP" section, this challenge does not reset your GP purchases -- nor does it even trigger a Rebirth.  During this challenge you can freely start other challenges as you normally would, with all the normal requirements and restrictions for each.  However, you will not get the normal rewards for completing them.  Instead, the Statistics Multiplier reward counts toward the completion of the UCC.  The UCC is complete when sufficient Statistics Multiplier has been gained from other challenges.  The goal begins at 2 million (2e6) Statistics Multi for the first UCC, and increases by that amount for each one you complete -- 4 million for the second, 6 million for the third, etc.

Completing a challenge for the first time in a UCC awards the normal amount of Statistics Multi, but each repetition of the same challenge awards 20% less (additive) until the end of the UCC.  Therefore, there's no benefit to completing any challenge more than five times in one UCC (with the 5th only giving 20% of the normal Multi).

While in a UCC, the tooltip displayed when hovering over the Challenges button on the Rebirth tab will show the challenges you've completed in this UCC, the Statistics Multi needed to complete it, and the amount earned so far.

Unlock Condition 

Maximize the following challenges: UUC, PMC, NDC, 1KC, GSC, AAC, CPC, DRC, and CBC.


You will not receive normal credit beyond the stat multi reward for completing other challenges. during UCC.

Recommended Stats 



You will receive the equivalent rewards for 3 other challenges up to a maximum of 10 each in the following order: UUC, PMC, NDC, 1KC, DRC, and CBC.

This means if you finish 5 UCC you will receive challenge credits: you will receive 10 additional planet levels (10x UUC) and +10% energy from UB’s (5x PMC) Completing all 20 UCC will reward you with an additional 5 completion rewards for your GSC, AAC, and CPC.  Completing all 20 UCC also raises the cap for completions of NRC by 5 and PBC by 25, but does not provide the rewards.  If you had previously capped the rewards for one or both of those challenges, the bonus Challenge Points you received for capping them will be rescinded (possibly resulting in a negative Challenge Point balance) until you reach the new cap for those challenges.

Here is a summary list of the completion rewards for completing an individual UCC

UCC Completions Reward
1 3 UUC
2 3 UUC
3 3 UUC
4 1 UUC, 2 PMC
5 3 PMC
6 3 PMC
7 2 PMC, 0.5 NDC
8 1.5 NDC
9 1.5 NDC
10 1.5 NDC
11 3 1KC
12 3 1KC
13 3 1KC
14 1 1KC, 1 DRC
15 1.5 DRC
16 1.5 DRC
17 1 DRC, 0.5 CBC
18 1.5 CBC
19 1.5 CBC
20 1.5 CBC

You must complete challenges totaling (2E6)*n stat multi, and repeating challenges within the UCC gives diminishing returns. The following recommendation has been borrowed from the Japanese wiki

Rating Challenge Type Length Multiplier Details
A UUC Normal Short 500,000 Quick, but low multiplier
A BHC Normal Short 750,000 Quick, but low multiplier
A NDC Reset Multi Medium 1,500,000 High activity, but lots of multiplier per hour
A 1KC Reset Multi Medium 1,500,000 High activity, but lots of multiplier per hour
A NRC Reset Multi Long 5,000,000 Low activity and high multiplier. Useful on later runs
A 1KBHC Normal Long 5,000,000 Low activity and high multiplier. Useful on later runs
A NRDC Reset Multi Long 7,500,000 Low activity and high multiplier. Useful on later runs
B UPC Normal Long 1,000,000 Need to start new campaign every hour
B DRC Reset Multi Medium 500,000 Quick, but low multiplier
B PBC Reset Multi Medium-Long 2,000,000 Can be done with might runs.
C PMC Normal Long 1,000,000 Low activity
C CPC Normal Long 1,000,000 High activity
C TMC Normal Long 1,000,000 High activity
C GSC Reset Multi Medium 750,000 Much worse than NDC
C UBC Reset GP Long 5,000,000 High activity, takes a long time
C CBC Reset GP Long 1,000,000 Only run if you have INAFC
F AAC Normal <2 days 750,000 Not worth it for the time required
F UAC Reset GP Very Long 20,000,000 Definitely not worth it for the time required

Day Challenges

All of the Day challenges offer unique rewards, though unless you are refining your strategy, you will likely only run them once or twice. As such, it is recommended to use as many consumables where applicable to maximize your scores and the rewards.

Day Baal Challenge (DBC)

You have 24h to beat as many P.Baals as possible after performing a Double Rebirth and losing all your stat multipliers. Depending on your highest killed P.Baal your Planet Level will be increased past 50.

Unlock Condition 

Complete a DRC in less than 1 day and have a planet of level 5 or higher.



Recommended Stats 

This is directly dependent on how many P Baals you can kill, spending a day to get a reward of +1 would be better spent on a UUC. If you can do a PBC or DRC in under 12 hours, you will probably get to a reasonable level on this challenge. Don’t forget to use Consumables!


Every P.Baal killed increases your Planet Level by 1. Only the highest DBC ever completed counts toward this reward.

Only counts for the last rebirth of the challenge, meaning that if you defeated P.Baal 20 and rebirthed before the challenge ended and forgot to defeat him again, you only get the levels from the one that you defeated at the time.


Similar to a DRC/PBC. Use those as a gauge for a strategy.

IMPORTANT: You can turn off Offline progress each time you log-in. You will probably run this challenge only once (or maybe an extra second time after a few months of progress), so spending a day or 2 without offline progress, might be worth it, if you think the reward is big enough for the extra day needed.

Day Universe Challenge (DUC)

You have 24h to obtain as many Universes as possible. At the end the held amount will be used to calculate how many Bonus Levels you get on TBS after every Rebirth.

Unlock Condition 

Complete a UUC in less than 1 day.


Lucky Draws cannot be opened during challenge. Divinity purchases with GP and Ad points are disabled.

Recommended Stats 

The minimum reward from this day challenge is negligible, therefore it is recommended that you have all GP TBS upgrades, as well as the ability to make at least 2^10 (1024) universes to get a decent reward. 2-3 million clones, several Build Speed consumables, and at least 10k BS. Don’t forget to use consumables! 3-5k CS is also recommended so you can make a fair number of universes in 2-3 hours.


After every rebirth you'll get log2(universes created) to all TBS levels. Only the highest DUC ever completed counts toward this reward.

For example, if you make 1024 universes (2^10) you will get 10 base levels to all TBS. if you have all GP purchases, this means your TBS levels will never drop below 50.

With all GP purchases and the ChP upgrade, there is a soft cap of 2^15 universes for 100% critical chance, and there is a hard cap of 2^29.5. (this is a mathematical hard cap, the actual hard cap would be 2^31 which is unobtainable)


Maximize your div gen with increased build speed. (Crystals, Chakra Pills, potions.) Kill all the UBs for extra divinity and send your pets on div campaigns. Once you divinity generation is higher than your usage, modify your auto-buy to buy next expensive creation. Adjust accordingly.

For even higher divinity efficiency, build up as much divinity as possible and then with ~2-3 hours left use the creation google spreadsheet to calculate how many universes you can create manually with that amount.

IMPORTANT: You can turn off Offline progress each time you log-in. You will probably run this challenge only once (or maybe an extra second time after a few months of progress), so spending a day or 2 without offline progress, might be worth it, if you think the reward is big enough for the extra day needed.

Day Pet Challenge (DPC)

You have 24h to let your Pet Multiplier grow. At the end the sum of all Pet Multipliers will be used to calculate the reward. Rebirthing does not reset your stat multipliers.

Unlock Condition 

Unlock Challenges



Recommended Stats 

None. This challenge can be completed with only the initial pets and will still reward a ~10% upgrade to all pet food with little or no effort. A second challenge to increase your score can be done at any time but is best done when you have 20+ pets that are over 10k growth.


Increases the Pet Food efficiency by log2(All Pet Multipliers * 100)%. Only the highest DPC ever completed counts toward this reward.

Every time you double your pet multiplier, the reward will increase by 1%.

It should be noted that even if you only have a mouse and do almost nothing for the whole day, you will still receive a 9% bonus to all food permanently. Because of this, it is a good challenge to boost new players,  with the option of redoing the challenge later on to increase this once the player has more pets with higher growth.

Also gives Challenge points according to formula log2(Pet Multiplier)*5

Reward examples:

APM (rounded) APM (precise) Reward
100,000 131,072 17%
1,000,000 1,048,576 20%
10,000,000 8,388,608 23%
100,000,000 134,217,728 27%
1,000,000,000 1,073,741,824 30%
10,000,000,000 8,589,934,592 33%

Always have all your pets fighting clones to level. Having the automatic Half Stats button plus the ability to configure it will greatly increase your pets' levelling efficiency. If you need to be away for an extended amount of time, sending your pets on long level and multiplier campaigns is recommended.

There are diminishing returns on how fast your pets can level fighting clones. Eventually it will pay to switch to doing campaigns. It is recommended to run a multiplier campaign to boost your current multiplier. That will scale up the pet stats that you have already accumulated. If you have more than 10 pets you can run additional pets on a levelling campaign. It is recommended doing 12 hr campaigns as there are diminishing returns on both of these campaigns. When to start these campaigns will vary based on your pet stats. Starting your pets on the multiplier campaign based on which stat tier you can get your pets to. For the level campaign, starting it right before your pets reach a higher tier of level can greatly increase the rewards (ex a pet level 5000 can earn hundreds of more levels compared to a pets level 5001). See the pet page for more campaign details.

IMPORTANT: You can turn off Offline progress each time you log-in. You will probably run this challenge only once (or maybe an extra second time after a few months of progress), so spending a day or 2 without offline progress, might be worth it, if you think the reward is big enough for the extra day needed.

Day Might Challenge (DMC)

Get as much might as possible in 24 hrs. You can get a maximum score of 250k might.

Unlock Condition 

None ???



Recommended Stats 

DRC’s and CBC’s help this challenge immensely as they are essentially free levels. High clone count and 1KC's also help but has a trade off with DRC’s and CBC’s done. for most players, 5-10k is a very reasonable score, while higher scores require tens of millions of clones.


Levels in usable Might skills (Focused Breathing + and so on) will increase the power of an unleash as well as the duration. (Without the DMC reward, levels in Might skills only increase the duration of unleash.)

You will gain ( SQRT (Score) / 500 ) * level additional bonus to your unleash which multiply with each other unleash as normal. (See the Might page for the exact mechanics.)

The example given in the tooltip says that if you get 10k might, and level up each might to 500, each might will get 100% bonus, which works out to a 16x attack and mystic multiplier, and 4x HP for your unleash. On top of the base, this is a x480 boost to attack and mystic during unleash.

It should be noted that with the same 10k might, and minimal training, this reward will be as low as 1% instead of the 100% mentioned in the tooltip. For players that focus on might runs, even with good stats the rewards from this challenge can be quite marginal. For newer players, the main reason to run this is to unlock various secret pets. More experienced players will get a legitimate buff from it even on short runs.


There are three main strategies that depend entirely on your DRC’s done, CBC’s done, number of clones and 1KC’s. There is currently no calculator made as this is a relatively new challenge.

For each strategy, you want to compare the time it will take you train each skill, with how many skills you unlock from a might run. You will need to compare your Might / second compared to training time.

This works out to roughly (very roughly) 1 million clones for every 10 DRC/CBC completed, divided by your 1KC%.

A) If you have none of the aforementioned challenges done, then you will have to train all of your might manually. This will likely net you well under 10k might.

B) If you have all DRC’s done, this will net you 700 might for every might run. With perfect timing this will net you 15 might runs + a bit of personal training for a total of ~ 10500 might, this will double with CBC’s done.

C) If your clones exceed the ratio mentioned above, then you will want to spend some time manually training might. Using a copy of the calculators located here or here will let you figure out how much might you could gain per minutes training.

It should be noted that even with a minimal score, this challenge unlocks the "Unleash Might" multiplier, while it may be small for a low score, you can still use it to build up a bigger unleash that you wouldn't otherwise get.

IMPORTANT: You can turn off Offline progress each time you log-in. You will probably run this challenge only once (or maybe an extra second time after a few months of progress), so spending a day or 2 without offline progress, might be worth it, if you think the reward is big enough for the extra day needed.

Day No Divinity Challenge (DNDC)

Unlock Condition 



Works like two rebirths in a row, resetting your multipliers.

Much like an NDC, you can’t use divinity in this challenge.

The creation of light up to plants will give additional creations if BB'ed.

When starting this challenge, your 300% creation speed boost will be removed.

Recommended Stats 

This challenge has a unique base reward, much like the DPC, but increasing that can take some serious CC (200+) and CS (5-10k). Base might and beefy pets will also help you get to a higher god.


Your creation crystals will gain bonus CC (minimum +1 per level) and you will also receive a discount to your auto-buy costs ( (Log2(score)/2)% maxed at 15%). The math on the tooltip for the bonus CC is currently a bit screwed up. This will be updated once it has been fixed.

The current tooltip shows your score as HGK * Unique Creations ^2 * (Sqrt mighty statues * 1 + Sqrt Mystic Gardens * 2 + … + Sqrt Temple of God * 7)

The final score is calculated on the last run as HGK on current run * Unique Creations on current run ^2 * (Total monument bonus). The monument bonus from each rebirth adds to the previous, the total monument bonus from previous rebirths can be seen by hovering over the "Currently in DNDC" text in the Rebirth tab.

This means the formula for score =HGK * Unique Creations ^2 * (1 * (Sqrt (MS from RB1) + sqrt(MS from RB2 ....) + 2 * (sqrt( MGS from RB1) + sqrt(MGS from RB2...) + ... ))


For a new player, this challenge can be very rewarding as you will get a quite significant decrease to auto buy costs with any level of equipped creation crystal for minimal effort.

New and seasoned players should use roughly the same strategy: during your first few rebirths, your goal should be to climb gods and make as many monuments as possible. Ideally you will get past ~Artemis for the creation soft count as you get a multiplier to your CC (See Note Below). Seasoned players should aim for low P.Baals Leave yourself 4-5 hours on your last rebirth and aim for a high god, as well as highest creation.

Since monument points scale with a sqrt() to double your points in a run you need 4 times the monuments, which requires more than 4 times the materials. Generally shorter rebirths are better, even down to 5-10 minutes with very high CC/CS.

NOTE:  These numbers are not known specifically, but you appear to gain a +1x multiplier for each time you would re-surpass the BB mark(~3350 CS). This means you gain an additional multiplier for roughly every 1k base CS you have for Light and Stone, 2k CS for Soil and Air and 3k CS for Water and Plants. There is no multiplier beyond plants.

Monument upgrades currently give no score value, and should only be used to get to a higher god.

For example, with only 30 CC and 1k CS you can reasonably get to a forest or village, create a couple hundred basic monuments and a few higher level ones, and get to Susano or Zeus which will net you a ~5% decrease to auto buy costs with a score of 100k. While you won’t get much bonus CC from your creation crystal, the decreased costs can be well worth it especially for a new player.

A Mid game player (200CC, 10k CS) with a weather creation, PB 5 and a good mix of monuments can get to a score of 5 million, this is an ~11% decrease to auto buys, and gives roughly 1+1x bonus CC (i.e.; creation crystal level 10 would normally give 10 CC, but gives 21 after the DNDC).

End game players should be able to easily cap the auto buy (15%) with a score of just over 1 billion. CC bonus values are currently unknown for such scores.

IMPORTANT: You can turn off Offline progress each time you log-in. You will probably run this challenge only once (or maybe an extra second time after a few months of progress), so spending a day or 2 without offline progress, might be worth it, if you think the reward is big enough for the extra day needed.

Road To Infinity (RTI)

Added in version 3.38.1153 (2020-08-03).

Unlock Condition 

Defeat at least P.Baal v10 in a DBC.


Works like a double rebirth, resetting your multipliers.

The challenge ends automatically after 7 days of game time. You may finish the challenge at any point after 2 days of game time, by clicking a button on the Rebirth panel.

Recommended Stats 

About 10 million(?) clones with a few UBC challenges completed, if you want the Seed pet reward.


Completing any RTI run will unlock the RTI (∞) tab. The higher the P.Baal defeated in RTI, the faster you can increase the RTI tab boosts.

Defeating at least P.Baal v50 unlocks the Seed pet.

Defeating at least P.Baal v138 will increase the P.Baal limit (with UBC/UAC bonus maxed).

The first day of RTI counts for a DBC bonus.

Challenge Points: 5 * highest P.Baal defeated (maxed at 1000).

Statistics Multi: 500000 * highest P.Baal defeated.


You may rebirth as often as you like, and doing so is recommended. Essentially this is a week-long DBC.

Challenge Points

Main article: Challenge Points Completing challenges earn you Challenge Points, which can be spent on rewards for power or convenience.

Long Term Strategies

There is no "right way" to play the game. That being said there a few popular long term strategies to optimize the way people play. This game is very open and allows you to do whatever you want. Experiment and have fun.

For any player it is recommended to finish 1 UBC (for crystal factory), a dozen or so DRC's (for base might and game mechanics learning), 1 GPC (to unlock a new pet), and a couple of the Day Challenges that give decent base rewards. After that, there really isn't a wrong way to play the game: chase down pets, focus on challenges that improve 1 specific area of the game, endlessly speed run to farm GP... do what you want!

If you prefer a detailed guide, a widely recommended one is, by longtime player Harmony.

  • Note that as of version 2021-03-18, there is a minor error in this guide. The recommended third challenge (God Power Challenge) can only be completed after one Double Rebirth Challenge.

There is no reason not to explore the game or to choose challenges that suit your availability. Real life can be messy, so don't overthink this game. Not to mention doing 50 of the same challenge in a row can be pretty boring. Every challenge benefits almost every other challenge at least a little bit, you will get GP from everything, and your stats can never get worse.

If you are out of town on the weekend, it might be good to put on an AAC or PMC that you don't need to worry about, if you are just watching Netflix, you can micromanage 1KC's and NDC's. If you really want to take a two month vacation at grandma's, start a UAC. There's no wrong way to play the game.